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"My name is Bralan, and while I do not have an official title, I would refer to myself as a valuable asset to the horde. I am a fairly young Hunter, having been in Azeroth for only a short period of time."

"I consider myself a nomad, someone without a home, while feeling just as “at home” among both friends and family alike. I am the son of the late Agath Darkbane, who while a wonderful and prosperous Merchant, spent little time with family and friends, concentrating mainly on the family business. Our family has had many altercations with other Tauren Clans, and has found the Alliance to be a Greedy, and stubborn people. As a family we have had acceptance at Ogrimar in a professional capacity, but have been laughed at behind our backs for putting money and wealth before our fellow brethren. Once I became of age, my father passed on, and I made the choice to carry on his legacy in name only, trying to be the kind of person that people can look up to, and come to for aid, and support, and hope. I discovered that that is what life should be about, and when your time comes, you will be judged not by your accomplishments in the Auction House, but by your character, and the children and family that you leave in your wake."

"I have found I have a knack for the Kitchen, quickly advancing to become a Master Chef in the art of preparing all that is edible and delicious. My skills as a Hunter have taken me deep into the Heart of the Eastern Kingdoms and across the Great Sea to Winterspring, where the best meals can be attained by the fine art of fishing, which takes GREAT patience I must add, which I have come close to becoming a master in. I have spent time in Alchemy and Herbalism, but have found that it is not for me, a hunter that does gardening? Say it isn’t so I say. I am trying my hand at Leatherworking and Skinning, where I hope to enjoy great success. "

"Although sweet, my time in Azeroth has been short lived so I have not joined any guilds, although interestingly enough I seem to receive invitations daily. Apparently it is quite uncommon to not be in a guild. My Philosophy is that if someone asks you to join their guild without any idea of who you are or what you stand for, what does that say about their admissions process, or their guild as a whole?"

"My reason for seeking admission into the Ironsong Tribe is to spend time with an old and dear friend, Donalzon. He has spoken very highly of not only the Ironsong Tribe itself, but the people in it as well. I judge any clan or tribe not by their accomplishments, but by the quality and decency of its members. I trust Donalzon’s opinion, and based on that I feel this Tribe would be worth my time and commitment."

"As a child I struggled with what I wanted to do with my life. I was under great pressure to not be a Warrior, Hunter, or Paladin, but to be a Merchant; to profit off of the pain and suffering of others. My father was a Stubborn man, and while brilliant, wasn’t able to see things from other people’s point of view. Through a long and drawn out process, I was able to attain his approval to leave the family business and venture out to fight for our beloved land. He paid for me to train as a fighter; thinking I would quickly tire of it and come crawling back to him, asking for forgiveness at entrance into the family business. Although I did not have a knack for the sword, having dropped it once (or twice) on my sore toes, I decided that I still wanted to serve my land with dignity and honor, so I tried the Bow and Arrow. While the bow is certainly lighter than the sword (It doesn’t hurt as much when dropped on Bralan’s toes) I am able to use it with a greater amount of efficiency, and have found it to be a valuable asset. But to finally answer the question, my greatest trial was not becoming a Hunter, but standing up to my Father, and having the courage and the determination to choose a long and arduous goal, and ultimately see it through."

"Honestly, if I knew that my father was happy with the progress I have made as a Hunter, and what I have become as a person, then I would die a happy elf. My greatest desire has always been to spend more time with my father, and to learn more about him, about his life with my mother, who I have never met, and why I have no memories of them together."

"What I enjoy most in Azeroth is defiantly the people. I have come across a fair amount of Honest, nice and caring people in my travels, with even one of them being able to counteract all the genocide and cruelty that this world has endured and continues to endure day after day. My hope is to find even more people to spend time with, to hopefully find a “home.”

Having given a detailed record of my past accounts and deeds for the Horde and my family, fully accepting and understanding the laws of the Tribe, I would like to formally request acceptance into the Ironsong Tribe so I can fully represent my family, my friends and most of all my Brethren in making Azeroth a safer place for us all. I hope I am judged as a valuable asset to the Tribe, and look forward to one day making it my home.
This is an upstanding fighter under my tutelage. I vouch for his quality of character, and will endeavor to help him bring his quality of combat up to the standards that you all know I carry.

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad
Is this the one we met at the moot?
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Although I have not been to a moot as of yet, it is something that I am looking forward to attending if given the chance!

I hope we get to talk again soon, Cloudjumper

Regards, Bralan
Do try and make the moot this coming Thursday to make your introductions.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Will do, looking forward to it!

See you soon

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