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Bovi (Bovinian)
*With eyes glowing like the moon on a black night..a cloaked figure slowly enters the guildhall.Boney fingers clutching the Hilt of a rather large axe seem to crack as they loosen to extend a friendly handshake.The smell of old musty clothing,and dried blood seem to permiate the air around the dark figure,but the smell is not too unpleasant to those who have seen the Battlefield. Slowly he pulls back his hood and the smell is now understood by all in the guildhall.Standing before you is a Forsaken Death Knight..Even more disturbing is the necklace of human ears that dangle around his neck.*

"Bovinian tells me that I will be safe with the Tribe of Ironsong."

"I dont know my real name...I do not know how I came to be. I was awakened as how you see me.I was on a battlefield barely alive..I dont know why I was on the Battlefield.All I know is I was in terrible pain and not able to rise to my feet.There was screaming and yelling and the sound of clashing steel.Smoke filled the air and there were loud explosions that shook the very ground! Sounds of hoofs beating and beasts growling.The ground stained red with blood and littered with the dead and dying..These are my begining memories comrades.Memories of WAR!! What a glorious way to be brought into this World !! HAZAA!!!!" *slams his fist to his chest and stands proudly*

*fire in his eyes cooling as he continues his story* ..."As I said..I was not able to do anything..I lay there a long time on the Battlefield..Not dying,but feeling like I should be dead,and in more pain than words can describe..As time went on,the sounds of battle died down..and the scavengers came to claim their share of the battle..Both man and carrion alike.Oddly,the carrion never tried to feed on me.I lay motionless for I know not who these scaverger folk are.Weeks went by.

"For what seemed like an eternity I lay on the Battlefield.New grass is covering the dead bones on the ground and starting to cover up the evidence of a battle..Still writhing in pain and madd with suffering I remember yelling to the sky for the gods to put me out of my misery. Then suddenly a very large cat with horns materialized out of thin air and a calm voice asked me "Are you sure that is your wish Forsaken?"..Then the cat turned into a Gaint Bullman I have since learned to be called Tauren.. "You were given another life Forsaken,for what purpose I know not, but that is for you to find out.THe Dark Lady has something in store for you...My name is Bovinian,Warlord to the Horde Army and one of the Druids of Moonglade." With notable reluctance and obvious pity the Druid continued. "I shall see that you make it to Tirisfal Glades safely poor soul,there you will find help.Allow me to ease your pain, that is one nasty curse you have there." "" and with a small gesture,my pain was gone and I could once again move. I swore to serve the Druid but he would not have it.Saying something like his name is not Cairne."

"During the long Journey to the Undercity the large tauren told me of the struggle between the Horde and the Alliance and how that struggle went to new lands called Outland and of the new threat..The Lich King!!!

"..Bovinian did know of something of my past that I did not.He showed me how I was betrayed by the Lich King and how I came to be lying on that Battlefield!!! I swore on that day I will have my revenge on The Lich King and the Alliance for birthing him!!!! "grins meniachly as he grabs his necklace of human ears"

"Bovinian used to tell me stories by our campfires when we would rest on our journey to the Dark Lady. He would tell me of his past battles and conquests..Of lands and wonders I couldnt imagine..He also told me of his many comrades in his journey's..Comrades in particular are from a Tribe called Rotten Luck..He told me stories of Rotten Luck teaming up with the Ironsong Tribe to cull the darkest evil of Azeroth. Glorious Victories of names I know not but clearly remember.Names of Ragnoros and Onyxia the Dragon..

"He told me stories of his quest to become one of Thralls Elite Guard..a Warlord of the Horde.How he had lead others into countless battles against the alliance..Earning him exaulted status with many of the different Horde factions as well. He told me of how he joined with a band of comrades calling themselves Team Evil when the members of Rotten Luck went to a realm the Druid would not follow,a realm not known to the newly appointed Warlord. He tells me many of the comrades he earned the Warlord title with were in this Team Evil,but sadly this guild broke into political infighting and disbanned. The members scattered and Bovinian followed some of them into a new tribe called Wartorn.. Bovinian kept saying he wasnt happy in Wartorn..but wouldnt explain why.But every time he talked about it he would look distant and clutch a gold neckpiece shaped like a 4 leaf clover. I asked him why he did not go to the Ironsong Tribe when his Rotten Luck family deserted him. He gave me a glare so mean I dared not ask that question again."

