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CT Raid Assist- HELP!
Hello all,
I've downloaded CT_Raid Assist 1.54 (the newest one), saved it to my addons folder in my wow/interfece directory.

However, when I click on the addons button in my char select screen, its not showing up. Any ideas why? Fixes?

Take a peek inside the CT_Raid folder in wow/Interface... I think CTRaid may actually be packaged as two addons now (something like CTAssist and CTBossMods) - those two folders need to be in the Interface directory, 'cause WoW doesn't know to look inside the CTRaid folder.

Or it could be something completely unrelated. Smile But check that out.
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I have CT BossMods in its own folder in the Interface/Addons folder...still no luck.
Any other suggestions?

Is there a command that I need to type in while in game?

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