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Brilyna and Kriistle
(( I believe I have inadvertenly caused a little confusion with Brilyna and Kriistle. They are both me .. hmm .. you know what I mean I hope. Tongue I was looking for a RP home. I searched every RP server and Silver Hand, in my opinion, offers the best RP out there.

I wanted to test the waters out before I actually made the transfer. Thus, Brilyna was created. In the beginning she was just to be a toon that I had for awhile until I decided what I wanted to do. Well, I've created a story line with her that I really love and it has a ton of room for growth, so she is here to stay.

Kriistle is in the approval pocess, it's showing 3 more days :cry: , but she will be on the server soon. Before she is here though, I just wanted to clarify the Brilyna/Kriistle thing. :oops: ))
Thanks for the clarification! Both are welcome.

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