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Brackenspore nutshell guide
Okay, we’ve seen this fight on LFR — it’s the one with all the mushrooms. Here’s the scoop on normal mode.

This is a positioning-awareness fight. We’ll be fighting Brackenspore and a few adds. There will also be a few beneficial adds. The fight has a 10-minute enrage timer.


This is a single-phase fight in which we face Brackenspore and a number of adds (one moving, two stationary). There are also TWO types of beneficial mushroom that help the raid.

As we fight, the area will become progressively covered in a fungus that slows and damages players that stand in it, and also heals the boss and adds. Some raid members (two) must make use of a Flamethrower (which provides and extra action button) to burn some of the fungus to keep a clear area for the raid.


Brackenspore has only three abilities:

* Rot: stacking tank DoT. Requires a tank switch.
* Necrotic breath: Frontal cone that deals a high amount of Nature damage for 5 seconds and reduces the healing received by affected targets by 99% for its duration
* Infesting spores: 10-second channel that eventually deals massive raid-wide damage. Every second it adds a stack of a 3-second DoT on all raid members. After 10 seconds, it reaches 10 stacks, and deals its highest damage for 3 seconds.


(1) Fungal flesh-eaters: large mobile adds that spawn regularly throughout the fight, one at a time. These can be tanked and killed normally. They have two abilities:
* Flesh Eater: stacking self-buff that the add gains
* Decay: frequent, interruptible spell that deals high raid-wide damage.

(2) Spore shooters: Stationary add that spawns in random locations. They target random raid members with Spore Shot. This fires a small spore at the target which explodes and deals high Nature Damage in an 8-yard radius on contact with any raid member.

(3) Mind Fungus: Stationary add that spawns at the location of a raid member. While alive, it casts Mind Fungus, reducing casting speed of all raid members in its proximity by 75%.

Beneficial Mushrooms

These spawn in random locations, and they spawn already damaged. When they are healed up to full they provide a beneficial effect in an area around them. But they also take increasing damage as long as they are alive. This means that in order to keep benefiting from their effect they need to be kept at full health. As the damage increases, it will no longer be possible to keep them alive.

(1) Living Mushrooms: cast Living Spores while at full health, healing all raid members within 20 yards for a huge amount of health every second.

(2) Rejuvenating Mushrooms: cast Rejuvenating Spores when at full health, granting all nearby raid members 30% haste and increased Mana regen.


* Flamethrowers: Two raid members will be assigned to use Flamethrowers throughout the fight to keep the Creeping Moss away from the raid or mobs. Note: the Flamethrowers heat up, and if they reach a heat of 10 they shut off for 10 seconds. Don’t let them heat up to max! Use it on and off to burn the moss away. Flamethrower players gain a buff, so they can use their DPS cooldowns in between Flamethrower sessions to do large amounts of burst damage on the boss/adds. While they are holding the Flamethrower they can’t use any of their own abilities.
* Raid position: The raid will stack at the location of any beneficial mushroom for as long as the healers can keep the mushrooms at full health. A few ranged will be assigned to kill Spore shooters and intercept spores (preferably hunters).
* Tanks must move the boss to beneficial mushrooms so the raid can remain stacked.
* Tank swap: The tanks must swap on Brackenspore after each Necrotic Breath (this switch will also handle the Rot stacks)
* Healers top Tank off before Necrotic breath.
* Tank use defensive cooldowns to survive.
* DPS: The raid must focus on killing Fungal Flesh-Eaters as quickly as possible, while also interrupting Decay.
* Melee DPS: must kill the Mind Fungus adds.
* Ranged DPS: must kill the Spore Shooter adds. A few ranged will be designated to stand outside the raid to intercept the spores shot by these ads before they can reach the rest of the raid, which is stacked up and vulnerable.
* Healers pay special attention to the raid’s health when Infesting Spores is cast.
* We should have a Living Mushroom up when Brackenspore is casting Infesting Spores.
* We’ll use Bloodlust at the start of the fight.



* perform a tank switch after each Necrotic Breath (this handles both Necrotic Breath and Rot).
* use a defensive cooldown to survive Necrotic Breath, as healing is reduced by 99% when the Breath is casting.
* make sure not to face Brackenspore towards any other players when he casts Necrotic Breath.
* Pick up and tank the Fungal Flesh-eaters
* Move Brackenspore near any beneficial mushrooms that spawn so the raid can remain stacked up.


* Heal any beneficial mushrooms that appear
* Make sure to have a Living Mushroom up and at max health for each Infesting Spores
* Top Brackenspore’s tank off before Necrotic Breath is cast, as Necrotic Breath reduces inbound healing by 99% while it is being cast.


* Adds > Brackenspore. Always DPS the adds first.
* Interrupt Fungal flesh-eaters’ Decay
* You may be assigned to burn the Creeping Moss with a Flamethrower, or to intercept the spores shot by Spore Shooters (ranged only)


* Stack up near the beneficial mushrooms
* Avoid standing in the Creeping Moss

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