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Blood Elf Priests Worship ???
I was pausing to think today after a conversation in game and thought I’d open the question to general discussion about role playing a Blood Elf priest. As I’ve read such literature and guides that I have access to, it seems that there is no deity in the pantheon of Blood Elves other than light.

Stormsong is a Shadow Priest in training (Efluvia is guiding me through the rocks and shoals) and so worshiping light seems slightly off. I see the direction for me as worshiping mana and magic in what might be an almost self-destructive focus. Pushing the addiction rather than fighting it. Contrasting that with Stormsong’s ingenious innocence and almost total lack of understanding of the world (very protected upbringing) looks like it may be fun.

Rather than the way an arcane wizard would use magic learning spells, I’m thinking more along the lines of a sorcerer who discovers powers a la D&D.

I’m open to suggestions.

Stormsong the uncertain
Blood Elf Priest and Poet

Ignore the orc (Gorggrot) behind the curtain. Stormsong is the great and powerful main character.
A lot of the blood elf dialogue references the Sun and the Sun King. Ultimately I think they are worshipping Prince Kael'thas now but that's just my weak opinion.
I think you're about right in your original assessment that it would be all about power. The Blood Knight dialogue includes a lot of commends regarding the power of the Light, and it's apparent that those who are already paladin view themselves as wielding truely immense power. Whether they believe this power is greater than arcane magic is something I'm unsure of, but it certainly seems that way.

I'd imagine BE priests would think the same thing. They revel in the power of the Light in the same way that paladin do, and I'm sure that, for them, it's merely an alternative source of magical power and has nothing to do with Elune, the naaru or anything else.

If anything, the priestesses of Elune were regarded as immensely powerful figures during the days of old Kalimdor, prior to the Sundering. Priestesses and acolytes were revered by all night elves, including Highborne. That the Blood Elves would finally manage to tap into the power of the Light but without Elune would be something that they would probably be quick to covet and be haughtily proud about.

In short, it's all about the fix!
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
Well, it seems to me that a common misconception among the Blood Elves is that they follow the Light just because they draw their powers from it. It was a mistake I made at first with Terelith, but luckily fixed before I got too far along with that mindset. Blood Elves draw their powers from whatever source they can, and they are not bound to abide by its precepts and laws. The BE Paladins wield their powers in what can be assumed to be good, but as it's the BE's that control it, not their power source, it can go either way. At least that's how I'm understanding it somewhat.
Use the force or fall to the dark side young padawans....
See if you all just worshipped the Earthmother there wouldn't be any problems Tongue
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