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Character Profiles
The server is down and I got bored so I have "borrowed" this idea from this Silver Hand forum thread. Thanks to Lyia for the original concept.

What I figured is we could post our profiles here for all those who don't read the server forum, as well as just to give us a better idea who we all are in a Role Playing context.

Character profiles may be posted in such a format:

Feel free to add things such as Marital Status, Good Friends, Family, Allegiances, Jobs, Etc.

Also when referencing your characters age, height, weight, birthing, etc. please use reference from the WoW Roleplaying Game, or Wowwiki where possible.

Let your imagination soar!

Full Name:




Alignment: (See <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowwiki.com/Alignment">http://www.wowwiki.com/Alignment</a><!-- m --> )


Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
((Get out of my head! I was just thinking of posting something like this...I hope this is the format you intended Cloud))

Full Name: Eru'Adan
In-Game: Eruadan
Nickname: Eru, the BISHOP

Guild:The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Tribal title : Blooded, Priest title : The Enlightened, Azerothian Title: Ambassador

Race: Blood Elf
Class: Priest
Professions: Enchanter and Tailor

Age: 247
Sex: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Unknown, (Eyes Glow Green)
Weight: 200lbs (heavy for a blood elf but a result of engaging in physical exercise daily)
Height: 6'0"
Garments/Armor: Various Priest garbs made of soft cloth and hardened cloth.
Marital Status: Indefinately Single (Eru'Adan has dedicated himself to others and Ironsong, thus has never taken a wife and has no plans to.)

Alignment: Lawful Good (though circumstances in Eru's life have swayed him from this but he remains as such for the most part)

Personality: Serious, selfless, quiet, and an observer. Though recently he has come to open himself more to the tribe. He believes that laughter is a form of light that brings healing to everyone so he will do the random funny thing. In serious situations he will maintain his composure and bring forth his wisdom to ensure himself and others are focused on the task at hand. When asked he is willing to help others without personal gain. He is never hesitant to bless travelers that he has never met, or offer assistance to strangers that are in need, even members of the Alliance.

History: ((Currently a work in progress, this is what is currently posted http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewt...=35&t=4124))
Full Name: Anca Stormchilde
In-Game: Anca
Nickname: Little One, Brat, Kid, Liddul Orcie, that noisy orc

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Iron-Singer (former Champion, future Protector of Thrall, future Child-General)

Race: Orc, of the Kor'Kron
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking

Age: actual - unknown, appearance - six
Sex: Female
Hair: naturally brown, colors with mud
Eyes: Blue
Weight: nearing 100 pounds of muscle and bone
Height: about 4 feet
Garments/Armor: piecemeal armor gleaned from battlefields and dungeons
Other: For someone her age, Anca is exceedingly strong, showing power and strength nearly equal to the adults. She does not really understand that this is strange. Anca shows an affinity for animals, taking care of many. She has also managed to hear calls from at least two animals from miles away, leading her to rescue them from a horrible fate.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Loud, inquisitive, and proud, Anca is often the typical orc child...on sugar.

History: Anca was born shortly after her mother, part of a scouting party, traveled to Azeroth through the Dark Portal. Her mother died in battle with humans, but managed to hide the child before being brought down. Anca did not make a sound for years. She named herself after the sound she heard from a goblin's anvil. Her first pet, Snuffletusk, fought her to a standstill as she was hunting for food, and the two formed a friendship bond after neither could continue the battle. They have rarely left each other's side since.

Friendships: Anca's best friends are the Ironsong Tribe. She sees many of the adults as parental figures, as well. She is always willing to stand before her Tribe and defend them in times of danger. She takes assaults on her Tribe very personally.

Oddities: Due to a curious happenstance, Anca has crossed realities. Her actions caused a dismal reality to be destroyed in favor of the current reality, but one where she did not exist. The Powers That Be fixed the anomaly by allowing her existence to continue, but that existence could not be squared in relation to Time. Thus, without further intervention from a Great Power, or her own death, Anca will exist as a child for her entire life. ((See multi-part story for details))
Full Name: Dergash
In-Game: Dergash
Nickname: Some people have been known to call him Dergy, they tend not to live long.

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe !
Title: Advisor, Minister of Culture and Recruitment.

