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Bank Robbery
As everyone probably knows we have have had another bank robbery. Lhuursaa's account was hacked somehow and the thief attacked us with all of her alts.

This is just a general reminder to everyone to make sure you use a secure password on your own account. It should have at least one capital letter, one number and/or one special character (like a ?). Do not give your password out to anyone.

Also, try to keep a good antivirus program running. If you cannot afford Symantec or Trend then you can download a free one called AVG from <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.spychecker.com">www.spychecker.com</a><!-- w -->. The free ones are often not as good (note that Lhuurssaa's machine had AVG and still got hacked) however something is always better than nothing.

I would advise everyone not to make deposits into the bank for a few days until things get ironed out. All appropriate tickets have been submitted and hopefully some of our loot can be returned soon.

If you ever see suspicious activity by a guildmate please let an officer know any time.

Thanks all

Sing True Ironsong!
As far as security programs go, feel free to take a look on my blog for a list of a few freeware programs. There are other freeware programs listed there as well, if folks are curious.
While probably not the most secure, as noted in my post regarding this, I never shared the password with anyone. It was not a word I'd think was easy to guess, especially since this is the first instance of this happening to me since I started playing.

I do want to offer my profoundest apologies to the guild, though, and hope the things that were stolen can be recovered.
Oh I know you didn't give out your password...I was just sending out a general reminder :-)

Also...no need to apologize...it clearly was not your fault...its just really sad that we have to worry about all this. People can be wretches sadly. I'm sure it will all work out Lhuurssaa and if we can do anything to help just let us know.

Sing True Ironsong!

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