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City Gift Exchange
I was wondering how many folks would be interested in exchanging city gift collections? Instead of running from city to city, you can concentrate your efforts in one and then get the gift collections by trade for the others.

Anyone interested post here. I am currently have 3 gift collections available for Thunder Bluff.
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If I could manage to successfully collect the silly pies in Orgrimmar (I literally have five Orgrimmar Pledge sets and five Grunt's card sets gathered) I'd be totally up for it, but I've only managed to get my hands on four pies thus far. Sound either has really bad luck or those silly orcs like leavin' her heart broken!
Shealteil will take one. I currently am working on one for the Undercity.
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Sound, are you speaking to the correct type of NPCs? Keep in mind that the guards of all the cities will give you two types of items, and then vendors will give the last type. For instance, the grunts in Orgrimmar give the pledges and the cards, and the vendors give pies.
omg, Kretol... *headdesk* I had NO idea.

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