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Character Profiles
Full Name: Tha’nuist
In-Game: Thanuist
Nickname: Than, Thanny

Guild: Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt

Race: Sin’Dorei
Class: Priestess
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting

Age: Human equivalent of a 20-22 year old
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Bright glowing green
Weight: You never ask a lady!
Height: 5’11
Garments/Armor: Unless she is planning on fighting, Tha’nuist will wear whatever feels right at the time. Usually there will be a lot of cleavage showing. She especially enjoys colors that go well with her lusterous hair.

Alignment: Floats between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral.

Personality: Lacks much of the snottish attitude of her fellow bloodelves, although she will swing it around as she sees fit. Although she was never as addicted to fel magic as many others, she certainly fell prey to other addictive substances. She’s been known to drink too much, swear too much, and flirt too much. In true fashion of her race Tha’nuist will deny her problems, although it may not be due to denial…
She’s unusually warm towards other races and oddly cold to her own kind at times. Tha’nuist will put faith in you unless her gut or your actions tell her otherwise. She does trust the tribe and those in it, but she tends to find more comfort in herself and a few close comrades.

History: Parent’s story here <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3708">viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3708</a><!-- l -->
Ongoing RP with Melikar here (contains some backstory) <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3881">viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3881</a><!-- l -->
Original Ironsong Application: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3356">viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3356</a><!-- l -->
Full Name: Coranda Mothersong-Mistrunner
In-Game: Coranda
Nickname: "Cora" "Randa-Lady" (or however Zema says it)

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: none as yet

Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman (Restoration)
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy

Age: 35 (she got married pretty much as soon as she came of age)
Sex: female
Hair: black
Eyes: green
Weight: 200 lb (yes, you read that right; she's almost a third of her husband's weight)
Height: 6'4"

Garments/Armor: Whatever happens to be around, with a penchant for long flowing dresses and things with lots of pockets. Rarely fashionable (unless at a fancy-dress event), but always well-made. Though she can and does wear mail, she has no compunction about including items of cloth or leather, and generally prefers a plain dress with nothing encumbering her arms.

She is always wearing something from her large collection of horn-caps made of precious metals, usually with bells dangling from them. Flowers, feathers, ribbons, and other adornments can often be found in her hair, or on her gear, as she has a tendency to decorate anything she comes close to. Her hands are usually stained from ink and potions, and when not in full armor, her look screams 'artist' or 'kindergarten teacher' or 'mother of young children,' even though none of these things are actually the case.

Coranda is very small for a tauren female, with a slim, boyish build and a very slight frame. She's also very young, though you wouldn't know it to talk to her. Her packs have a certain Mary-Poppins-esque quality, in that despite their small size, she always seems to have whatever she needs right at hand, be it a teakettle and cups or a full set of reference scrolls. She moves slowly and serenely most of the time, and unless she's lost she generally wears a carefully cultivated look of ineffable wisdom. (Which, naturally, infuriated her siblings as they were growing up, because who likes a smarty pants that thinks they're too good for you?)

Alignment: neutral good

Although she was originally very shy, years with the Tribe have brought Coranda out of her shell. Now she has a smile for everyone and confidently volunteers for whatever's before her (as long as nobody asks her to lead). She loves being helpful and always wants to lead "field trips" to help make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn and get things done. Hugs, cookies, and girly fripperies (hoof paint, etc.) are always ready at hand.

Calm and collected (on the surface, anyway), she almost always has a kind word to offer for a person in need. It's incredibly difficult to make her upset,* but when she does she can wield the guilt-stick as well as any [insert appropriate relative/authority figure] out there.

* ((Even when I personally want to throw people out the nearest window))

She also loves to acquire new friends, indulging her husband's fondness for elves to a degree that surprises most people. Anyone spending enough time with her is liable to get claimed as "hers" in some way - whether that's her semi-adoption of Anca or her belling Eruadan.

Coranda's history is the very picture of ordinariness. She and her siblings (Toranda and the now absent Coriakin) were born to two loving parents in a small village on the plains of Mulgore. Eventually, citing a desire for a more cosmopolitan environment for their calves, her parents moved the family to Thunder Bluff, where they still reside. (Coranda and Amato live across town and see them occasionally.)

The shock of moving to the big city was a bit much for Cora, and she retreated into her studies until well into her 20s. Her brother finally managed to drag her into a battle in Warsong Gulch, and while she accomplished absolutely nothing there (standing petrified in the flag room doesn't count), she did meet the love of her life. Shyly, she struck up a conversation with the dashing druid who had captured the flag three times in under five minutes, and they proceeded a long, sweet courtship. Eventually, she married into the Ironsong Tribe, where she's been ever since.

