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Burning Crusade tidbits
From http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread...No=1&sid=1:

Quote:Alright, I will provide you and everyone else with two tidbits of information that we've not yet revealed through any source. Both of which I'm personally very excited about, and hopefully you will be as well. First, when the Burning Crusade launches, healing over time (HoTs) spells such as Rejuvenation and Renew will stack for every player casting them. For instance, if there are three priests in your group, a target could potentially receive three renews as one time. Second, we're going to be scaling Warlock and Hunter pets come expansion so that they become stronger as the player gains more statistics through itemization.

Now you can't say that I've never given you anything, you know, besides Lightwell...
No more "A more powerful spell is already active" messages on rejuv??

Maybe I won't have to rearrange my talent points after all!

~A Happy Fleethoof!
Hey, now I won't feel stupid and useless when yall make Kaerrah put on her casty clothes!
Finally, warlocks and hunters, rejoice!

I was just lamenting a lack of Demonic progression in the petkeepers channel a few days ago!

This new decision is very beneficial to warlocks and hunters. Of course, with the diligence of our healers currently, adding cumulative heals over time is just incredible! That is a lot of healing potential they have opened up. I am glad!

Thank you for sharing this very good news, Kernasas!
While not related to the above posts..
For everyone who has ever complained about paladins Complete immunity while useing Divine Shield..

Quote: Mass Dispel - Rank 1
Requires Level 70
1181 Mana30 yd range
1.5 sec cast
Dispels magic in a 15 yard radius, removing 1 harmful spell from each friendly target and 1 beneficial spell from each enemy target. Affects a maximum of 5 friendly targets and 5 enemy targets. This dispel is potent enough to remove Magic effects that are normally undispellable.
Its been said that this can remove DS.. So, yeah. There ya go.
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
It's 5:24 am and "Server is busy. Please try again." Sigh...

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