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Citadel Weekly Quests *Spoiler Potential*
The following was from MMO-Champion. A co-worker also mentioned he actually got the quest the last time he was in there.

I apologize if there are any spoilers contained in the quote. Keep your eyes peeled

Quote:Icecrown Citadel Weekly Quests
This patch finally activated the Icecrown Weekly quests datamined during Patch 3.3 PTRs. According to the posts on ElitistJerks a NPC will spawn at some point during your Icecrown Citadel run to give you the quest.

* The quest is NOT part of the raid weekly quests we already have in 3.3, you can do both in the same week.
* The reward is a [item]Sack of Frosty Treasures[/item] containing 5 x [item]Emblem of Frost[/item], 25G, and 350 Reputation. You also have a small chance to get an Icecrown BOE item from this bag like the [item]Wodin's Lucky Necklace[/item].

The following quests will be randomly available in the instance (one each week) :

Blood Quickening - Rescue Infiltrator Minchar before he is executed.
These Scourge bloodsuckers -- San'layn they call themselves - give me the creeps. We've had one of our best men keeping an eye on them. But this morning he got sloppy and got himself taken prisoner. He's being interrogated by the Queen herself right now, and his cries echo through the Crimson Halls. Please, save him before it's too late!

Deprogramming - Defeat Lady Deathwhisper while ensuring that Darnavan survives.
We had hoped to place a man on the inside of the Cult of the Damned, to give us an inside angle on the Lich King's machinations, but we... underestimated the persuasive powers of Arthas and his dark minister, Lady Deathwhisper. Our man, Darnavan, is one of them now.

If you plan on fighting your way through the Oratory ahead, please keep your eyes peeled for Darnavan. If you can bring him back to us alive, we can attempt to reverse the Cult's brainwashing.

Residue Rendezvous - Return to Alchemist Adrianna while infected with Orange and Green Blight.
Professor Putricide has been holed up in his foul laboratory, experimenting and refining increasingly lethal strains of blight to be used against us. If only we could obtain pure samples of the toxins, our researchers could concoct an antidote that would save countless lives.

If you happen to come across live specimens, please return here immediately so that we can harvest them for study.

Respite for a Tormented Soul - Use the Life Crystals to preserve Sindragosa's Essence.
Take this Life Crystal, and have your companions take one as well. It contains potent energies from the verdant Dragonshrine in Dragonblight, and it was my own secret to resisting the dark magics of this place for so long.

When you face Sindragosa, battle her until she is weakened, and then have your companions use these Crystals to coax out the essence that is dormant within her. If you then defeat her, you should be able to recover it and return it to Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight.

Securing the Ramparts - Slay the Rotting Frost Giant.
As if this place weren't enough of a madhouse to begin with, we're fighting a war on two fronts up here, with the Scourge on one side and those blasted Alliance dogs on our other flank!

We are here to clear a safe landing for our vessels, but a behemoth of a giant on the other side of the Ramparts is hurling debris at anything that comes close and keeping our smaller ships at bay.

I'll be honest -- he's a bit much for us to handle, but you and your companions look up to the task.

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