As a calf, Coranda always felt a particular affinity to the Earthmother, and as she aged she displayed an aptitude for the Shamanic arts. It was only as she worked her way through her formal training that she realized that most people, when they spoke to the Earthmother, didn't get a direct answer... much less chatty, conversational direct answers. Since her interest is in the healing arts (even when she's studying other things, such as the Elements), this connection made her training in that respect particularly rapid. It doesn't seem to have impacted much of the rest of her life, except for the odd moment where she appears to be speaking to someone not present. She's gotten much better at hiding that as she's gotten older, though, and still doesn't think it's odd.
Full Name: Toranda
In-Game: Toranda
Nickname: Tor

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: none, "Cora's sister"

Race: Tauren
Class: Warrior
Professions: skinning, leatherworking

Age: 34
Sex: female
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Weight: 400
Height: 8'8"

As little as possible. She prefers the Glorious Armor, but sold it long ago. [attachment=0] Regaining that armor would make her ridiculously, deliriously, wonderfully happy. Other than that, she doesn't much care what she wears as long as it doesn't get in her way.

Where Coranda decorates her horns, Tor decorates her hooves. Eschewing normal Tauren "shoes," she keeps a collection of on-hoof shoes (horseshoe style) made out of precious metals and has a farrier change them out as her mood and needs change. The hooves themselves are carved with designs both deeply meaningful and profoundly silly. She keeps them polished to a deep shine, to better show off the designs and decorations, and changes them as soon as free space grows out.

Alignment: chaotic good

Toranda doesn't hide her youth nearly as well as her sister does. She's impulsive, naïve, precocious, effervescent, and acerbic by turns. Despite showing early promise, she's always been the black sheep of the family, and although she tries to hide it, an undercurrent of anxiety and bitterness underlies a lot of her actions. Generally, she covers this anxiety with bravado and sensuality, hitting on everything that moves and boasting of her great achievements. (Of course, it's not just a coping mechanism, it's fun too. Who doesn't like getting positive attention?)

She loves being helpful, but she worries that she won't be good enough and thus often doesn't try. When she does try, she goes all out and shows off for everyone, breezing through her activities with grace and ease. She enjoys the thrill of the hunt, and loves weapons of all sorts. 'Hitting things' is usually her answer for everything, both because she knows she's good at it and because she enjoys it. Despite all this, and her bumbling, childish exterior, she's not as stupid as she looks. She learns quickly and can be every bit as insightful as her sister when she wants to be, but prefers to use her looks and charm to get what she wants instead - navigating the world in a way that ensures that she won't be directly compared (unfavorably) to her sister.

Toranda and her siblings were born in a small village in Mulgore. Like every other child in the area, she was sent off to the Red Rocks for her first assessment of skill. She had shown promise, and went eagerly on the trip, wondering what the Earthmother might say to her. Unfortunately, that never came to pass; an Alliance attack left her tutor dead and her wounded, suffering from a blow to the head. Although she managed to make it back and was healed quickly, the damage was done: she could not hear the voice of the Earthmother at all.

The family spent a year in the village after that, and her parents tried valiantly to pretend things were fine. It was clear, however, that they were disappointed; no one in the family had ever been unable to speak to the Earthmother. Indeed, even those ungifted with magic were able to feel Her presence and draw comfort from it. Taunts from the other calves began to bog down Tor's spirit, and her parents decided that it was time to move to the city. The family packed up and moved to Thunder Bluff, ostensibly to find new opportunities and a bigger house, but she knew it was really because of her.

Once in Thunder Bluff, Toranda threw herself into training, deciding that if she couldn't hear the Earthmother's voice, she would take her fate into her own hands and learn to be a warrior. She traveled across the lands with her brother Coriakin, fighting everything that crossed her path. She avoided the family home, taking up an apartment in Orgrimmar on the few occasions she stayed put in any one place.

Her family, however, was the only group she avoided. Between her skimpy armor and infectious smile, Toranda made friends wherever she went, eventually joining a guild known as The Warren, getting engaged to a bull named Holvan, and spending night after night chatting on the roof of Orgrimmar's bank. She kept up a busy social life, bouncing from activity to activity, party to party, and conquest to conquest.

Eventually, however, her brother disappeared in the reopening of the Dark Portal, and most of her friends found other things to do. Adrift, she wandered alone until she couldn't stand it any more and found her sister, now grown and happily married. Coranda took her in, brought her into the Tribe, and did the best she could with her, but... it hasn't been easy. Cora, whose life was always so perfect, destiny so sure, and personality so.... smug. Tor knows she's being petty, but she probably won't be able to stay for long.

From time to time, she goes on a search, hoping to hear the Earthmother's Voice just once. She has never succeeded, and never found her last name. She probably never will.
Full Name: Lady Shandris Blazecaller Sunstrider
In-game Name: Bloodbound
Nickname: None as of yet

Guild: Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt of Ironsong, Heir to the throne of Silvermoon, Mad-mans daughter, The Bloodbound.

Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Summoner of Quel'thalas ((She does not like the term warlock when refering to her or her people))
Professions: Enchanting and Tailoring ((She is fond of makeing her own outfits and trinkets enchanted with complex spells.))

Age: 1243, though she looks no older than 28 by human standards. ((Age is from http://www.wowwiki.com/Life_spans))
Sex: Female
Hair: A Dark Colour, That from a distance could be mistaken for jet black on closer inspection is actually a Dark Violet, Hangs loosely about her head. ((She doesn't remember her natural hair colour but would you after liveing for so long remember such a minute detail?))
Eyes: A Deep Glowing emerald green that has been said by many elves to seem to draw attention to them no matter the situation.
Wieght: 105 lbs.
Height: 5'4"
Garments/Armor: Generally she wears whatever she finds to be good looking barring of course the magicly enchanted armor that bolsters her spells in times when battle is to fought.
Other: She has a blue glowing tatoo on the small of her back that looks something akin to a beautiful saphire flower made of sharp edged gems.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Though she was raised as royalty she finds royal functions extreamly boreing and wishs more than anything to just be out adeventureing or finding out something new. She often will put on a polite manner and smile to anyone but those that she finds to have shown a dire ammount of unproper discourtesy or disrespect to her or ones she holds in high esteem Will often find themselves being punished by a spell of some sort or another and those who are particularly offensive could find themselves close to death by a spell of her tounge or the touch of her mind. Because of her long age she will call almost everyone "Young".
She has a strong belief that one must continue learning or else they will die, That there is always some new spell to be discovered, a new poem to write, a new song to sing, a new friend to know, and as a reflection of this you will often find her burried in some ancient spell book, novel, poetry, or trying to create a new spell. She also has a deep hatred of the Amani Trolls.

History: Of her early age she remembers little except that she was the happy child of two of Quel'Thalas' mages who were stationed at a border outpost village and that her whole world had come crashing down in a instant. It was a bright and sunny day without a cloud in the sky and she had been playing outside with a ornate magical doll that could run, stare, and otherwise entertain a child. Then she heard the sound of their battle horns after a minute passed by spears were seen thrown off the cliff that stood next to the village impaleing many guards and she was wisked away and hid in one of the huts. For hours she heard the clang of metal, the crys of the mortally wounded, the horns and drums of the enemy, She could smell the fresh blood that spilled on the ground and through a small hole in the wall of her hideing place she had watched as the red-eyed-long-tusked-monsters-that-walked-like-men butchered her friends and as one particularly large monster cleaved off her father's head with a one handed axe and ran her mother through with his large tusks. She had watched them go from house to house plundering supplies and killing any survivors they found and shuddered as the large-bloodied-tusked-monster and two others aproached her house and set about their pillageing. And the minute she though that it was ineveitable that she was going to die like the rest at the hands of these ruthless monsters it was that Kael'thas Sunstrider and a contingent of mage-knights arrived and the battle began anew this time the brutal monsters were caught by surprize and fell like wheat before the sickle. The prince and his knights searched for survivors but they only found her weeping in the small room where she had hid.

They took her back to Silvermoon and she was to be sent to an orphanage but she pleaded with the prince to teach her how to kill with magic so she could avenge her family. And so he took her to a practiceing ground and told her the words to a spell he was certain would be beyond the grasp of a mere child and instructed her that if she could destroy the dummy on the other side of the training grounds that he would teach her anything she wished. She concentrated on the words he told her that would unleash a bolt of flames and held out her hand toward the dummy and conjured the magic which started out as nothing larger that a dart and the prince thought it would do nothing to the dummy then the small girl murmered something else he didn't hear and the dart of flames suddenly grew three-hundred fold into a masive ball of flames that incenerated the dummy shocked by what happend the prince quickly asked her how she did that and she replied in a simple voice "I just gathered the floating energy around me." as if the feat were no small thing. The Prince immediately took the girl to the palace and had her adopted as his daughter and thought that this girl could tip the balence of power in this war and help drive out the blasted Amani Scum.

For years she trained and the war raged on eventually she would be sent out with a honor guard on missions to drive out the Amani that had claimed some of their villages and she did so with fearice efficiency and when the war had ended she was taught constantly of new spells and the proper way to act as she was royalty. She endured the dull lessons about proper behavior and the even duller events with nobles that she seemed to have to attend at least 6 times a months. Then many many years later The humans held a war that raged against greenskins but soon that ended. Then again the greenskins attacked and they were helped by the vile Amani and the second war raged there they sent her out again to repel the trolls and then aventually to assist the humans with fighting the greenskins.