Clan Affiliation: Warsong Clan
Clan Title: Elder

Race: Orc
Class: Warlock
Professions: Enchanting and Tailoring, knows all secondary professions and enjoys fishing and cooking.

Age: 42 summers
Sex: Male
Hair: Currently blue/black (thanks to Anca), real colour is grey white.
Eyes: Red, and glow softly
Weight: 274 lbs.
Height: 6 feet, 1 inch
Markings: Dergash is adorned with ritual scars all over his body and face.
Garments/Armor: Normally dressed in robes, darkly coloured and highly embroidered. When fishing he usually is seen wearing blue overalls, a shirt, hat, and barefoot.
Other: Almost always accompanied by his Imp Yazfip. Always carries a pouch full of soul shards. His currently favoured mount is a Brewfest Kodo he has named Taps.
Weapons: Skilled in the use of staves, swords, and daggers. Always carries a Ritual Dagger on his person.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Brutal, course, grumpy are all good words to describe initial encounters with this old Orc. However he is fanatically loyal to his Clan, Tribe, and the Horde in general. He has on numerous occations participated in the defense of Horde outposts and cities. He truely hates the Alliance and all it stands for, the only thing he hates more would be the Burning Legion. The recent inclusion of the Blood Elves into the Horde has left him bewildered with Thrall and the New Horde, Dergash still views most elves as enemies. He does however have a soft spot for children, and seems to have almost infinite patients and genuine kindness for them. He does however like to enjoy himself and is know for hosting fun and interesting parties, usually in warm locations on the beach.

((Will write it out properly later, but here are some highlights.))

Dergash was born on Draenor into the Warsong Clan.
He was roughly 12 years old when the Dark Portal was opened to Azeroth, from what was then Draenor.
He was trained as a Warlock by the Shadow Council and served them as one of their agents within the Warsong Clan.
He came through the Dark Portal with Grom Hellscream, and was with him throughout the second war.
After the second war Dergash broke from the Shadow Council due to their using the Warsong Clan and stranding them in Azeroth.
While not proud of having been used by the Shadow Council, he sees nothing wrong with the practise of the Warlock arts, and actively encourages it.
Was in the cave the night Thrall met Grom Hellscream for the first time.
He is very proud of the sacrifice of his friend Grom Hellscream in freeing the Orcs from the demonic blood curse. He views Grom as a true hero, and will NOT hear otherwise.
Currently manages the Warsong operations in Ashenvale and maintains a cave dwelling in Sprinter Tree Post.
He enjoys fishing and cooking, is an accomplished tailor and studies enchanting.
Almost always accompanied by his Imp Yazfip.
He has been known to kill something just to watch it die, usually while he is draining it of it's life force.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Gah! I knew I shouldn't've checked the Totem this morning. Now I want to write out profiles for my girls instead of writing the Midterm I keep grumping about. You know, the one that's due tomorrow...

Vil is by far the most developed of my Horde characters, so here she is. Much of this is borrowed from her CotH profile, as it is the most complete and current compilation of info on her. The history ends right about at the time of launch, fourish years ago. Also, it's long. >.>

Full Name: Vilyave Earthwhisper
In-Game Name: Vilyave
Nickname: Vil

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title None

Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Professions: Mining, Herbalism, Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid.

Age: 56
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark brown, worn in long, thick braids often woven with flowers, ribbons, and feathers.
Eyes: Green
Weight: 330, fairly slight in build for a tauren female
Height: 7'8"
Garments/Armor: Vilyave wears a menagerie of leather and mail armor, generally in earthy and neutral tones. She favors heavy leather armor wrapped sarong-like around her legs, and fitted mail armor around her chest and shoulders. When in casual clothing her tastes are similar, leaning to long skirts with large pockets (brimming with colorful rocks, herbs, and the occasional frog or kitten), linen blouses, supple leather bodices, and floppy hats. A variety of rings and tiny jingling trinkets often adorn her horns, some carved from bone, others from amber, and a few formed of silver. She often embellishes her clothing and armor with brightly colored beads woven in various designs on long strings of leather.
Other: Her mannerisms are sometimes peculiar, and her speech is unusual in meter and word choice, with scattered references to herself in the third person. At times she appears utterly focused, and at others more than a little touched.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Although well of age, Vilyave has retained a very childlike joy with the world; her smiles are quick and guileless, her curiosity is insatiable, and her faith in the innate goodness of her fellow beings is unshakable. Even with those not of her race, she is friendly and affectionate, quick to accept and eager to learn about everyone she meets.

