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(( Burning Crusade Intro! ))
(( This was too amusing not to post, and I know many of you do not keep up with various silliness of teh intarweb.


Enjoy! ))
((why do I sense a bead of truth in the second last line?))
((My computer obviously seems to hate me, was the Dranei saying anything?))
"Is it any wonder, under such a burden, they seemed mad? We all have found ourselves railing against them and later consoling them. Theirs was a burden we each bore but a fraction. They shouldered it, and in the end, it crushed them."
(( Indeed, Noram, it's animated with a bit of text. Sometimes it helps to try viewing it with a different browser: Internet Explorer vs. Mozilla Firefox, or vice versa. If not, there's always the computer of a friend...and if that fails, then all you are missing is a bit of silly humour, not anything actually related to the expansion. *comfort* ))

The depressing part is that is how it really happened...

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