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Greetins to ja. travelers of Azeroth. I be the great Bukalu Lightbane. Ya won't have heard o' me, mon, I be coming from a small island in the South Sea. ((I’ll be coming over in a realm transfer from Draka)).

I be a great priest, a witch doctor, and a healer. Though names be changing, I be staying the same.

Ah, mah history. Mon, that be hard to remember. Back as a child, I lived on an island mon. Mah brothas and sistas was alright, but sometimes mom, they made me so angry mon. Ja....then the storm hit.... It hit like a hurricane mon! Worse! It tore aport mah house, and I be hit by rubble *points at scar on his face* and I be out cold. I wake mon, and it’s all gone. Family and all, mon....it was horrible. When I be good to go, I bury ma family with me own hands. I used what had been left of ma house as a raft, floating whar’ the wind be taking me. By luck of chance, me raft floated onto an Island. Thar had been other trolls there as well. Darkspears they called themselves, lead by Sen’jin. After we joined the horde, I settled down in the village for a good few years mon, acting as a priest tending to the needy. But now, I be looking to slay again! I be out for vengeance of ma family!

Oh, professions mon. I got no professions, they be up for your needs mon.

Clans...Ah, mon, back on the old island ((the Draka server)), I was part of the Intrepid Legion. We was a great group, one of the best in the world mon.

The Ironsong Tribe. Well first of all mon, ya all sound like a great bunch o’ guys, fun to be around ja? Ma only friend here be Skalus, a great friend who I known since before I be rememberin’ mon. We be havin’ countless memories mon, too many to remember.

Ma greatest trial, mon...that’d prolly’ be goin’ on after ma family...ja. It be so hard mon, to go on when you be havin’ nuttin but you.

Ma current goals prolly’ be vengeance for ma family, and meetin more friends, and family, ja? After the storm mon, I always be wantin’ family. Better than any otha’ safety mon.

Prolly’ what I be enjoyin’ most in Azeroth be the whole community mon, all the great people. The adventures you be havin’ here in Azeroth mon, are like no otha’.

Ja mon, I read the rules, and I agree.

Thanks mon.

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