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I sat at the local inn sipping some rare wine from stormwind. A old friend had brought it to me via messenger. He could not appear himself due to the fact that he was a human warlock of some repute...but he still managed to snag some wine and send it via the underground goblin auctionhouse. At a insane discount which i of course paid.

Unlike most other trolls i have met in my long travels I am a shaman. Not just any shaman. Having been born in winterspring where the cobalt dragons live and having one monstrous storm overhead my parents named me cobaltstorms. To give me the strength of the dragon...the color of the sea..and the power of the storm itself. So I of course became a shaman.

My eyes linger on a young couple not far from me...an oddity..a troll female with a hulking young tauren hunter fresh from muglor and the green flowing grasslands. I smile and return to my drink. Only to have a large shadow block out the heat of the nearby fireplace.

I glance up and narrow my red eyes at the impudent orc warrior. He gazes at me with hateful eyes and screams " YOU! yes you...you took my money slime!" The inn goes quite as I rise to my feet and look him directly in the eye.

"Leave now young one i want no trouble this day" And with that i turn my back, grab my bottle of wine and begin to make my way to the door.

With a crash the drunken orc crashes through the nearby tables and attemptes to attack me. I simple turn around bring up one hand and unleash the power of my namesake. A blue Bolt of lightning flashes from my blue skinned hand right into the youngsters chest. Not a strong blast...but one strong enough to lift the crazed orc off his feet and send him flying across the room to lay in a befuddled heap.

I leave the inn and call to the storms themselves and vanish.

(( appling for membership =D i left alliance due to drama and loot misers and general misbehavior. I love to RP and i like to raid and stuff but more than that im looking for a place where i can be me and be accepted for that))
Greetings, Cobaltstorms, I am Merrina, one of the Blademasters of The Tribe. I found your tale most interesting. However, there are several things you chose not to reveal to us. Please do so. ((While your story was entertaining, it did not answer some of the questions that are listed on the application form.))
Ahhh many apologies i shall endevor to enlighten you all then =D

Character Name: Cobaltstorms
Vocation: Shaman
personal history please see above story
My current profession is Enchanting...having never done it before its a interesting way of enhancing yourself and others
Well Im new to the horde and when i asked for a really nice and considerate guild...the ironsong tribe was at the top of the list everytime so I endevoured to locate you. I was formerly a Lvl 60 warlock on alliance side. But due to everyone over there being about gear and loot and destorying your personal identity i decided to leave and come to the horde to see how things are. Oh and there version of RP is to hang out in goldshire and talk stupid. As far as i have seen no one has true appriciation of RP on the alliance side. So far i love it =D everyone is nice and the answers to my questions are met with smiles and help.
Yes i was raiding on the other side but i dont raid anymore due to the people i ran with going all elitist and saying i was undergeared blah blah blah.
None horde side..had invitations but none match the ironsong tribe for RP and general respect!..dispaya has been a great help in showing what you are all about.
The greatest trial i have faced was leaving the friends that i did have on alliance. It hurt but since i still have the char its not like i cant see them.
My goals are to reach 60 and raid but more than that..to have fun make some new friends see things from a new angle and RP my mind out..unless im having an off day where i cant bring myself to RP...so ill just remain quite on those days >.>
I have had a blast in Azeroth....its my escape from work and college and yes i have read the CoC and i do agree to abide by the rules /bow

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