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BoP Tradeskill drop locations - Burning Crusade
Many of the new recipes for tradeskills are BoP and drop from specific mobs. The recipes only show up for people with the appropriate tradeskill, although your current skill level does not seem to matter. Note that these are only the BoP drops that come from specific locations... most of the purple recipes are still random world drops. Also note that they do not always drop of course. Below are what I've managed to piece together so far:

Blacksmithing plans:

Felsteel gloves – Auchenai Monk (Auchenai crypts)

Felsteel leggings – Unchained Doombringer (The Arcatraz)

Felsteel Helm – Cabal fanatic (Shadow Labyrinth)

Khorium Belt – Murkblood raider (Nagrand)

Khorium pants – Deathforge Guardian (Shadowmoon valley)

Khorium boots – Disembodied protector (Netherstorm)

Ragesteel gloves – Boulderfist warrior (Nagrand)

Ragesteel Helm – Anger guard (Blade’s Edge Mountains)

Ragesteel Breastplate – Ashtongue warrior (Shadowmoon Valley)

Swiftsteel gloves – Nexus stalker (Mana tombs)

Earthpeace breastplate – High Botanist Freywinn (The Botanica)

Greater rune of shielding – Sunfury Bloodwarder (Netherstorm)

Alchemy recipes:

Fel Strength Elixir – Shadow council warlock, wrathwalker, mo’arg weaponsmith, terrormaster (Shadowmoon Valley)

Fel Regeneration potion – Deathforge imp/guardian/tinkerer/smith (Shadowmoon valley)

Fel Mana potion – All Eclipsion mobs (Shadowmoon Valley)

Major Shadow Protection potion – Shadow council warlock (Shadowmoon valley)

Major Fire Protection Potion - Sunseeker Astromage (Mechanar)

Major Frost Protection Potion - Nexus-Prince Shaffar (Mana Tombs)

Major Arcane Protection Potion - Vir'aani Arcanist (Nagrand)

Major Holy Protection Potion: Abyssal Flamebringer (Blade's Edge Mountains)

Ironshield potion – Captain Skarloc (Old Hillsbrad)

Enchanting Formulae:

Enchant Bracer – Major defense – Ethereum researcher (Netherstorm)

Enchant Boots – Fortitude – Ethereal priest (Mana tombs)

Enchant Boots – Dexterity – Raging skeleton (Auchenai crypts)

Enchant Weapon – Major Intellect – Sunfury Researcher (Netherstorm)

Enchant Bracer – Fortitude – Coilfang Oracle (Steamvault)

Enchant 2H Weapon – Savagery – Shattered Hand Centurion (Shattered Halls)

Enchant Weapon – Major Spellpower – Razaani Spell-thief (Blade’s Edge Mountain)

Enchant Cloak – Greater arcane resistance – Eclipsion Archmage (Shadowmoon Valley)

Enchant Cloak – Greater shadow resistance – Voidshrieker (Netherstorm)

Enchant Bracer – Spellpower – Bloodmaul Geomancer (Blade’s Edge Mountains)

Enchant 2H Weapon – Major Agility – Eredar Deathbringer (The Arcatraz)

Enchant Boots – Surefooted –(Karazhan)

Enchant Weapon – Mongoose –(Karazhan)

Enchant Weapon – Soulfrost –(Karazhan)

Enchant Weapon – Sunfire –(Karazhan)

Engineering Schematics:

Rocket Boots Xtreme – Mekgineer Steamrigger (Steamvault)

Felsteel Boomstick – Doomforge Engineer (Blade’s Edge Mountains)

Hyper-vision goggles – Mo’arg Weaponsmith (Shadowmoon Valley)

Khorium Scope – Sunfury Bowman (Netherstorm)

Leatherworking Patterns:

Shadow Armor Kit – Time-Lost Shadowmage (Sethekk Halls)

Flame Armor Kit – Gargantuan Abyssal (The Arcatraz)

Nature Armor Kit – Mennu the Betrayer (Slave Pens)

Arcane Armor Kit – Chrono Lord Deja (Black Morass)

Stylin’ Purple Hat – Blackheart the Inciter (Shadow Labyrinth)

Stylin’ Adventure Hat – Durnholde Rifleman (Old Hillsbrad)

Stylin’ Crimson Hat – Sethekk Ravenguard (Sethekk Halls)

Stylin’ Jungle Hat – Rift Keeper/Rift Lord (Black Morass)

Jewelcrafting Designs:

Khorium Band of Frost – Coilfang Sorceress (Steamvault)

Khorium Band of Leaves – Vekh’nir Dreadhawk (Blade’s Edge Mountains)

Khorium Band of Shadows – Dark Conclave Shadowmancer (Shadowmoon Valley)

Khorium Inferno Band – Darkweaver Syth (Sethekk Halls)

Arcane Khorium Band – Mageslayer (Netherstorm)

Tailoring Patterns:

Arcanoweave Boots – Sunseeker Astromage (The Mechanar)

Arcanoweave Bracers – Arcatraz Sentinel (The Arcatraz)

Arcanoweave Robe – Pathaleon the Calculator (The Mechanar)

Soulcloth Shoulders – (Karazhan)

Soulcloth Vest - (Karazhan)
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
Thank you, Kosath! I'd like to add a few more for alchemy that I've heard about through various locations...

- Major Fire Protection Potion: dropped in Mechanar (Packs before Pathaleon the Calculator)
- Major Frost Protection Potion: dropped by Nexus-Prince Shaffar (The last boss in Mana-Tombs)
- Major Arcane Protection Potion: dropped by Vir'aani Arcanists in Nagrand
- Major Holy Protection Potion: dropped by Abyssal Flamebringers in Blade's Edge Mountains

If anyone knows of anymore recipe drops (for alchemy or anything else) please let us know! : )
Thanks for putting this together Kosath.

I have been getting very frustrated as a Jewelcrafter, because I am not locating any of the rare, dropped recipes. It has caused my tradeskill progression to stall a bit, as I have very little to "skill up" on. I currently have several rare gem types banked, but I don't have any recipes to cut them. So, once I get a recipe for them I should be able to finally reach 375 Jewelcrafting.

I also have stockpiled a small supply of assorted other gems, so if any of you are in need of a gem to fill a socket feel free to contact me. All I ask in return is that you toss me a few of the gems you find in the vast expanses of Outland.

Also, if anyone happens upon a BoE dropped JewelCrafting recipe, please think of me, and perhaps we can work out a fair and equitable exchange.

Thanks all, and happy hunting!

'The artist formerly known as Krell'
Thanks Sound, I added those recipe locations. For some reason the search method I used didn't show them.

And Krell, unfortunately it seems that Blizzard decided to make most of the 350+ jewelcrafting recipes into random drops in the 68+ zones and instances. There are just a ton of them out there, and they drop all over the place. Best bet is to watch the auction house and kill a lot. Wish I had a better solution for you.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
Kosath Wrote:Enchant Weapon – Major Spellpower – Razaani Spell-thief (Blade’s Edge Mountain)

This was changed to Bashiri Spell-thieves in 2.1. I didn't find out until I had killed the other ones for like 3 hours =\
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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Efluvious Wrote:This was changed to Bashiri Spell-thieves in 2.1. I didn't find out until I had killed the other ones for like 3 hours =\




No %$*@ wonder I never got them to drop.
l2patchnotes! If I'm remembering correctly, it had some silly comment about it in 2.1 in regards to the thieves stealing that recipe from the other thieves. gosh!

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