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Bloodlord Mandokir
Well... the Bloodlord has given Ironsong/Rotten Luck issues on the past two attempts, so I figured it was time to do a little checking into the strategies other groups have used to defeat him.

First off: don't kill the Vilebranch Speaker until you are ready to fight Mandokir himself. This will trigger the fight.

Second: the Bloodlord dismounts his raptor and we have to fight both. Some groups use the offtank method to distract the beast while everyone focuses on the Bloodlord, simply because if you kill the raptor first, he gets enraged and starts doing some serious damage.
I believe that it's better if we kill the raptor while the MT has the bloodlord, and let him enrage. His enrage lasts for 20-30 secs from what I hear, during this time, the MT could put up Shield Wall and hte casters could carefully monitor his health and keep him alive. It has been done.
This will alleviate us having two powerful creatures to fight, and be able to focus on the challenge of the Bloodlord himself.

Third: His whirlwind attack comes every 10-15 secs. or so. It's easy for melee classes to get out of range of this if you move quickly. Come back in after it's over and start wailing away again. If you take less damage, it'll make the healers' jobs all the more easier.

Fourth: When he "is watching you", he will say your name. The next aggressive action towards him that you make will cause him to come after you and one shot your butt. It's said that if he kills you in this way he will become more powerful, which we dont want. After 3 or four powerups he will become a real problem and start one shotting everyone, including tanks.

Fifth: and I think the biggest error we had was that Mandokir will use an intercept to randomly attack one member of the party, which clears aggro and may result in the death of one random group member. THIS IS INDEPENDENT OF HIM WATCHING YOU! When you see Mandokir charge away from the MT, *stop attacking* so the MT can regain aggro. We had him charging all over the place because people wanted to keep attacking him and stealing aggro from the MT. Let the MT have at least 10 secs or so to regain aggro so Mandokir doesn't go running all over the place amok, and we can regain control of the situation.

This is a long fight (at least 5 mins or so) so use your abilities with cooldowns and mana pots early so they can reset. Don't rush it if you aren't sure what to do. Make sure the tank has good aggro before attacking. DONT DIE!! And don't get frustrated by the lengthiness of the battle. This is what high end raiding is about. You'ove got to be able to endure through the whole thing, and be able to keep track of what's going on from beginning to end.

This is a great post.

Happy to report the Bloodlord is now "farm status"

Ironsong rocks.

nuff said.
From what I've seen, if you have everyone stand on top of the wall behind the spears, he seems to charge less or even not at all. No one I've fought him with quite understands what the logic is behind this, but this seems to help somehow *shrug*.

A simple tip for melee combat against Mando as a non-MT is to wait for him to spin, THEN come in and give him a couple whacks. To get a feel for the timing of it, probably just go with the amount of time it takes a rogue to backstab twice. After those few seconds, back out and wait for him to spin again. Rinse and repeat. Done properly, you can at least have your rogues dealing some damage without them taking a single hit (they'll definately do more damage than just shooting the guy with a gun/bow/xbow).

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