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Brilyna is the name I known by. I have no titles currently as I am still "young" in the eyes of most in my service to the Horde.

The path of the priest has been my calling.

My past still manages to sadden me. I come from a small village remote from Dragonblight. My father worked the fields and my mother was a healer, not in the sense we know now but she tended the sick and bandaged the wounded when necessary and helped bring life into our small world. I helped her when she needed assistance.

I was engaged and learning to become a seamstress. To make beautiful things with my hands was something I adored. The local seamstress and I were working on my wedding gown. It was to be most beautiful.

Life in our village was peaceful and quiet. Granted we had a few skirmishes amongst ourselves, but overall very happy with our existance. My wedding was to be within a months time when tragedy struck. From whence it came, we didn't know. We started to become sick and one by one we watched our loved ones die. Then I became ill, and do not remember a whole lot from that point until one day I "awoke" and became a member of the Forsaken.

I have struggled with what once was and what is now. To "bleed" green has to be one of the most disturbing things I have yet to become accustomed to. Seeing my bones, is yet another thing I can not seem to embrace. Alas, what can you do, it is what it is and I have a duty to the Forsaken as well as the Horde and that is what keeps me going.

I am still very "young" in the sect of priests. It took me a very long time to decide what paths I wanted to pursue to aid the Forsaken and the Horde alike. One day, I had a memory of my mother and the joy we shared aiding others. That same afternoon I sought out the local priest. I am now of the 11th season and still moving forward.

One last thing, and don't think me too strange. I don't like the smell. At the end of a particularly rough day, it gets to me in a way I can't even explain. So, I keep herbs and flower petals and rest in them and change them out very often. I don't think I can ever be truly clean, but I spend an awful lot of time trying.

Thus far, I have only taken up one profession and it is the only thing I've known to do and that is Tailoring. My mother was trying to teach me to cook, but we seemingly ran out of time. I am considering that and quite possibly herb gathering. It will make me finding "smell goods" for oils and in my bed. Yes, i know there are other benefits to herb gathering, but first things first ....

I've just recently decided what paths I've wanted to follow in this "life" given me, so I have not been associated with any "organized" groups yet.

As Kriistle mentioned in her posting, she decided it was time I looked for like kind (our story is one that is too long to tell at this time), so I went out asking others and letting my desires be known. Noram was ever so kind to me and invited me to your latest moot. Everyone was kind and welcoming and gave to me a great hope that I may have found home with strangers that I once shared with family and friends so long ago.

My greatest trial as mentioned above was and still is accepting what I am. I was ever the prim and proper young lady. I still try to be, but when I "bleed" green .. ugh.

The goals I have set for myself is to grow in the knowlege of the priests who are so willing to teach me and to be of greater use to the Forsaken as well as the Horde. Beyond that, only time will tell. It would seem I have plenty of that, so I'm not in a hurry to have it all figured out yet.

What I enjoy most is the knowlege of "smell good" oils, the vast abundance of "smell good" herbs that I can't seem to pick yet, but do not hesitate to purchase from those that can. Oh.. you are not meaning the "luxuries" are you? Hmmm.. I truly enjoy slaughtering any Scourge. I have a hatred bubble in my belly that drives me to see them exterminated.

Yes, I have read what you are saying within your code of conduct and I am agreeable. Oddly it much like the "rules" we had in our village. *cry* One day maybe I will not still be saddened by it all, My hope is that the Ironsong Tribe will fill that emptiness I have endured for so long.
It has been a glorious day. Not long after being welcomed into The Ironsong Tribe, I heard news there was "young" rogue in Deathnell. His name being Rahvindarke. My fiance from the past was named Rahvin. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I decided I would make the short journey there from Brill and see if it were him.

You see, my sickness had overtaken me before it did him, so I have never been sure of his fate. I'm getting off track. Nervously approaching Deathnell, I almost turned around and fled.

I asked around and finally found myself face to face with him. Of course, times have changed us both. We aren't who we used to be. However, that sparkle was there and can not be denied. We have agreed to meet and talk and possibly work on some of the tasks the Foresaken set us to do togehter. We shall see what the future holds.

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