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Breaching the Broken Heart
The following letter was delivered by an orcish courier to the Irongsong Tribe in Kalimdor. Its wax seal in the shape of the Horde insignia emblazoned across its envelope is faded, suggesting that some time has passed since it was applied. An examination of that envelope's contents seems to confirm that, as it apparently originated across the Great Sea:


Whether or not it falls into the realm of common knowledge, my endeavors of late have led me to an investigation into the activity of my accursed cousins the Witherbark trolls in the area known as the Arathi Highlands. Famed for its status as the 'homeland' of humanity, the Highlands have seen increasing Horde presence as well as dwindling Alliance power over the last several years. To this end, I have been acting as a special advisor to the commanders of Hammerfall due to my forest troll ancestry. During the course of my investigations in this region, a new problem has arisen.

The nation of Stromgarde, once a powerful human regime in the region, has recently splintered and collapsed due to insurrection in the form of a group known as the "Syndicate" as well as the attacks of the Boulderfist ogres of the area. While it is easy to take delight in the kingdom's fate, my own personal investigations have led me to believe that darker tidings may yet be in store for all of us than those we experienced during Stromgarde's heyday. Captured Syndicate intelligence suggests that the group has been cooperating with a shadowy cult that may be in service to the Lords of Argus. With the sudden and disastrous presence of Highlord Kruul on Azeroth, I do not feel we can allow the Legion to gain a foothold anywhere on the planet.

Thus is my mission revealed: I must venture into the ruined city of humanity and determine the extent of the threat the Legion represents in the region due to its affiliation with the Syndicate. If indeed the threat presents itself, I must also neutralize it. Due to the hazardous nature of this mission, I would like to request the aid of any Tribesmates who could possibly be convinced to cross the Sea or travel south from Lordaeron to join me in this strike.

As a final note, I understand the trepidation many of you may have about working alongside a forest troll. Since the Second War my people, the Amani, have been known as traitors, and I am known as a traitor to them. Thus my trustworthiness may be questioned, and I accept that. But know this: the blessings of Ula-Tek do not fade with the ebb and flow of mortal concerns, and as long as I still have her spirit with me, my service to the Horde and to the Tribe cannot fade, either.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the gates of Stromgarde.


Thus the letter ends.

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