History: Vilyave was born into a small, nomadic tribe of Stonehoof who made their encampments across the plains of the northern Barrens. Most of her early memories are a medley of stories told around campfires, the scent of bent grass and fresh meat, recitals of long lists of ancestral names in her mother's melodic tones, and the rollicking motions of riding in a harness on her father's broad shoulders as they traversed the plains.

Once old enough to wander about the camp on her own, Vilyave's curiosity and explorative nature proved to be extreme, even for a child. She was often found perched precariously atop pack kodos, rolling about in wrestling matches with the hunting wolves, and once caused a near disaster when she coaxed a small ball of flame out of a campfire; more than a few brows were raised at her once the resulting grass fire had been taken care of. But it was when she was found early one morning, giddy from the elemental sapta snuck from her mother's precious stores, and dancing around the smoldering remains of the bonfire surrounded by elementals of earth, that the high shaman of their small tribe finally stepped in and took her firmly in hand. He intended to give her proper instruction in the ways of the elements and the spirits; it was, he told her mother and father, as much for her own protection as for furthering the understanding of their shamanistic ways.

The education of the young was a job which was performed by every member of the tribe, each child accompanying their seniors in tasks from hunting and tracking, to leathercraft and tanning, cooking and herb lore... and perhaps most importantly, the evening gatherings of the tribe for narratives of history, ancestral knowledge passed from elder to youth. But although Vilyave still participated in some of these activities, she was the great-father's own charge, spending much of her waking time under his tutelage, to their mutual joy and frustration. No more would she abuse the privilege of understanding granted her by the Earthmother. No more would she call upon the elements in recklessness or for trivial matters. Through long, difficult days of instruction, lessons in patience, history, healing, and listening, she learned. In the tradition of many of her people, much of her young life and many of her deeds were dedicated to those who had come before, in honor of and communion with the ancestral spirits. On rare, solemn occasions, when the spirits moved freely and her training reached a turning point, Vilyave and the great-father broke away from the encampments for a few days at a time, traveling to the holy places, where the land breathed and the wind spoke, and once again she would take of the sapta, and, eyes opened, was properly introduced to the elements who would guide her.

As Vilyave grew into adulthood, she spent less and less of her time with the others of her tribe, preferring to wander the plains alone, and travel at a distance behind the main camps when they migrated, sometimes not rejoining her tribe for some months. She was not without friends, finding great delight in the creatures of the Barrens, small and large, with a particular fondness for lion cubs and wolf pups. Those with the sight to behold it could sometimes catch glimpses of her other companions, lesser elementals, most often manifestations of air and of earth. During the times she lived amongst her small tribe, they began to greet her with the name Earthwhisperer, for it seemed she was ever speaking with the Earthmother’s children, and in the tradition of her people, she took the name as her own. And from a distance, the great-father kept his watchful eyes on her progress and activities, offering guidance, advice, and chastisement as was warranted.

When their tribe finally crossed into the grasslands of Mulgore, settling permanently in the homeland Cairne had claimed for his people, Vilyave grew restless. Although her often solitary youth had ingrained into her a fierce sense of independence, she greatly desired to learn more of the world than what could be found in the confines of her own culture, and was particularly determined to seek out the mystical night elves, with whom she was fascinated. Satisfied that she had learned well under his direction and was finally ready, the great-father sent her with his blessing to Thunder Bluff to seek the guidance and wisdom of the elder shaman gathered on the bluffs. Heeding the words of the elders, Vilyave soon departed once more on her own journey, to learn that which only experience could teach.
Naruth Wrote:Profile stuff


Oh wait.
Full Name: Key'athe Earthmane
Tribe: Grimtotem
In-Game: Ronx
Nickname: Ronx, Ronxy

