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Carapace of N'Zoth
Carapace is a three phase encounter in which we must defeat the Fury of N'Zoth boss.  We must keep our Sanity high throughout the fight, as losing all sanity will cause them to become permanently mind controlled.  You MUST have a legendary cape or you will be instantly mind controlled.

In Phase One we'll be fighting tentacles outside the carapace of N'Zoth.  We will venture deeper into the carapace during Phases Two and Three, chasing down the Fury of N'Zoth as it tries to beat a retreat.

Throughout the Fight

You'll have an extra resource bar showing your Sanity, just like the Sanity bar in the Horrific Visions.  You will lose Sanity throughout the fight due to encounter mechanics.  If you reach 0 sanity you will gain a 100% damage and healing buff for 20 seconds, then you will become permanently mind controlled, and you will try to make other players mind-controlled via some of your casts.

--> If a player becomes mind controlled, they must be killed.

Fury of N'Zoth's abilities

Run the bomb out:  The boss casts Madness Bombs on random raid members.  When it expires it does damage, a fear, and removes 15 sanity.  Tanks can also get Madness Bomb.

--> Run the bomb away from others.
--> If a tank gets it, the raid must move away from the tank.

Random DoT:  The boss will cast Mental Decay on random players.  It removes 15 Sanity and deals light ticking damage.  It is unavoidable.

Anti-Tank attack, Mandible Slam:  Damage + Debuff.

--> Tanks taunt at 2-3 stacks of Mandible Slam.

Damage absorption shield, Adaptive Membrane:  Fury will buff himself, or adds, with a damage absorption shield.  Absorbs damage and makes them immune to CC.  If the shield is broken, it spawns a fragment of Sanity, which gives 10 Sanity to the player that soaks it.

Additional Ways of Getting Sanity back:

From Wrathion:  If you are low on Sanity you can run to Wrathion at the entrance of the room and he will give them sanity back, plus a speed buff.

Extra Action Button (Shroud of Resolve):  flies your character to Wrathion, healing you back to full health and making you immune to sanity loss while flying.  2 minute cooldown.

HOWEVER, in Phase One, we should not need to use these methods to get Sanity back.


Big Ass Tentacle + Horrific Hemorrhages:  The tentacle slams the shadowed area, dealing lethal damage to players caught in it.  It will then lie across the room.  After it slams, horrific hemorrhages will spawn on the tentacles, and we have 60 seconds to defeat them before they explode, dealing massive raid damage.  Defeating all the hemorrhages makes the tentacle back away.

The tentacle itself cannot be climbed on, or damaged, and it acts as a Line of Sight barrier.

--> The boss, one tank, and melee should be killing hemorrhages on one side, while ranged and one tank kill them on the other, with the healers split between the two groups.

--> Ranged should position themselves near the TIP of the tentacle, so they can assist melee as soon as the tentacle is gone.

The horrific hemorrhages, while active, will spam-cast globules, which do moderate damage in a 5-yard red targeting circle, AND will spawn antigen adds.  In melee, the antigens apply a stacking haste and movement speed reduction debuff, while they gain a stacking self-buff and become progressively less susceptible to slows.

--> IGNORE the antigens and kill the horrific hemorrhages, while the tanks pick up the antigens on both sides of the tentacles.

Once the hemorrhages are dead, the tentacle will back away AND the Fury of N'Zoth will lose a ton of health.

--> It's at THIS point that we should focus on killing all the little antigens.

PHASE TWO (50% health)

Try to make this transition with no adds up.

Once we're in Phase Two Wrathion will fly down and everyone will get their sanity back to full.  The Fury of N'Zoth will run down a small corridor and will then sit between two platforms.

The Fury of N'Zoth will continue casting the same abilities as in Phase One, but he'll ALSO cast Eternal Darkness.  Eternal Darkness deals unavoidable raid-wide damage that also drains 10 sanity from all players.  That is how we will be losing sanity in this phase.

In this room there will be two paths, one on the left and one on the right.  Both paths have growths all over the walls that make the Fury immune to damage and slowly heal him back up.

--> We need to kill all of these growths before engaging the boss.

