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Greetings, Ironsong Tribe. I am known as Cage -- orc hunter, Beastmaster, former First Sergeant, and loyal servant of The Horde and the Earth Mother. I present myself to you now for consideration.

I would tell you of my past if I knew much of it myself, but unfortunately I do not. Several years ago, I was discovered by a group of tauren after they had destroyed the camp of some invading humans. Apparently I had been captured and tortured by these humans, for whatever reason; I have no memory of this. The taurens freed me and took me back to Thunderbluff where I was treated by the shamans and druids there and brought back to full health. Unable to gather any information from me about my past, they taught me in the ways of the Earth Mother, the ways of The Beast, and told me of their history and the history of the Horde. I developed an affinity for dealing with the animals of Mulgore, and so took up the path of the hunter.

I have since done all I can to assist the Horde in fighting off the invading alliance, and to serve the wishes of Cairne and Thrall. I have no regrets about losing memory of my former life, the Earth Mother has guided me well. However, despite my tendency to rely solely on myself and my pet, I have come to realize that true strength comes from strong companions. I have been aware of the Ironsong and their travels for some time now, and wish to join the ranks. Hopefully I can prove myself worthy.

(( Cage was created on Silver Hand on launch day. I haven't been around much lately, because I've lessened my playtime and have been dinking with alts, but I was fairly active for a long time there. I wouldn't really expect anyone to recognize me though, I mostly keep to myself. I have about 32 days /played with him, and have more alts than you can shake a stick at, most in their 20s and 30s -- only one has made it above 40 so far. I've never been guilded, mainly because I'm very picky and have wanted to be in a guild with other people who like to RP and who are driven nuts by OOC banter in open channels. Wink Most of what I've done has been solo, duo with a friend, or in PUGs via raid60 or whatever else. I have most of the Beaststalker set and the Darkmoon Amulet, but that's about it as far as "good" gear goes.

I like PvP although I've never really been in it for the "honor grind". I'm up to Revered with AV but my attention span peters out pretty quick with AB and WSG. World PvP is great, I like defending spots that are getting attacked. I often used to help Ole Zul defend the Barrens and adjacent zones when the alliance would start pestering us.

At any rate, I'm looking to get back into things a bit, and I want to be ready to get up to 70 whenever the expansion comes out. However, soloing and gnashing my teeth at all of the non-RP has finally gotten to me, so I'm looking to join a good RP guild and start expanding my horizons some. I've known about the Ironsong Tribe for a while now, I've only just summoned up the gusto to contact you guys. (I've been considering it for over a year probably, heh.) At any rate, this is about my third MMO, and Ironsong would be my second RP guild, the first being one I was in for the couple of years I played DAOC on a RP server. I'm really not as anti-social as I probably sound by now, I'm just picky. I'm looking for good RP and little-to-no drama and bickering. Wink

So anyway, I've read up on you guys and am pretty sure I'd be a good fit. Hopefully I can live up to the standards you guys have set on Silver Hand. Thanks for reading. ))
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