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Bosses explained as tweets!
So, just for fun:

Boss fights explained in as few words as possible. (Tweet explanations for short attention spans.)
I'll add more as I get time.

(These have a ranged DPS focus, so feel free to add tank/healer/melee/other versions!)


Beasts: 1 and 2: Adds > Boss. 3: If being looked at, run out of path.
Big demon guy: Adds > Boss. If Legion Flamed, run to edge.
Faction leaders: Kill assist target. Use PvP skills. Cc as requested.
Twins: Be the opposite aura of your target. Switch target and/or aura as told.
Anub-Arak: Kill Big > Medium > Small. Iced ground stops spiky ground.


Stone: Don’t stand in stuff. If rock shards: stand in stuff.
Wind: Suddenly bigger add > Boss. Ignore small adds.
Fire: Don’t stand in stuff.
Ice: Orbs > Boss.


Bone Guy: Spikes > Boss. Don’t stand in stuff.
Deathwhisper: Magic and Physical hit the adds that you can damage. Boss: Be ready to CC friends. Don’t stand in stuff.
Airship fight: Fire ship cannons. OR. Kill invaders on our ship. OR. Kill mage on other ship.
Deathbringer: Kite and kill adds. Don’t let them hit you. Melee, Hit boss.

So.. Take the challenge! Got any more?
Hah! Nice.

Though I feel like with Saurfang that we need to CC the adds more so we don't need to kite them.
Onyxia: Stay out of front/behind. Stay out of fire. Kill whelps.

Sartharion (no dragons): Stay out of front/behind. Stay out of fire wall.
Sartharion (one or more dragons): Stay out of front/behind. Stay out of fire wall/voidzones. Kill whelps. Go into portal and come out alive.

Malygos: Stay out of front/behind. Stand in power on the ground. Stand in domes of power. Kill floaty people. /follow tank and use red dragon to kill.
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