Guild: Ironsong Tribe
Title: Ironsinger

Race: Tauren
Class: Warrior
Professions: Enginerering, Mining

Age: Tauren equivalent of Late Twenties
Sex: Male
Hair: Black, with short beard and ceremonial braids
Eyes: Golden Brown
Weight: 650 lbs.
Height: 7'3
Garments/Armor: Mishmash of plate and leatherarmor, leather mostly as a traditional garb.
Other: "Key'athe" is better known by the nickname of "Ronx" by mostly everyone. He is short, but muscular. He has the same austere manner as most other Grimtotems, which extends to sternness and a ferocious game face. He is adorned with some engineering and shamanic paraphernalia and will sometimes be accompanied by Spark, the mad mechanical squirrel. One of his horns has been snapped and he has a few unusual scars that one can't quite see though his fur. Lastly, raffia twine is visible going up his shoulders from beneath his armor, a less-than-obvious makeshift necklace.

Alignment: Originally Neutral Good, but now very Neutral with Good and Chaotic tendencies.
Personality: Though a bit different now, Ronx holds on a bit to his personality from his "glory days." He is often emotionally reserved, though his passions can get the better of him, and he can even become very severe; although he tries to be benevolent, he often lets his warrior nature get the better of him. He will sometimes have "fits" due to an underlying psychosis, though this is rare.

History: After leaving the Grimtotem clan after the formation of Thunderbluff, Ronx has spent most of his adulthood as a wanderer, and doing everything from serving as a temporary town guard to bounty hunter to treasure hunter to support himself in his travels. He eventually heard of the Tribe, a family of Horde adventurers, with some prestigious warriors in their ranks, and sought to join them. He has since served with the Tribe for "many moons." Since, he has come to find a home and a family within the Tribe. Much later, he was demonically possessed in the last battle with Delgarsida, and abandoned the Tribe until Dispaya captured him and Eveline exorcised the demon. The mental trauma of possession had sent into into a state that can be described as "stark, raving mad." Slightly later still, he became vaguely aware of his current state, but very much so that he had harmed the tribe in the throes of possession. In one of his rare moments of lucidity, he promised himself that he would throw off the limits of his insanity, and become a member of his great Family once more. So, he became a wanderer and nomad for a time once again in a search cure to his insanity. His madness has has since regressed, and he is a full member of the Tribe once more.
Full Name: Grommash son of Dar'ash
In-Game: Grommash
Nickname: Grom

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Grunt
In-Game Title(s): Though he holds several earned titles, he wears Grunt proudly for the father he never met.

Race: Orc
Class: Warlock
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Hair: Short and black
Eyes: blue with a hint of red growing from the pupil which gives the appearance of violet from afar.
Weight:190 lbs
Height:6 feet even
Garments/Armor: He has three outfits, his Ceremonial garb from his first days in the Tribe, His Battle garb from Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau, and his fishing outfit. Zorpad, his imp, does his laundry. He holds [item]The Skull of Gul'dan[/item], diminished as it is, with pride, and uses it as a reminder that the thirst for power must be controlled.
Other: He has a broken lower fang from where a human guard kicked him in the face when he was young.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Personality: Driven and full of the energy of youth, he follows his own path always. He hates the races of the alliance, and was appalled when the Scourge joined the horde. His feelings changed when he was befriended by a halfwit undead by the name of Efluvious. He still holds the bloodelves in contempt and rarely speaks to them.

History: The son of a grunt named Dar'ash of the Bleeding Hollow Clan, he was born after Ner'zhul took control of the horde. After naming his son in honor of the legendary Grommash Hellscream, Dar'ash was killed while defending Hellfire Citadel. He was brought through the Dark Portal before Khadgar destroyed it by his mother (he doesn't even know her name) who died when the Bleeding Hollow Clan was captured. He was raised in the internment camps.

Raised in captivity and cowed by the human captors, he knew nothing of what his proud race had been, aside from the stories told by the elders in whispers, and stories of the leaders of the Horde. Kilrogg Deadeye, Orgrim Doomhammer, Gul'dan, Ner'zhul, and the still free Grom Hellscream and his proud Warsong Clan all inspired him and bolstered him. His strength, his focus, was built from the inside out.

