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Blackrock Depths
For the last few days Moorenn and I have attempted to finish our quests for this place. After going through several PuG's (And meeting a Scary Insane guy and a depressed Warrior) we have decided to ask the Tribe for assistance. Our quests vary but with a good group I believe we could finish up whatever Thrall or The K.E.F. decides we should do.
((My quests that I have left are Kill Thariussan and Save the Princess, and a Prequiste quest to killing Angerforge, a quest thta would also require a good group to do, Moorenn has a few quests to do in here as well, and I'd like to get all the BRD quests done for him as well. This would require a short run in to kill an Dark Iron Officer and to Free Gorshak so he can start that chain, then a short jaunt to finish the 3rd part of the Angerforge series out in Burning Steppes after 6:00 sometime this upcoming week. But I think if anything we could get a PuG for the Officer, then if need be finish the Gorshak quest on Friday he could Hearth to Orgrimmar, then either run back or get summoned since that is right next to the entrance.))
((It would have to be after 6:00 sometime during the week for the first short 30min to an hour run in, and then anytime on Friday to finish up. I also have both the Prison cell key, and the Shadowforge key if we need to open any doors, and if we want I know of a shortcut to Thariussan, one that would cut out most of the harder instance parts, except the Lycaum..))
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Actually I have already killed the last officer, so there is no need for that now.
The mighty cannot stop me, nor the wise make plans against me.
Hi Tribe,

Irasis is closing on 60 after a long (trust me, you have no idea how long) struggle. I typically don't have time lengthy instances, but I'd like to take a stab at some of end game content. My first goal is getting myself through Blackrock Depths. I don't have a specific goal other then to get through it and complete as many quests (including MC attunement that I'd probably never use Tongue ) in there as I can, so forgive my seeming lack of focus.

As I said, my time is usually pretty limited. However, I can usually dedicate time Saturday night to some instancing. The other problem is that I'm in the centeral time zone, meaning the earlier I could get on during a Saturday is 7 PM server time. That isn't to say I can't be flexible, but as Vilyave and Testumis would attest, my time is still limited. However, with proper planning on my part, I should be able to make a committment to a good raid into BRD.

Despite those limitations, I was wondering if any Tribemate is willing to venture with Irasis into Blackrock Depths.
I'd love to join you. I feel like an odd-ball sometimes since I've been at 60 for probably a year now but haven't really ever been to any dungeons higher than Scarlet Monestary. Feel free to give me a shout since I still have all those quests to do.

Fanae still hasn't finished the Emperor quest. Unfortunately, weekend nights usually aren't much good for me, but if anyone wants to do it sometime next week...
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So long as I know ahead of time, and so long as it isn't a work night, you know I'm there. Naruth still needs to successfully complete the rescue of the Princess (five bugged attempts and counting...) and Vil needs several things as well, as I recall, but BRD is fun any whichway, regardless of quest completion. And I'm always up for an excuse to yell at you in Vent. <3
Just let me know.
I will be glad to help

I thought I'd run this up the flag and see who salutes.

Who would be up for a Saturday night run, starting around 7 PM server time and going until we get tired. I'm wide open as for what we watn to accomplish. I doubt we'd get the whole thing in, but I think we could get a good portion of it done.

Anyone interested? I'm specifically looking for people who may not have had an opportunity to do BRD in the past.


Aarloouoou has not been there yet, he enjoys killing dwarfs.
Akora would like a shot a killing Magmus, so I have a chance at her Totem of Rage Trinket.
Vote Akora for MA!
I'm pretty sure I can do Saturday at 7pm server time. That's about my bedtime but I can pour Dr Pepper straight into my eyes to stay awake. Wink

(was that gross?)
Stalfos will be at least 56 by then, possibly 57. If some backup healing (I can try main healing, but he's shadow specced) is needed, would he be able to come along?
Cage, I've planned to bring Naruth along on the run, so that shouldn't be a problem at all, though I imagine you could main heal the majority of the instance with a bit of effort. But, this way you get the added entertainment of watching me seethe in jealousy over your mad shadow dps. Wink
Pending availability, the crew going into Blackrock Depths will be as follows:

Irasis, Naruth, Garhgal, Aarloouoou, and Stalfos

Can you guys let me know if you’ll be free to go to BRD at 7 PM server time on Saturday, September 30th? Let me know as soon as you can so substitutes can be made.


Aarloouoou will make sure he is available at the desired time.

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