After the second war the Mage nation of Dalaran was established and many of the elves went there to study and Shandris was no exception she quickly learned many spells and constantly sought out new knowledge for many years. Then came the third war and the vile scourge those blasted undead who had driven her people to the edge of extinction while she was away studying at Dalaran. And then eventualy the attacked Dalaran itself. She had exspected this she knew of the ex-mage Kel'thuzad and that the heratic prince of the humans had killed him and then stole his remains, She had also heard of what had risen from the Sunwell after Arthas' attack. Alone she stood against uncountable undead staveing them off with spells of fire, ice, shadow, and even used a spell to move objects without touching them to crush over fifty undead with a piece of a crumbled building. She survived the first attack but had been away from their main goal and the mages had failed to stop them from achieveing their goal. When the second attack on the city came she had the unsatisfying task of guarding a treasure trove of magical items to keep the litch and prince from stealing more. She felt the spell of summoning as it was being cast and could figure from the reports of the unbreakable wall of undead guarding the litch that they would not be likely to survive and so she then began the same spell she had used so long ago when she was but a child for here the air was heavy with magical energy of the mages attack and the litch's spell of summoning. Many hours past and she continued her spell and when she felt the overwhelming presence of the demon entering this world she called out for surviveing mages to come to her, and when about threehundred and twenty mages had gathered to her the demon struck with his powerfull spell shattering buildings and raining down destruction of all kinds upon the city. She then cast another spell releaseing all the energy she had built up forming a shield around the trove of items and all the mages within it and with the help of many other mages bolstering her spell they survived the onslaught of the demon.

Much time passed and the prince had gone to outland and Shandris had gathered up as many of her kind in Dalaran and returned to silvermoon to help rebuild. After years of rebuilding and the hearing of the promise of the prince of the new land for them and Shandris had bound the four demons that remain with her today in blood contracts to ease her own magical addiction. (Thus earning her the title of the Bloodbound for her mastery of blood magic and tha particuler way she dealt with these demons makeing them her loyal servents.) The Sin'dorei joined the horde after many months of traveling with the group called Blood Cult (which were surprizeingly friendly despite their name) and the downfall of that group, Shandris came across a most curious rogue by the name of Lucinther who told her of the great Ironsong Tribe after which she had aspired to join this tribe and with a letter from the rogue Lucinther it was so after haveing a intense trial about what she thought of her adoptive fathers actions and wheather or not she was insane like him. And over the many months now drawing close to a year she has made many friends throughout the tribe though some members escaped her wrath for rude behavior only because she held the leaders of this tribe in such high esteem.

((Sorry it was so lengthy but I think you might know a bit more about who Bloodbound is also you should probably exspect a similarly long one for Tutelary though I may just provide links to her storyline for the history.))
Full Name: Insel Winterhoof
In-Game: Insel
Nickname: Stupid

Guild: Ironsong Tribe
Title: They let him in or something

Race: Shu'Halo
Class: Bear
Professions: Cooking, Fishing, Skinning (and, in-game only, Leatherworking)

Age: Teenager
Sex: Not yet
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dull
Weight: Heavy
Height: Tall
Garments/Armor: Naked when he's in bear form, which is most of the time.

Alignment: Bash it's head in if it's evil.

Personality: ((My biggest challenge with Insel has been playing someone who is dumb, but uses full sentences. He's not mentally disabled, he's just a moron.)) He's attached to Waka and the Tribe. He carries around a big spoon that he pokes people with if he knows he can get a reaction out of them. His worldview is black, white, and unknown - anyone in the Tribe is good, anything undead or buggy is evil. Anything else gets benefit of the doubt. Thanks to his Druid training and Waka's good influence, he considers Night Elves (and by extension, anything with long, funny ears) to be an acceptable part of Kalimdor. Hoo-mans, dorfs, and gnomes are funny-looking but taken on a case-by-case basis. "Is it running at me with a sword? Tear it apart. Is it waving and smiling? Get confused when it tries to speak. Attempt communication by talking slower."

History: Not much. Shortly before he came of age, he asked Wakaraina if he could be a Shaman like her. She was in the battleground phase, and derisively told him that he lacked the insight to be a Shaman, and had little more intelligence than an animal. He took this to mean that he should become a druid, and spent several years with the Cenarion Circle before getting kicked out. He has never learned Dire Bear form, but is just naturally large and bulky, making his Bear Form roughly equivalent. He wandered around in the woods for several years, learning by necessity to cook, fish, and skin on his own. He decided one day to join the Ironsong Tribe, because his now kind-hearted cousin was there, and nobody else would take him.
I need to write a new profile, this one sucked big time.
Full Name: Lhuurssa Bloodmoon
In-Game: Lhuurssa
Nickname: Lhuu, Lhuur

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt

Race: Orc
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking

Age: 34 ((human equivalent; couldn't find any references on age on the Wiki))
Sex: Female
Hair: Purple-black, worn in a long braid
Eyes: Purplish-red irises
Weight: 200 pounds
Height: 6' 0"
Garments/Armor: mixture of leather and mail, depending on her current task
Other: several earrings in each ear

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: varies by her mood, though she tends to be slightly open and friendly with most folk

