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Bored Sailors...

Bored Sailors do some very strange things while underway...

(Just for clarification, poEdo is -not- in this video, he was never on board the Enterprise)

DISCLAIMER: There are a few mild "rude gestures" and one obscenity in the video, so if you are offended by such things..well...they -are- Sailors...and they are VERY bored.

"Numa Numa Project" by the CS6 Crew of USS Enterprise

Confusedhock: I just have one thing to say to this...

Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
It scares me that i know that song for some reason...i cant place it right now though..
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water .........

By the way, if you're wondering, these sailors were on an extended deployment to the Persian Gulf in support of the War on Terrorism (which is why it took so long to hit the internet). So judge lightly, anything that breaks up the monotony is welcome. You can only keep your sanity when you're on the "tip of the spear" for so long.

That and they're in a highly technical job, I don't know anyone who's part of Combat Systems (CS6) who's ever been normal ..... >.> ....... <.< ...... and I do mean anyone.
That was a good laugh at 6:55am in the morning. Much needed to wake up.
I will have to agree with Edo on this one, I was underway for 160 out of 185 days of my wonderfull time abourd the USS Wasp. The sailors on that ship had the marines to keep them entertained though. We made those sailors look normal. I doubt to many people are familiar with the term shellback? Maybe Edo has some fond memories of that, or maybe not.
Daichallar Wrote:I doubt to many people are familiar with the term shellback? Maybe Edo has some fond memories of that, or maybe not.

I joined the ranks of the most Honorable Shellbacks back in 1989. With the determination of a bulldog I:

On a frigate the very fore-end of the ship is solid, I wedged myself in there at 2:30 in the morning with a firehose forcing them to shut down the firemain to get me out.
Bit the baby.
Threw eggs at every shellback I saw.
Tossed "stuff" from the chute at Davey Jones.
Bit the "Wog Queen".
Told King Neptune that if he thought those pathetic excuses from a long ago time could break me, he was nuts and could just "F" off.
The charge list against me for my dirty wogness encompassed an entire roll of toilet paper ... and continued to grow as the day went on.

Needless to say ... I was sent back to the beginning six times. After that many, the figured I was never going to change so they just let me in. UNRULY WOGS FTW!!!
By the time we crossed the equator, in 2002 they had made the whole thing pretty lame in comparison. That said, the unsactioned events list just got a whole lot bigger than before. Smile

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