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Hello there! I travel from a distant land, I am known as Braice Menethil the Third, a descendent of King Terenas Menthil the second, although many just call me Braice.

Since earlier than I can remember, my father, Arthas himself as rumor has it, although I will never truly know who my father was being as that my mother was killed very early on in my childhood, raised me. He taught me the ways of his followers, and servants, the Death Knights. Not until recently was I able to break free from the bondage of service and join the mighty Horde... But that is a tale for another time...

After I broke free from the iron grip of my father, I desperately needed gold to survive and flourish. I took up mining, although difficult, has recently paid off with my discovery of one of the largest chunks of titanium ever to be discovered on the face of Azeroth! That was one big, big payout... Unfortunately, I've used most of the gold on ale, and rum, but with the remainder of my profits I decided to start up my own engineering shop.

I've tried out many different clans, and tribes before applying to this one. The Bloodhoof Brigands was my home for many a few days, then I found it best to move on to a tribe named Death Knights which has recently had a name change to Death Sentence due to the discrimination laws in place in the district of Orgrimmar... Damn orcs! Since then I found it better to start my own clan, which I named Equilibrium, we had a steady 50 souls, I mean uhm... bodies, no wait.. members! - thats the word I was looking for... Everything was going well until we decided to raid a town by the name of So.. Sout... ,*sits with legs criss crossed, and thinks,* oh, South Shore I believe it was called, but anyways, back to the story. We got together, and started to buff, and plan out our plan of attack. What we didn't know was that one of our members, by the name of Jenkins was taking a quick potty break in a nearby tree and didn't have the chance to overhear our conversation, so him being the Troll he is, just ran past us all and went for the flight master... By then it was to late, we had no choice... We had to attack! So we followed, and we fought... And we died... Luckily there was a Undead priest riding by looking for fresh human meat, so she revived me, but sadly, she had no mana left for the rest of my group, and that was the end of Equilibrium.

The greatest trial I've faced in my life as a Blood Elf, would have to be my adolescent years... Let me start with saying how big of a klutz I was. There was this troll, his name was Harrak, and he was the starting quarterback for our school's football team. One day, while I was in archery class, I picked up my bow, and armed myself with a arrow. I was ready to shoot the target when all of a sudden this stupid condor flew by and decided to go to the bathroom on my hair! I accidently let the arrow go and it flew straight through the air... I thought I was safe as I saw it go through the trees, until I heard a loud yelp, which sounded closely like this, "Mon whad in da wold!?! Ho just shod dis here arro at me???" And then it came to my head... The football team was running laps today for the big game after school, and they just so happened to be running it behind the targets, on the track... I felt so embarrassed.. I tried to apologize, but he didn't want to talk to me anymore *tear*...

My goals lie mostly in advancing myself in the mastery of my class, and my current spec (frost - for tanking). As far as other goals, I don't yet have others set ahead of me.

I enjoy the friendly faces, the crazy parties at Booty Bay *smiles*, the fun raids on South shore (Don't let the small down look fool you!) the beautiful scenery of Ashenvale, and the blood spatter of Alliance along the foothills of Goldshire *twitches* I'm okay!

I have read the Code of Conduct, and I agree with all that is written. Let it be written. Let it be done...
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((I really appreciate the amount of effort you've put into your application! It sounds pretty cool. We do try to stick to "canon" in the Tribe, though. I don't have a position in the Tribe, so don't take this as a mandate, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible for a Blood Elf to be the son of Arthas - assuming he even had any sons. A little modification of your history, then, would be nice.))
Echoing Wakaraina's sentiments, I need to reject this application. The Menethil line died with King Terenas, and they were not elves. You're welcome to re-apply, of course, but direct familial relationship between you and any canon characters will probably get the same result. Sorry!
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