History: ((reserved))
Full Name: Mellith
In-Game: Mellith
Nickname: Melly, Mel

Guild: Tribe of the Iron Song
Title: Grunt

Race: Tauren
Class: Druid (Feral)
Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking, First Aid, Cooking

Age: 38 (Still a fairly young Tauren)
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown, in hard-to-tame braids, tied with pieces of leather thong
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 380 or so, varies with form
Height: 7'0" or so... she hasn't measured since learning cat form
Garments/Armor: Mellith primarily wears leather, though she is rather fond of adorning herself with plant life and is rarely seen wearing armor, as she usually looks rather feline.
Other: Mellith always uses a large two-handed mace. ((You may see her using a staff... but it's a lie! Please pretend that it's a two-handed mace. Real ladies talk softly and carry very large beating sticks.))

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Mellith is bouncy on her good days, and silent and morose on her bad days. She is rarely angry and tends to choose solitude over confrontation. Mellith tends to be a bit snarky or sarcastic at times, but she never intends to hurt feelings and is remorseful if she does.

History: Mellith lived happily with her family for most of her formative years, hunting and learning with her then-tribe. During one of the earlier battles with the hateful Centaurs, her parents were killed and she was separated from the rest of her family. It was then that she met Sreng's Aunt, who offered her a bit fish and bread as well as a roof. For the next 3-4 years, she lived with the trolls, fighting the centaur, fighting the demons, fighting the elements.

When it came time to choose her calling, Mellith realized that she really had no choice in the matter. The druidic path had already chosen her. She felt a disgusting but powerful need to rip out the throats of her enemies, to sink her teeth into their flesh, and to taste their blood as the life left their bodies. She also yearned to live in harmony with nature, understanding the plants and the seasons as she once had. To master her unsavory desires, she traveled to Thunder Bluff and then to the Moonglade to learn the path of the Druid.

Over the past few years, Mellith has been sent on special missions into dens of demons, corrupted lands, and even into Elven villages. She takes her calling seriously and will defend it to the death, but she is never one to take herself too seriously. She often makes mistakes, and if it weren't for her heart, she would've been left behind by the Druids long ago. She has an odd accent from living with Sreng's family for a few years, and she is a master cook, combining the skills of two races and two very different families.

Full Name: Skarpia Gyrosprocket
In-Game: Skrap
Nickname: Skrappers

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: The Princess of Stealth, Death's Little Helper, Sneak (All given to her by herself. )

Race: Half-Orc/Half-Hoblin
Class: Rogue
Professions: Engineer and Miner

Age: 24
Sex: Female
Hair: Twin ponytails, normally black but currently dyed red.
Eyes: Green, normally hidden behind her 'Deathblow' goggles.
Weight: Around 90 pounds.
Height: 4'6”

Normally dressed in sculpted leather armor while on a job, but prefers more simple, durable goblin style clothes when she's relaxing or inventing.
Skrap's mixed heritage leaves her looking mostly like a young adolescent orc, but one with a goblin's long ears. Her form is more lithe and less muscular then a normal orcs, something which she's not fond of being reminded of. She is not above exploiting her childish looks when there's an advantage, however.

Alignment: Chaotic good, with the emphasis on chaotic.

Childish and whimsical much of the time, she never seems to take anything too seriously. Her upbeat and friendly attitude is genuine, but she does often seek to accentuate it, finding that it leads others to underestimate her. Much of her attitude shows her goblin upbringing, and she has the races monetary drive, though now tempered by her time in the Ironsong Tribe.

The birth of a half-orc/half-goblin is not an event that's known to have been repeated. Skrap was born to a goblin mother of the Steamwheedle Cartel in their home of Gadgetzan. Part of an experiment to create a stronger goblin sub-race, the project was shelved as the results were deemed disappointing. Skrap was larger and stronger then average goblin, but not as much as had been desired, and was rather scrawny compared to normal orcs. Her anti-authoritarian nature meant she was never able to become the agent the Cartel wanted. Her mother often claimed that this showed she'd learned the goblin ways to well.
Among the orcs she was considered scrawny, but she learned to make up for her muscular shortcomings with agility and guile as she grew older. Her abilities caught the attention of the Shattered Hand, who trained her in the assassin's ways. But while Skrap has done occasional assassination jobs, she has found her true talent in subtle infiltration of enemy areas and in buglary. She brings her own brand of goblin know-how to her jobs, for when she throws off the subtle means, it's often with the sound of large explosions from engineered bombs.

Full Name: Comfort Anne Miller
In-Game: Comfort
Nickname: None

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Seer

Race: Forsaken Human
Class: Priest
Professions: Alchemist and Herbalist

Age: 22 (16 at death)
Sex: Female
Hair: Once brown, now purplish and hapazard, falling to her shoulders
Eyes: Previously green, now glowing yellow
Weight: 102 pounds.
Height: 5'4”

Comfort normally dresses in her burial clothes, a white flowing dress with a long cloak and mathcing hood.

