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Cataclysm Pre-Patch PTR
Well this is for those that are interested in getting a sneak peak. The Cataclysm PTR is apparently out. Its about a 16GB download so be prepared for a reasonable wait.
It should be noted that at this point, the current patch on the PTR is primarily with the class, talent, and Glyph changes. This patch does not have the old world changes implemented, new quests, or any new content at all!

That said, I intend to use this opportunity to fiddle around with the revamped Demonology and Affliction trees. Much as I love Demonology, I might very well return to Affliction as my main build during Cata - well, maybe my leveling build. We shall see. *cracks knuckles*
[Image: 2627648EgUWn.png]

[Image: 2627663SOPQY.png]
I'll be on the ptr as Noodlemuerte on whatever the pve server is.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
If you intend to go into the PTR....Bring an Inscriptionist with you. Somehow those on the server feel the need to inflate glyph prices by about 10000000000%.
I tried to download the PTR but it didn't work.

I downloaded the launcher thing, but...yeah, no idea how to get the PTR to work.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Melikar Wrote:I tried to download the PTR but it didn't work.

I downloaded the launcher thing, but...yeah, no idea how to get the PTR to work.

Hmmmm the PTR Launcher is about 97MB....I had to download that...Run it...then I believe it downloaded an installer to a location of my choice...then I ran the installer which installed the Launcher and began to download the 16GB of game data....
Yeah, basically you're installing and dl'ing a whole additional copy of Wow on your computer. I would probably just avoid installing on top of your existing wow folder. Smile

I do like that you can start playing after dl'ing about half of it though.

edit: Also, I crashed immediately after entering into the game and had to go download the latest ATI video drivers to make it work.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
blue Wrote:All the ICC dungeon and raid content is MUCH harder on the PTR that intended. We changed some behind the scenes creature damage values and I haven't modified the WotLK content to account for those changes yet.

Well that explains some of my troubles soloing UK last night on ptr.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Oh yeah...if your on the PTR...I don't know if they fixed it but do NOT camp in Silvermoon or region...it'll crash your WoW.

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