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Becomming the pirate.
Now, I have been considering for some time becomming the pirate. This involves me killing everyone in booty bay. I would wreck my reputation with those at booty bay, this does not bother me, I was wondering if any other towns were linked to booty bay and would screw me over big time in the end game?

Once I have dispatched all the booty bay pirates the new ones in place will answer to me.
I'm going to guess that since Booty Bay is part of the Steamwheedle Cartel, that killing in there would also wreck faction in Ratchet, Gadgetzan and Everlook as well. However, again, that's just a guess. Smile
Hmm, I can live without ratchet and gadgetzan. (can use an alt for that AH) is Everlook essential?
Etahn and I spoke of doing this one day. We hear tell of special quests you can receive from the Bloodsail.
Karnage was able to accomplish this.
There are infact 2 quests that you can complete once this is done.

First is kind of a pre-quest from "pretty boy" who sends you to teh fleetmaster in his pirate ship. Once there you get the second quest to kill both the fleetmaster and baron of Booty bay, this can be tricky with all them bruisers. Once you have completed this task they crown you admiral of the bloodsails.
(Oh, After my time away I caved and came back Tongue However Karnage shall remain semi-retired and will only come out for special events.
Yay! Welcome back. But. . . . you'll let us know your new character, if it is not Gashe, right?
Gashe and Merroo

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