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I thought we did very well on Blackhand last Thursday and expect to get him down soon. I do think there is more gear to be had in BRF for many of us, and that we want to continue to do full clears. I myself have been stuck on my two-piece for over a month. Therefore, my proposal is to start a new instance on Tuesday, and then, if we can get enough people on Wednesday, clear what is leftover up to Blast Furnace, saving it and Blackhand for Thursday. Of course, this depends on who is available on Weds. for an hour or so.

The idea being to get last few set pieces and quest items while giving adequate time to work on Blackhand.
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I agree that we should still do full clears. Some people still need items. People should also be trying to join pre-made groups for Heroic BRF to try and get gear from that as well.
We should do full clears for a couple more weeks (until we get some more people the full set of end-boss quest drops at least). After that, we should poll for who needs specific gear from bosses, and consider skipping wings (most likely end-boss to drop first is Kromog, since we've been clearing him the longest -- if almost everyone has their set chest and helm, we can skip it). Also note that Blackhand drops an item that can become any tier set piece, so getting him down each week should probably start taking priority once we can do so (and I think we're pretty close).
Sounds smart to me. If there's interest in a Wednesday night run, let's do it.

At this point my top priority is to push Blackhand over; more gear helps of course but we also just need to put in the practice to get the timing down. Hitting him fresh on Thursday, when we can do that, will help.
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For Tuesday, I think I'd like to go for a repeat of our Blackhand kill, and then start in on more Heroics rather than trying to clear to end bosses.

Alternately after Blackhand, take a break from BRF and go do High Maul on Heroic (maybe Thursday?).
I would like to see one more full clear of BRF before we move on to heroics. I know there are a few people out there that could use a couple kills to finish their Blackhand keys. I'm up for helping them with that. Honestly, I have little to no interest in High Maul heroics at this point. Perhaps start hitting the early BRF bosses on heroic?
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I agree. Heroic BRF gear is the same as MYTHIC Highmaul gear. We should try to focus on heroic BRF. I can only speak for myself, but I need 1 more of each of the three key parts to get the key. We should try to clear a bunch of bosses on Tuesday, and hopefully finish it up next Thursday like we did this week.

My two cents.
I guess we finished just on schedule -- next week HFC opens. Last chance for your AotC achievements and such...

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