"After many weeks..Our journey ended as we stood at the gates to the Undercity..He pointed to the gates and told me to seek out a Guard and tell him you have just awakend and you are lost and you seek Sanctuary within these walls." He made a member of the Wartorn tribe so that I could easily find him should I need to..

"The Druid turned back into a cat and disappeared.. I thought that was it but one last thing he said to me was.. "Forsaken,should anything happen to me you must seek out Rawne of the Ironsong Tribe. Do not forget." That was the last time I saw the Warlord Druid comrades.

" I entered the City and found a guard as the Druid instructed. He told me to see the Officer on Duty and that he would show me where to go to help me find my way.The Officer was clearly not happy to see me and brushed me off as if I were an insect.. "The Dark Lady you say!! HA! Why do you think she wants to see the likes of you...WHAT!!!??? A Tauren Druid told you The Dark Lady herself has something "in store" for you? That is what you get for listening to crazy Tauren's and their silly forest magics!!! What is this name I should be telling her is here OH Great One..?"

Curse the GODS!!! I didnt have a name I could recall..All Bovinian ever called me was "Forsaken" ...

" YOUR NAME!!" the Officer yelled.. I could not think of anything and I said the only thing that came to mind... "Bovi" I muttered.. The officer looked at me funny
"What kind of...Bah who cares,go do something else untill you are summoned!"

"Months later..I feel a calling I cannot explain rise me to my feet and I hear a beautifull female voice in my head "seek out our Warchief Thrall and get trained for battle,and for your revenge." SHE KNEW!!! "Trust your axe.You will find answers amongst the slain Alliance."

"I wasted no time going to enlist in the Horde Army and start my training.I found myself to be naturally good at Rune Magics and melee combat and quickly excelled over my peers.I started to go on the same Alliance missions that Bovinian told me of,and too started to become recognised amongst the Officers to be a fine combatant,capable of doing great amounts of damage to our enemies. I was invited to a secret mission to assassinate the Alliance leaders..Sadly we killed nothing but Decoys,but Thrall was so impressed with our efforts he saw we all got the Great Black Bear mount so that we may ride swiftly into combat intimidating our foes..Also I have earned the Title "Elder" as I have completed the Lunar Trials..Thrall sent me on this mission to learn more about our lands and History,as well as our enemies lands.Well,not Thrall himself of course,but I was under his orders.

"I did so well that I was given a leave of absence to take time and find answers to questiions that I have about my past. I ended up going down a few wild goose chases in search of these answers..One of them earned me the title "The Love Fool"...Dont ask. Just stay away from the Grog and you wont make the same mistake.

"I was gaining favor from my Superiors and proud of my achievements and wanted to share it with the one who saved my life.I wanted to tell him that I seek a new title,one of Warlord prowess,a title called Battlemaster that only the most dedicated can achieve..I went to find him,but could not.None of my Wartorn comrades have seen him..

"I searched for the one called Rawne as Bovinian insturcted.My search lead me to another Druid named Dentik,a member of Ironsong and comrade of Rawne's. Dentik knows of Bovinian's friendship with Rawne and of their conquests together against the Alliance.I met Dentik on the battlefield.He came to my aid when I was heavily outnumbered,and enabled me to vanquish my foes with the might of his healing power.

Dentik looks the Death Knight up and down with a curious look in this eyes.."YOU know Bovinian?? Please tell me how a Soul so damned came to know of the noble Tauren Warlord. I know he doesnt make it a habit to befriend the Forsaken,Rawne being one of the exceptions."

"I explained how the Druid told me that I must have a greater purpose,or our paths would not have crossed.I told him of our Journey to the Undercity and how I got to know him.

Dentik sensed something wrong besides the missing Druid and asked the Death Knight to to share what was on his mind..