Comfort has the look of a human teenager, with her body in remarkably preserved condition for a forsaken. She moves gracefully, but often hunched over with a strangely feral look.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Quiet and shy, Comfort has an odd surreal quality around her, like she's moving through a dream or listening to another world at times. She tends to act much younger then she seems at times, but occasionally gains a serious and determined personality. It is at these times that she becomes most quiet, and very purposeful.


The Miller family has served Lordaeron and the Light for generations. A family that produced many paladins and priests, it was not surprising when Comfort was born with a natural affinity for the ways of the light. What was surprising was how it affected the girl. From a young age she had an ability to heal, but more disturbing were the strange dreams she would have, and the trances she would occasionaly enter. At sixteen it was determined she was a seer. But before the family could decide what to do, the plague swept through the lands. Comfort tried to aid the early victims, and instead became one of the first casualties of the newly risen undead scoure. Her death struck the family hard. Her sister Prudence, a paladin, and her mother were both killed in the war. Her father survived, but the grief had destroyed much of his mind, and he became one of the first paladins of the new Scarlet Crusade.
Years later, Comfort arose, her body unearthed as the Forsaken looked for those who could swell their ranks. But death and burial had greatly traumatized the girl's mind, while also opening it further for the strange prophetic visions. What before had been strange flashes of prophecy now became almost another world overlaying the one she lived in. After having been found and taken in by the Ironsong Tribe, she seems to have gotten something of a hold on herself. But of late she has become more distant, slipping into strangely focused states. While in these phases she has journeyed to places such as the Plaguelands and Jaedenar, using the light as a weapon instead of a tool for healing. In recent weeks the visions have taken a stronger hold on her, and since Hallow's End she has stayed quiet, watching the north and looking towards the plaguelands with eerily focused eyes.
Name: Zlinka
Nickname: Z or Zee

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Blademaster

Race: Darkspear Troll
Class: Rogue
Professions: Blacksmith, Miner

Age: Just past young adulthood
Sex: Female
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Yellow (charitably, gold)
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 200

Garments/Armor: When in battle Zlinka wears leather rogue gear. This gear is close-fitting to permit freedom of movement and dark in color to be inconspicuous. When off duty, Zlinka wears comfortable, soft brown leather. For special occasions Zlinka wears brightly colored dresses, especially her favorite purple one. She enjoys the look of dresses -- especially long, flowing ones -- but not how they impede her movement. Zlinka loves vibrant colors and always gravitates towards bright purple, blue, or green.

Personality: Zlinka is quiet, observant, and reflective. She is deeply loyal to those who are dear to her: her nuclear and extended family, her friends, the Ironsong Tribe, and the greater Horde. As an adult, Zlinka is a kind and reliable member of her community. In combat, Zlinka is single-minded and professional. She is a perfectionist and prides herself on killing as quickly and cleanly as possible.

History: Zlinka was born on the Echo Isles into a large family. Her family fled the islands with the Darkspear trolls during the attack by Daelin Proudmore and settled in southern Durotar at Sen’Jin Village. The Darkspear returned to the islands at the end of the Third War, only to have Zalazane defect from the Horde and begin practicing necromancy. He converted followers and they chased the rest of the Darkspear off the islands. Zlinka’s family resisted, however, and they continue to live on their island and skirmish occasionally with Zalazane’s followers.

Zlinka was a born observer and spent many hours just watching other people. It was not unusual to see her sitting quietly in the shadows just outside the firelight, or perched on a tree branch above a group of aunts having lunch, or laying in the cool sand beneath a hut’s floor under a meeting of tribal elders. She said little, but heard much. And because she never repeated what she heard or saw, her family minded her not.

Zlinka was slender and graceful as a child. She was too lightweight to handle a shield or heavy weaponry, so she made due with tiny weapons as she played around the island: a shard of bamboo, a broken shell, a splinter of bone. With these weapons she could do a surprising amount of damage by cutting in just the right place. As she grew older, it became clear that she had the clarity of mind and the quick reflexes to stay alive in the intensity of melee combat. She was too lightweight to become a warrior, so she began training as a rogue, like her mother.

When she reached adulthood, Zlinka left home for the Valley of Trials to become formally trained. During her travels she met and adventured with two Tauren: a shaman named Oryx and his twin brother, a warrior named Ibex. Over time, Zlinka and Oryx fell in love with each other. They were married and from that time forth they traveled together as a team, Ibex having returned to Thunder Bluff to work for Cairne.

During their adventures Zlinka and Oryx found a baby Tauren under the floorboards of a burned-out building in Camp Aparaje. They named her Luna and adoped her as their daughter. A few months later, they joined the Ironsong Tribe as a young family.

Two years later, they found a baby Mag’har Orc in Sunspring Post, swaddled against her dead mother. They adopted the baby orc as well and named her Zora.