When Thrall lead the orcs to freedom across the sea, he was still to young and weak from imprisonment to fight. In the aftermath of the third war, he helped build Orgrimmar and learned from the elders about the demonic powers, but cautiously. He knew what the fate of Gul'dan had been, and what Ner'zhul had done to the horde. His powers would only bring destruction to his enemies, not to his own.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
Full Name: Wakaraina Winterhoof
In-Game: Wakaraina
Nickname: Waka

Title: Ambassador General of the Peacekeepers

Race: The proud Tauren
Class: Shaman
Professions: Herbalism, Inscription

Age: 35
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown braids, no longer Leia braids!
Eyes: Brown

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Calm and collected, she can get frustrated with the shortsightedness of the people around her. She was once known for her fiery streak in battle, but the events of the Tower have changed her for the better. Who knows what anger the atrocities of the Lich King
might unleash?
History:When she was very young, Wakaraina began receiving prophetic dreams. She told her parents about them, who encouraged her to follow the spirits, as they had, and to become a Shaman. She was apprenticed to an elder in Bloodhoof Village, and began to follow her dreams of a united, peaceful world. ((This was her backstory when I joined the Tribe)). When she went on her first journeys, the state of the world made her angry, and she found herself in the battlegrounds attempting to "enforce" peace. She won her stripes as a Senior Sargent, and eventually put that brawn to good use in the Molten Core. Once she began to help destroy the ghosts in Karazhan, an unlikely orc - Damoxian - convinced her to become a healer again. She remembered her purpose, and eventually founded the sect of Ironsong called the Peacekeepers. She has refrained from interracial war since then, and works to heal those who fight against the ghosts of the Tower. Following this new path, she has become known again as one who excels at her profession. She is beginning to wonder, however, if her dreams will ever actually come true. The few accurate prophecies of her youth have faded from her own memory, and all she knows is that too many people keep fighting. She goes into Northrend pursuing rumors of new races, hoping that here, she may find some new ally.
Name: Jabadue Bloodsnake
Ingame: Jabadue
Nickname: Jaba ((Jabadoodle, Jabaloot, JP Jaba))

Guild: Ironsong Tribe
Title: Advisor (Formerly Blooded)

Race: Troll
Class: Shaman
Professions: Mining/Enchanting

Age: 22
Sex: Male
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 275 lbs
Height: 7'
Garments/Armor: Mail Armor of the highest quality, though often blood stained and dirty, with bits of grass and twigs sticking out of it. His armor has seen hard campaigning.
Other: Jabadue and Filiminjaru are Fraternal Twins. Jaba is missing a tooth and the index finger of his left hand.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: A tough and wizened soldier, Jabadue has seen the horrors of war. He has spent his life on the battlefied, and this colors his perception of the world. Sometimes it makes him appear and act older than he is. Thus, Jaba can be serious and goal-oriented, but also, enjoys laughing and drinking. He is not married, but on leave, frequents the huts of the less reputable troll girls in Sen'jin village. Basically, he is a pragmatist and basis his choices on those things that are like to make the tribe successful on the battlefield.

History: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=156&hilit=Bloodsnake+Brothers">viewtopic.php?f=35&t=156&hilit=Bloodsnake+Brothers</a><!-- l --> and <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=266&p=1114&hilit=Bloodsnake+Brothers#p1114">viewtopic.php?f=35&t=266&p=1114&hilit=Bloodsnake+Brothers#p1114</a><!-- l -->
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Full Name: Amato Mistrunner
In-Game: Amato
Nickname: Mato, Matokitty, Matobear, Tomato, Fuzzy, the list continues into an embarrassing infinity.

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Champion of Ironsong. It's worth noting that Amato bears no title among the hierarchy of Druids.

Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Professions: Skinning, Elemental Leatherworking

Age: Old enough to know better, even if he rarely acts like it.
Sex: Male
Hair: Mane? Jet black, a shade less warm than the rest of his fur. The longer portions are braided down the sides of his head and rest against his chest.
Eyes: Green, glinting yellow when reflecting light.
Weight: 570 lbs
Height: 8'4"
Garments/Armor: Pristine leather armor, often heavily enchanted and bearing all sorts of odd glows. Occasionally he can be seen in simple robes or kilts during holidays and such. He dislikes wearing pants and disdains most weapons except for ritual or show purposes.
Other: His fur, when seen, sticks up perpetually due to the sheer number of scars underneath. On his left thigh, mostly hidden under his fur now, is an ornate and magically enhanced tattoo of the Goddess Elune. His nose is pierced with a silver ring, rather than the traditional gold or brass.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Though gruff and occasionally sarcastic or aggressive, it's clear Amato likes the Tribe. He is a lonely, solitary creature by habit but nonetheless spends a considerable amount of his time standing directly between Tribe members and whatever threatens, sometimes without their knowledge. He does not often speak unless responding to a question and sometimes goes so far as to deliberately remain in a feral form to avoid the expectation of conversation.

History: Much of Amato's history is unknown to all within the Tribe, including his wife. What she does know can largely be summed up as such: He grew up a long time ago somewhere in the north of Feralas, his immediate family a splinter of the Misthoof Tribe that has since either vanished or integrated into Thunder Bluff society. He spent the majority of his childhood alone in the jungles. At some point he came into contact with the Night Elves and spent a great deal of time near them. Though he almost never speaks of how or why, he does seem to have an unusual fondness for some of them to this day. He left them a few years before the Third War spilled over into Kalimdor. Wandering the wilds for some time again, he did not become reunited with his people until the eve of the events at Mount Hyjal. Drawn by the awakening of the Night Elven Druids, he soon found himself fighting that fateful delaying action against the masses of the Burning Legion. When the battle had ended and the World Tree had given it's life, he again took off into the wilds to wander. Eventually grudgingly using his assumed membership in the new Horde, he traveled to Azeroth to explore a new land with it's own strange dangers. It was here he became acquainted with the races of the Eastern Kingdoms, with the horrors of the Scourge and the few corrupted Orcs that remained and, eventually, with a young woman by the name of Ayator. She would eventually lead him to join the Ironsong Tribe, adopting him into a family that will put up with his odd wanderlust and surly, sometimes bizarre, ways. In the time since he has spent a great deal of time roaming the land and had some very odd encounters with members of both alliances as well as the neutral groups in between. Most recently he was married to the Shaman Coranda who was summarily adopted into the Tribe as well.
Righteous are those who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!
Full Name: Charles Harris
In-Game: Neat
Nickname: Neat

Guild: Ironsong Tribe
Title: Adivsor

Race: Forsaken
Class: Mage
Professions: Alchemy/Herbalism

Age: 48 (9 years Undead)
Sex: Male
Hair: Longish and green, but was once black.
Eyes: Bloodshot
Weight: 145
Height: 5' 7"
Garments/Armor: His robes are of the finest materials. His fingers are adorned with rings. He scents himself and his clothes with fine perfume.
Other: He is an Epicure. In life, some might have considered him handsome, in a delicate way.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: He is effete and dedicated to his own pleasure. He has a touch of cruelty about him, and keeps to himself.

History: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=561&p=2527&hilit=neat+Harris#p2527">viewtopic.php?f=3&t=561&p=2527&hilit=neat+Harris#p2527</a><!-- l -->
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Full Name: Dispaya
Real Name: Caroline of Gilneas
Nickname: Singerlady, Spaya, Lady Bard, Dispaya of the Darkspears; The White Lady (Scourge)

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Farseer

Race: Forsaken
Class: Mage
Professions: Alchemy, Enchanting

Age: 50ish (she is not exactly sure)
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Weight: 100 lbs
Height: 5'1"
Garments: Dispaya usually wears either black or purple robes and a long flowing hooded cloak.

Other: Blood of the Tribe
Dispaya was nearly killed by the Dragon Onyxia and it took blood donations from the tribe to save her. She now seems to be linked to the tribe empathically and often knows when others are in peril. It is not known to what extent this link goes.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Dispaya has a more human personality than most Forsaken. Her curse is full memory of her own human life as well as her time as a Scourge servant. She speaks in a formal manner using words like "thee" and "ye" and is very polite and soft spoken.

Dispaya looks to be a girl of about 18 years but is actually much older and wiser and this has the effect of making her appear creepy to some. She often quotes sayings she has picked up over her many years.