There are also cysts on the paths, which slow players.  The radius of the slow effect is reduced by damaging the cysts.

Two strategies:

* Split the raid into two groups and each half take a path (faster).
* Keep the raid whole and do one path, followed by the other (safer).

If we can go fast enough to beat the boss before the enrage timer, then it makes sense to have the raid stay in one group.

--> While running down the sides, ranged should focus on the cysts just ahead, allowing the raid to move past them quickly.  Melee should focus on the growths at the start of the path, then move further after those are dead.

--> Once one side is cleared, run back to Wrathion to get sanity restored before doing the other side.

The moment the last growth is defeated, the Fury will become active again.

--> As we are clearing the second path, one tank will need to be ready to jump down to engage boss as soon as he becomes active.

--> The rest of the raid should use their extra action button to get back to Wrathion, get their sanity restored, and WAIT for the Fury to cast his Occipital Blast.

In Phase Two the Fury will cast Occipital Blast, a beam that drains 40 sanity and deals massive damage.

After the blast, use a warlock gateway to jump forwards and engage the boss.

We will need to deal with all the Phase One abilities, plus Occipital Blast.

--> Stand close to him, as this makes it easier to dodge the Blast.

PHASE THREE (40% Health)

He'll run down a passage to a new area, and everyone's sanity will go back to 100%.  

The Fury will continue to hit the tanks with Mandible Slam and hit people with Mental Decay.  What's new is his Insanity Bomb.  This debuff is applied the entire raid.  After 12 seconds it explodes, does damage, and removes sanity from everyone within the targeting circle.  And it spawns one antigen per debuff.

--> Spread out widely with Insanity Bomb.  Ignore the little adds until the boss applies the damage absorption shield to them.  Because there is NO WAY to get your sanity back except by soaking orbs dropped by the boss or adds when their shield breaks.

There will also be Tentacle Slams.  There will be more of these, but they won't have hemorrhage adds.

We will bloodlust in this phase.
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Hi all,

Okay, we got him into Phase 3 and down to 9% last Thursday!  The breakthrough was when we really focused down the hemorrhages, and AoE'd the little antigen adds so they didn't get out of control. So, quick overview:


* Run the Bomb out (Madness Bomb).
* Tanks taunt at 2-3 stacks of Mandible Slam

When the tentacle slams down:

* Get out of the shadow!  Before the Tentacle lands there is a long, grey triangular shadow on the ground.  Don't get squashed!
* If possible, melee should be on the same side of the tentacle as the boss, while ranged are on the other side, and there are healers and a tank on both sides.  However, it's even MORE important not to get squashed.  So do your best, but it's ok if you end up on the other side.
* DPS the Hemorrhages HARD.  Focus them down.  Killing them gets rid of the tentacle and stops the little antigens from spawning.  You can AoE and cleave the antigens to keep them under control, but the top priority is the hemorrhages.
* Fury will put a damage absorption shield (Adaptive Membrane) on himself and adds -- DPSing through this spawns a little Sanity orb you can pick up.

PHASE TWO (50% health):

* We want to get through Phase Two quickly because the boss is healing himself for the duration of this phase. 
* We'll have the entire raid head up the LEFT path first.  We will need to damage the cysts on the ground to shrink their slow radius, and kill the growths on the wall.  Ranged, if you could hit the cysts from far away that will clear a path for the raid and should speed us up. 
* Once the left path is clear, we will either run back to Wrathion to get our sanity restored, or we'll port back ( this depends on the cooldown of the extra action button).
* Repeat this for the RIGHT path.  Once the last growth dies, a tank must jump down to grab Fury.  The rest of the raid should then port back to Wrathion (and wait till he casts his first beam).
* We will still be dealing with Phase One Mechanics, plus Eternal Darkness (flat damage + sanity drain) and Occipital Blast (big beam).

PHASE THREE (40% health)

* Tanks still need to swap for Mandible Slam.
* Spread out for Insanity Bomb (same as Madness Bomb but it affects the entire raid).  Spawns an antigen add.  After the bomb explodes regroup on the boss to kill the adds.
* Avoid the Tentacle Slams -- there will be a shadow first (but no hemorrhages in this phase).
* Bloodlust in this phase.
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