"I dont fit in with this Tribe I am in" Bovi explained to Dentik..."They are not strong in character and speak in the forbiddon tounges that I dont understand..They do not care about my accomplishments as a comrade and they seem to only get excited when people around them fail. Bovinian's friends that he followed to this guild, I have learned have also moved to a realm that he could not follow,much like his old Guild Rotten Luck. The remaining members of Wartorn barely seemed concerned of his absence and it has bothered me to no end..I told Dentik I wanted out of the guild I am in and would love to be a member of the Ironsong Tribe,as they are known as legendary to all and one of the oldest and most respected Tribes of Azeroth.I hear only people of strong character will be accepted into your family,and I say my comrades that I have said character.I have read your Tribal Laws and Codes of Conduct and have no problem with them,in fact I welcome them.

Dentik told me that I seem sincere and that any friend of Bovinian's is a friend of his and would put in a good word for me.I feel I have found a way to repay Bovinian for saving my life and putting me on the path I am on now,and that is by finding him a home that will remind him of his old days and reunite him with old friends.

I am learning how to mine and how to engineer devices.I am very skilled in first aid ,but you dont want me cooking for you,and I couldnt catch a fish if my life depended on it..I like my Grog and peacebloom perhaps a bit too much...But there is nothing I want more than answers to my past,and the only one who knows that is the Lich King. I slay alliance to temporarily quell my thirst for revenge,and search for answers.I would rather be in combat than out of combat..and I am not truely happy unless I am swinging my Axe.

I was born into Bloodshed and that is how I intend to go out.For me,my comrades,and FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""

Removes his cloak to reveal a very impressive set of armor gleaming in the candlelight..Armor that can only be obtained through special vendors from the famed Hall of Honor,and Salutes.

(( Hi guys... Honestly,I miss Rping and want to become the Rper I once was..My break from it was too long and its about time I stop being lazy and get creative again with my toons.I used to be Guildmaster to Crusaders of the Horde,but found I am not Gmaster material,so rather than disbann the guild I gave it to an alt I dont ever play and merged the guild with Rotten Luck..I since gave the Crusaders to an old member who has resurrected them..I am a really nice guy,and like helping others.. but play my toons a bit gruff as I am a combat veteran with both my toons and lets face it..After seeing so much death and blood..It doesnt make you the cheeriest of souls..But I dont play disrespectfull,so dont worry about that.Just gruff and doesnt smile alot.I would still be a member of RL if they hadnt moved to Scryers,but I was pissed over that move and kinda lost a lot of my urge to RP because of it. I joined guilds that,well,dont RP at all and noticed I missed it and missed going to and creating RP events.Its only gotten worse over time and now I am at the point where I detest the lack of creativity and maturity of the guild I am in..They are all about gear and your lame if you dont have it.SCrew that elitest crap.I am leaving WT eventually but dont want to go guildless cause I dont want to be spammed by every new guild that sees me.

I live in WA state,single,39 years old.I love animals and motorcycles.My Pit bulls are awesome and my bike is WAY OP!!! I have a ret Paladin friend named Biah who is also my roomate. My primary focus in the game is to kill the alliance. I would have left WOW long ago but I love the PvP combat in BG's and especially the arena..I like to raid but Im not a dps or a loot whore..and pass gear to others more often than taking it myself..In raids I usually only take stuff that would be DE'd as my primariy set of gear is PvP gear.I can tank and dps in raids.I have my D capped and I am at 2000dps..My PvP set is all Hatefull and Deadly (no blues) I forgot more about battleground strat than most people know and can lead full premades to Victory in all BG's except for WG.I am also starting to rock the arena Smile )))

((edited: typos and a couple sentences))
((I know you! Javabee has talked about you and I've seen you in Wintergrasp before I think.))
(( yes Javabee has pvp'ed with me a lot as she also was on the grind to Warlord with me. She is a very cool lady and a very good player.))
((Don't suppose you remember Verruckter or Kaerrah? Used to run pre-mades with you back when I was RL. Was good times.))
((yes back in the day!!! Sorry I lost touch with you man..been a bit narrow focued every since RL split for Scryers.))
Welcome Death Knight.
Please come to our moot this week and make your introduction before the Tribe.
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((Ha! No worries. We all lost a lot of friends when RL leadership jumped the fence. Look forward to fighting with you again, lemme know if you start running pre-mades- might be nice incentive to actually pick one of my many alts to actually push to 80.))
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