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Because I am a noob.. and cheap.. and stuff.

I'm busily gathering mats for my 'lock's Dreadsteed quest and am need of a few things... I'm curious if any of ya might have some of 'em. :">
- 3 Black Dragonscales (which Krell says he *might* have)
- 6 Large Brilliant Shards (which Van/Raj are helping me with I believe)
- 25 Dark Iron Ore
- 3 Arcane Crystal
- 3 Thorium Bar

The shadow potions/ghost mushrooms I finally managed to take care of through silly stealth Maraudon runs. :]

I know these mats seem relatively easy, I've just never had a miner and.. well.. yes. Saving money doing this = awesome.

Any help would be splendid. <3
I've got all the mining stuff
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If Krell doesn't have the scales let me know I am pretty sure I have some kicking around in the bank.
Thank you, Efluv! And Cloud, Krell was able to find the ones I needed. I now have all the mats taken care of.

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