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Chimaerok Hunting!

I will be hosting this event after TONIGHT'S Moot (8/17/06)


OK, as many of you know I spoke at last week's moot regarding putting together a weekly hunting expedition in the hopes of gathering Chimaerok Meat.

I have completed my recon of the area, and decided upon a date to begin this. As I said, our first expedition will be a contest, and I have a prize to award to a member of the winning group.

OK, all that aside, heres the information.

After each moot on Thursday evening, we will head out to Feralas and travel to an island off the coast. Once there, we will begin our hunting of the great flying beasts. The purpose of this expedition is to supply our Shield, Kosath, with plenty of his favorite food...Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops! This food provides a substantial stat boost for the consumer, and will most likely be reserved for the front line warriors while we face the creatures in the Molten Core.

Now, Kosath is the only member of the Tribe capable of preparing this dish just right. We all owe a round of thanks to Damoxian for providing us with this recipe.

Our goal will be to gather as much of the Chimaerok Tenderloin as we can each week....in about an hour's time.

I will also ask for help gathering some of the other ingredients for this. We will need Deeprock Salt, and Goblin Rocket Fuel. So if anyone has some Volatil Rum or Firebloom laying around feel free to send it to me.

It is my wish to present Kosath with enough supplies for him to create baskets full of this food every Friday night before we engage in battle.

Iturn to my Tribe for help.

Orc Hunter
Count me in. Sounds like a fun adventure for a good cause.
I would love to join, but the time will be too late, since I have to work on Fridays. Good luck on the hunts!!! And Krell, this is an excellent idea!
Sounds swell, I can probably donate some deeprock salt and maybe some firebloom.
Vote Akora for MA!

This sounds like a GREAT idea !! I'd love to help out with this, and I think it would be a great activity for our Tribe members to work together on. I susspect that our dear Kosath is going to need to loosen the straps on his armor due to the amounts of food he'll be recieving soon. Big Grin
[Image: 18177.jpg]

It is entirely possible that I may miss hosting this event. My uncle showed up from Texas, and is loading the family up in his RV as I type this out and taking us all to the coast.

We will be back at some point today, but I have no idea of when.

So, if I make it back for the moot, or the tail end of the moot we will proceed. If not, I apologize and will hold the event and contest after next weeks moot.

Sorry all.


Well, it certainly appears as if this event is a hard time coming....today (Thursday the 10th) is my Birthday and it appears that I am to be wined and dined a bit this evening by family and friends.

I still intend to hold this contest, and will follow up each week with hunting parties to gather more meat.

Derned RL butting in!


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