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Blizzard's Buggy Game
Sometimes, you just need to vent. I'm going to vent.

Tonight I went with Rotten Luck and others to AQ, to kill Kurinnaxx, and then later ZG, to kill Venoxis, with the goal of obtaining a venom sac from each, for a quest entitled The Perfect Poison in Silithus. Wonderful 1h healing hammer i very much want is a reward.

Tonight i thought "wow, what a stroke of luck!" -- that i could go, and get the quest done. I wasn't able to attend AQ this week (nor ZG probably, for that matter), will not be able to next week, and don't even know about the week after.

So what luck!


It was a hard fight -- and i think the Rottens are still learning it. But it was all good. 4 deaths, repairs, and 8 major mana pots later, the giant earwig lay dead.

Only....what's this? Khrale, and a few others, were not eligible for loot -- our names were not showing up as being possible recipients for any sort of loot! Oh noes! But oh well -- WAIT.

Yes, that's right, because of blizzard's BUGGY game, we were also not eligible to loot Kurinnaxx's Venom Sac, while the rest of the raid waltzed off with theirs.


So i started a ticket, explaining the issue, while we marched off to ZG and proceeded to wipe the floor with Venoxis. THAT quest item found it's way into Khrale's backpack.

Later -- an email from blizzard:

[color=red]Unfortunately, we were unable to provide the restoration you requested. While we make every effort to verify your loss there are times where restoration is not possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have been caused. In order to solve your current quest issue we ask that you do the following:-Abandon the quest from the quest log-Move all quest items to the main backpack-Return to the NPC that gave you the quest (If it is a series, the last NPC you interacted with)-Acquire the quest again -If the “error duplicate item appearsâ€Â

You're not alone Khrale. Many of us are going through situations where we aren't able to complete quests that we would like to because of the 1.10 bugs and even this lag that's causing as much trouble as it is (I haven't hit a 1600ms ping since last January!)

A lot of the raid bosses have evidently been broken in 1.10. I don't know exactly what they did, but someone overlooked something huge. =\ Hopefully they'll be coming out with 1.101 soon to take care of everything.

[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
The might of the priest upgraded has created a psychic shockwave throughout the realms - all bosses cower in dread and are finding new ways to defend themselves in return.

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