Today, Zlinka and Oryx and their children are in the process of leaving their long-time home in Orgrimmar to settle in Northrend.

Zlinka’s current adventures focus on the challenges of raising two Hordelings in a world rent by war.

Further stories: Here are Zlinka’s stories, with the most recent listed first. This list will be updated as I write and post more stories:

* The wooden flute
Zlinka and Oryx’s move to Northrend

* A name carved in stone
A visit to Zlinka’s childhood home on Echo Isles with Luna

* A cry in the night
The arrival of baby Zora

* Bombing run
Adventures in Blade’s Edge with toddler on board

* Winter Veil
A visit to Zlinka’s childhood home on the Echo Isles for the holidays

* A New Dagger
Preparations for the Dark Portal

* Dark Bargain
Earning the favor of the Thorium Brotherhood
Full Name: Unknown ((Sshhh, don't tell anyone, but its Azra'cil Sunsong))
In-Game: Maurnan
Nickname: Maurnan (self-imposed nomenclature)

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt

Race: Blood Elf
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting

Age: 342
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Glowing Green
Weight: 130 lbs.
Height: 5'8"
Garments/Armor: Robes of varying styles
Other: Nothing distinguishing.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Quiet, reserved, pragmatic. A logical thinker, he often fades into the background among the more emotional personalities of Azeroth. A touch of self-loathing for his current occupation, and a drive to see his former life restored bring the only spark of life to an otherwise lacking personality.

History: (( The history of the Sunsong Family will be posted when I can wrap my brain around my keyboard and get it typed. Should be some time around when I finally hit 55. ))
Full Name: Kure'ei
Real Name: Azshara Blackwind
Nickname: Azsh

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt

Race: Blood Elf
Class: Paladin/ Blood Knight
Professions: Herbalism/ Inscription

Age: 123
Sex: Female
Hair: Golden Blond
Eyes: none, they were burnt out by Alayden
Weight: 101 lb.
Height: 5'4"
Garments/Armor: For fighting Kure'ei will usually wear chain mail, usually the individual pieces don't match match. For casual parties she wears a regular red and black sin'dorei dress. For formal events she has a beautiful purple dress complete with matching gloves.

Other: Kure'ei has a variety of scars, as well as exotic, feline eyes and a serpent tattoo on the palm of her right hand.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Kure'ei is a soldier, dedicated to the naaru and the blood knight order. While not as vein as other elves, she often finds herself infatuated with many of the male blood elves of the tribe. While she values serving the light, she secretly feels like just another paladin and wants to be her own person. She has recently re-learned some of her naga magic and feels that it should be just her little secret, thus making her unique. In the past she has proven to be very courageous in the face of danger, as she demonstrated by venturing into Ragefire Chasm alone (at level 21).

History: Azshara was born in Kul Tiras 96 years before the events of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. Her mother was the descendant of Lady Vashj's daughter, who had escaped the sundering nearly 10,000 years earlier. As an elf raised in a human city, she met much criticism from her human peers. Because of this, she swore to become the best warrior she could be. When she was 61 years old, she fell in love with a young farmer named Alayden Blackwind and the two were married. The farmer's brother, jealous of his brother's beautiful bride, murdered him one year later and buried him somewhere on the island kingdom. 34 years later, the orcs began their invasion.

The next 21 years passed quickly for Azshara. The humans defeated the orcs and everything seemed to be finally winding down. Until the scourge arrived and destroyed the sunwell. Although she had never met him, she answered the call of Prince Kael'thas and joined his army on their way to Dalaran. After being rescued from Dalaran's dungeons and fleeing to Outland, Azshara met the naga Lady Vashj. At their first meeting the two were stunned to find that they looked so similar (obviously Kureei didn't have the snake features). Only later did they come to discover that they were related. When they did, Vashj and her naga taught Azshara a small amount of their ancient magic. Azshara then used it to elevate her position in Kael'thas and Illidan's eyes until she was made commander of a small troop of blood elves.

When Kael'thas betrayed Illidan and joined with the Burning Legion, Azshara left with him and began to train a select group of blood elves to learn the naga's magic. When Vashj learned of this, she resolved to end Azshara's life and the lives of those she had trained. Though They succeeded in slaying her students, Vashj failed to kill Azshara. She was rescued by the draenei who returned with her to Shattrath City, where she was nursed back to health. Though her body healed, her mined was too badly damaged in the battle to be properly healed. Realizing what a valuable asset she could be, the draenei turned her over to Lady Liadrin to be trained as a blood knight and warrior of Shattrath. Now called Kure'ei, meaning "redeemed one" in the draenei language, Azshara Riversong is a proud and loyal member of the Horde and the Ironsong tribe.

