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Bringing light unto the darkness
I am called Saraya and nothing more. My surname has long since been lost to me. I leave it with the past of my life as one of the living.

I was once a priest on duty in the walls of stormwind, and now I roam the lands in this decaying form still seeking the virtue within the light, following the ways of the holy and the disciplined.

I roamed the land seeking revenge for my murder, false accusations against me have caused my downfall into the world of the unliving. My grudge against a paladin kept me going without a second thought. The sweet taste of revenge against this murderous being is what I wanted to fill my decaying lips. Many years had gone by, locked in a battle of wits, will power and strength until the fateful day of wich I met my mortal foe in my home of brill. There he awaited me with his weapon drawn. I looked down upon him, determined to win this quarrel. He never remembered me...his former lover...the one her murdered in cold blood. My determation sought me through the grueling battle. His body burned with my righteous light, he lay their gasping for air, speaking nonsense into the night air. I simply laughed at the foolish Alyxander, and it was there, where he died, his body singed beyong recognition that I ressureccted him, binding him to my soul, to serve me to earn his right to be a free soul. With invisible chains he shall now follow me into eternity.

In life I only had my family...the church, and my lover..Alyxander...atleast until he betrayed me. Now, in my death I seek understanding, a sort of adopted family, someplace I can feel at home.

The greatest trial I have face in my life...and death was killing Alyxander, but is something that simply had to be done. His crimes and his corruption could not go unpunished. And now, he will find the light he once held.

My goal...I have met my goal, and what is there now? Nothing but to grow strong so that I may aid the family and friends of wich I seek. I wish my holy aura to gain its own strength, to heal the wounds, and hold my allies from the brink of death.

Adventures...that is but a deluded word with wich its meaning can be contradicted from person to person. Although, had I have to choose just one...I would say the ressurection into the world of the horde, beginning my life a new...that is my greatest adventure.

The laws...something everyone must have, wether a small clan or a large city...sometimes being hard to keep, I will abide by these rules of life as a tribesman, may my own soul be destroyed in the inferno of molten core should I disobey the laws layed down by the leaders.

[[OOC INFO: I have experience in all raid instances except for AQ40 and BWL. As my guild on shattered hand has only just begun BWL, they have not tried AQ40. Also, I have extensive experience as a holy/disc priest, and often times I was one of just two priests in the raids. Also I have a Tauren warrior by the name of paleraven who will not join until I can work out the kinks in her story with a friend...who is also the player of Alyxander.]]
Quite the interesting story! Though admittedly, I've already heard part of it. :wink:

You seem to be able to write characters very well. I, for one, would like you with us.
Greetings, Saraya, I am Merrina, a glademaster of the Tribe. Your story is most interesting. Tell me, do you know others within Ironsong? What brought us to your attention?

((OOC - we are an rp guild that happens to raid occasionally, I am not sure if raiding is your main objective, please clarify.))

We have weekly gatherings on Thursdays, 6 pm, Orgrimmar (Silverhand) time. Since we change the locations weekly, as the time draws near, just ask any of the Tribe where we will be meeting. Hope to see you there.
[ooc: no raiding doesnt matter much to me at all, just figured youd like to know where I have experience in raiding at so you wouldnt have to teach me. and Im glad that rp is your main priority. I welcome it :-D]

One called Eziror found me wondering through tristfal glades, There she mentioned I may find a home within the tribe of the ironsong. I have hope that this is true.
I was once one of the Human followers of the Light, my life and soul bound to the good of all Man-kind and the Alliance, standing up for all that was right and just. I was born in Stormwind, but before long the Priests recognised that I was special, chosen by the Light, and so was taken to a nearby Abbey where I began to train in the Light, learning to call upon It's power to smite my foes. I grew up with only the Priests of the Abbey surrounding me...them and another...Saraya, Priestess in training, believed to be closer to the Light than even myself. She was beautiful...I often would simply spend most of a day staring at her or talking to her, lost in the wonder of her presence...

For years we trained together, growing ever closer, travelling out into the world to fight the Shadow as one, and during one of those outtings, when we were together and alone...it became more...we became lovers that beautiful night, and became closer than any 2 beings ever could in a union we knew to be Blessed by the Light.

The next day we fought as never before, and so did we from that day on, our hearts speaking as one as we were able to combine our power and strength to defeat the Shadow. It was not long after we learned how to do this that the worst occurred...for the longest time I could not remember this...it was not until recently that my memories of this time were awakened...

We returned from an attack upon one of the Lich King's forces, having destroyed them utterly...but when we returned, something was wrong with her. I attempted to ignore it, but the power of the Shadow emanated from Saraya more and more as the hours passed, until finally she attacked me...I had little choice...I acted before I could think to let her take my life and struck her life from her body. She fell lifeless, leaving me stunned and staring...it was then that I forced myself to forget what I had done...for my own sanity would not allow me to accept what I had done.

For years after this happened I wandered...merely searching and destroying the Shadow wherever it dwelled...with little memory of anything before the constant and un-ending battle, as mindless as one of the Undead who he fought so hard to destroy. It went on until the day that he met an Undead Priestess in the Forsaken City of Brill...there he fell to her powerful Magics, unable to protect himself from her for a reason unknown to him...

In his last breaths...he recognised the Undead Priestess for who she was...Saraya...the one true love of his life and the only thing to which he ever held any true hope or desire...When next he awoke...she had brought him back as one of the living Dead, under her control and forced to act however she wished...but even then I fought...attempting to justify the actions I knew had been wrong...but was soon forced to submit to her will. I now serve as her right hand...moving as she commands to strike where she wishes. I follow her and her wishes...seeking my redemption and the acceptance of the woman who held my soul in her grip...and would without Magics as well.

I stuck this here because these 2 Charris are basically together...with 1 you get the other type deal. I accept the Codes of Conduct and such and hope this was the right thing to do. Wink

Character Name: "Alyxander"
Character's Server: "Silver Hand"
Character's Race: "Male Undead"
Character's Class: "Warrior"

Any further questions, ask away. Smile
I think Efluvia will be your best friend.
(( Just in case you haven't all figured it out yet, I'm Eziror. ~wink~ They are both very good role-players in my opinion, and very friendly ooc. ))
*thinks about what she has heard*

Our weekly moot is held on Thursdays, 6 pm Orgrimmar (Silverhand) time. Check with anyone in the Tribe to find the location.
Khrunos: Lord of Shadow Wrote:I think Efluvia will be your best friend.

She won't need any enemies then!
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby

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