Dispaya is also a bard of some skill and writes poems and stories for the tribe. This has earned her the informal title "Lady Bard"


Caroline was born to the city of Gilneas as the daughter of one of the armies Generals. She was raised as a young noble and eventually fell in love with one of her fathers soldiers, a paladin named Daeren. Her fathers advisor however, desired her for his own and so when she rejected his advances he formed a plot and poisoned her. He then raised her from the dead to become his servant.

Her Human Father eventually discovered this dark deed and together he and Daeren confronted the dark advisor so named "Walter." There was a battle and Caroline's father was killed. Walter fled the city and went into exile. None ever saw him again. Daeren tried to kill Caroline who now appeared to be a monster, but instead he took pity on her and sent her away from the city into exile as well. Soon after the great gates of Gilneas closed and to this day no outsiders are ever welcome there.

Caroline wandered for a time in the forests of silverpine where she eventually came to be feared by the villagers of Pyrewood who called her "The white Lady of the Wood." She haunted the woods there for many years until the Scourge came to power. She was soon swept up into their ranks where she became a servant to Araj the Summoner. From him she learned to use magic but she soon surpassed even him. As her skill increased so did her rank among the Scourge and she soon became one of their chief advisors. It is rumoured she may have been involved in the Scourge attack on the Sunwell.

When The Dark Lady released the Forsaken from Scourge control she took Caroline, now called "The White Lady" along with many other Scourge and released their free will. In Dispaya's case this also released the memories of her human life in full and she became very distraught. The Forsaken of Deathknell so named her Dispaya which means "forever in despair."

Dispaya left Deathknell and went into the forest where she tried to take her own life with a stolen dagger. She soon discovered stabbing herself in the heart could not accomplish that. It was there she met the troll called Sreng who invited her into his tribe. In Ironsong she finally found a place.

Dispaya quickly re-learned her magic skills. She assisted the tribe in many ways and was soon named tribal Champion. From there she became an advisor and finally Farseer of the tribe. It was at her Farseer ceremony that Sreng took her into his family and made her his daughter. She now continues to serve as an Officer and Advisor to the tribe on all matters.
Sing True Ironsong!
Full Name: Faeriel
Nickname: Fae

Guild: The Ironsong Tribe
Title: Priestess

Race: Sin'Dorei
Class: Priest
Professions: Enchanter, Tailor

Age: 21
Sex: Female
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Green
Weight: 80 lb
Height: 5'5"
Garments/Armor: Varies (Faeriel loves clothes)

Other: Sun Tattoo
Faeriel has a golden Glyph Tattood on the back of her neck. It is inscribed with holy light. If she is ever turned into Scourge the tattoo will radiate light and destroy her.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Faeriel is Whimsical yet noble. She is often pre-occupied with her own appearance and is sometimes misinformed about the ways of the world. (She is not street smart.) She likes to tease others but rarely takes herself too seriously. She was assigned to the Ironsong Tribe as a liason and has always done her best to protect them in times of need.

When things are not imminent she would be more likely to think of herself first. She would be the first to follow the tribe into battle during a meteor storm, and the last to go hiking with the tribe in the rain for a moot somewhere, and if she did go...you are going to hear about it.


Faeriel is the daughter of Bellethiel who was a high priestess of Silvermoon. Bellethiel befriended Sreng when he was stationed in Silvermoon City as an ambassador during the burning crusade. She sent Faeriel to Srengs tribe as a liason to Silvermoon and as a show of good faith for the new alliance with the Horde.

Shortly after Faeriel left, Bellethiel was captured by the Scourge and was turned into a Banshee. She came back after her daughter who barely managed to escape being turned herself. Faeriel cleverly designed a holy tattoo that would actually destroy her if her mother ever succeeded in turning her. Bellethiel was stalemated in this but she chose not to kill her daughter, instead choosing to flee to the north. She promised Faeriel they would meet again some day.

*Note: Bellethiel also tortured Sreng when he was captured and held in Naxxramas. As a former friend she used her intimate knowledge of Sreng's life to cause him mental torture as well as physical. She became as cruel and evil in undeath as she was once kind and just. To this day Sreng still wears the scars of their encounter which have never fully healed despite his troll regeneration.

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