((I want to give a special thanks to Dispaya for helping me get my ideas for personality out. Thank you!))
Full Name: Oranith Hawkwing
In-Game: Oranith

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt

Race: Blood elf
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring, Enchanting

Age: 97
Sex: Male
Hair: Red-brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 162
Height: 6'3"
Garments/Armor: Robes and other cloth stuffs
Other: Oranith has the same feline eyes as Kure'ei/Azsharra

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Oranith is the quiet, meditative type. He will not make a decision until he has thought about every possible outcome. He can't stand to see others suffer, but is too timid to do something that might get him in trouble. He is a little obsessive and hates to have even one hair out of place. Oranith is very self-conscious and cares a lot about what other think, so he rarely speaks as not to give a bad impression.

History: Oranith was born to a rich family in Quel'thalas nearly 26 years after his half sister Azsharra(Kure'ei). After her mother left, their father married a rather wealthy mage and had Oranith a few years later. The middle child of 5 siblings, Oranith was the only to peruse the path of religion. He began his training at the age of 10, leaving his family's vast fortune behind. He left for a time to aid in the first and second wars, returning to the temple shortly before the start of the third war to continue his training. When Arthas invaded Quel'thalas Oranith and his parents, along with two of his siblings, retreated to their summer home deep within the woods of northern Quel'thalas. Shortly thereafter, his younger sister departed along with Kael'thas to Dalaran to help the Alliance. He never heard from her again. He would like to travel to Outland someday to search for her, though he has little hope that she is even still alive.
Full Name: Melikar "Ziondeh" Tuskert
In-Game: Melikar
Nickname: Mel, Meli

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt

Race: Troll
Class: Warrior
Professions: Blacksmithing/Mining

Age: 25
Sex: Male
Hair: Ruby-red, often tied back in a long, wiry ponytail
Eyes: Reddish-orange
Weight: 210
Height: 7' 2"
Garments/Armor: Usually dark plate or some manner of Zandalari tribal clothes

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Personality: Melikar has always been a bit of a klutz. When it comes to emotions and women, he is quite dense. But when it comes to matters of battle and fighting alongside his tribe, he couldn't take more heart or pride in his position. He has always been a steadfast companion to everyone who bears the mark of Ironsong, and wouldn't dream of turning his back on them. Even with the tough exterior of a troll warrior, he has a good heart and is always willing to lend a hand, a blade or a piece of mind.

History: An attack on his village by a pack of land-desiring humans when he was just a baby left him an orphan from the start. He was discovered by the last type of person who should be seen in that area. A night elf woman was on a mission to discover the truth between troll relations to her own race. The idea that trolls and Night Elves may have descended from the same ancestors always fascinated her. She came across the poor village in ruins and found amongst the rubble of a last-standing house, a baby troll with bright red hair and dashing orange eyes.

The night elf, who went by the name Melarni, was able to sneak the troll child back to her home in Ashenvale where she lived alone. Her husband, a druid by the name if Ikarus, was off in the Moonglade, teaching other druidic students or being called to battle to fight the ever growing Horde. Melarni decided to name the troll child "Melikar" after a mix of both her and her husband's names.

Through the years, as Melikar grew older and more curious as to why he could never go play with other children, Melarni never knew of the fate that was befalling her husband in the field. Last she had heard, he was helping to push back growing forces from a place on the Eastern Kingdoms. Ikarus was actually falling to the fate of the Burning Legion and his soul became corrupted. With his love for his wife being at the center of his heart, the Legion used this tactic to begin swaying her into their control.

When Melikar was roughly fifteen years of age, his adoptive mother's attitude really began to change. She didn't show the same kind of care for him, nor did she ever want to spend time with him like she used to. More and more often, she was preferring to be alone. Sometimes, Melikar would hear the woman talking to herself and muttering things he couldn't understand. At the same time, the Orc clan known as the Warsong clan, were making their way into Ashenvale. They wanted to use the trees and land as resources for their own projects in the Barrens and to continue to help an establishment in Orgrimmar. All it took was a small attack force of Warsong riders to help clear out some of the initial land.

Melarni's house was one of the places the clan attacked. They took the Elf woman prisoner and were shocked to find a young, healthy troll in her possession. Feeling scared, and alone, Melikar was forced to leave his mother and return to Orgrimmar with the Warsong riders. There, Melikar met Vol'jin who stated that the young troll should be sent back to Sen'jin village to start his reeducation.

A few years went by, and Melikar considered himself a loner. He never wanted to talk to or be with anyone. He pushed away his own kin constantly and never wanted anything to do with the Orcs. That is, until he met Thrall. The warchief stopped by the village one afternoon, and for the troll, that was all it took. A bit of talk between Thrall and later, the village elders, helped Melikar see what he had been missing.

With newfound respect for the new Horde, Melikar decided it was time to start focusing on. Torn between the path of a shaman like Thrall or a strong warrior to help defend his people, he eventually took up the blade. From that day he set out to become a warrior, his path leading right to Ironsong's door step. And from that point on, he never looked back.
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