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CannonBall Run/Wailing Cavren rally
Hey folks,

So rumor has it one of our tribe is planing a tournament for those who are battle inclined. Our warcheif and I have discussed perhaps a few other ideas for some events within our tribe (we do number around 50 now) and we have come up with a few ideas. For our lower level folks I figure we could have a contest in the wailing cavrens, First person to a designated area to pick up a copper bar (the baton) and return to the entrance wins. The other idea is a cannonball run type of thing where you would surrender your hearthstone at the begining of the race and you must make it in a cross contanent race. We could give our own play by plays or something like that. I was thinking of something geared to the rogues of our tribe as they are near and dear to my own theiving heart, but alas there is only Rawne and myself who have chosen that paticular path. So I shall put it to a vote in a few days after some folks have had a chance to read this. Happy hunting


~Rogues do it from behind~
I really like the cross-continent idea! It's the only one I'd really be able to participate in.

But how would we surrender our hearthstones without destroying them?
I believe that if you destroy your hearthstone you can get another one by talking to any innkeeper.
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Im sure that is the case, but if you want to make sure no can cheat, just make them bind themselves to an inn on the opposite continent. That way the moderator could observe them. If they ended up on the wrong continent, they are obviously trying to cheat. I really don't think this would be an issue with our clan though.

Make sure you attend the Guild Duel Championship this evening.
How does this sat or next sat around 3:00 PST sound for everybody?
Im hoping to see more events. the ideas u exposed are very good indeed!
The Truly Bovine Expert
This sat, March 12, 1:00 PST, meet in Org, same place as the Duel Tourney, Details will be given then

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