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Being Prepared for Heroic Tomb Progression
Hi everyone,

We are pushing into tough raid content now.  I know we can do it — but we need everyone to be prepared!

For Thursday night, when we are doing progression content, we ask for a 920 iLevel.  For Tuesdays, we will clear the lower Heroic Tomb content, so we can support a few people at lower levels.  Please check with us first.  We will also hit a Greater Argus Invasion every Tuesday, which is a great chance at a big upgrade.

We ask that everyone come properly gemmed and enchanted.  Your guild mates can help you with all of this — just ask.  But don’t leave gems and enchants to the beginning of the raid.  We are only together for 4 hours per week — let’s make every minute count.

The new Argus content has many opportunities for fast upgrades.  The Relinquished items on the Vindicaar are at least level 910 and can proc up to 955, so they are a great option.  You can get the Veiled Argunite for these by doing quests and weeklies in Argus.

We are taking the fight to the enemy, and the fate of Azeroth is in our hands. Prepare to the utmost of your ability, and we shall prevail!

Zlinka & Oryx
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