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Bandits, Wastewanderers, and Rogues Oh my! [Rinu's story]
(( for those who don't know Rinu is my alt troll rogue. So here is a a bit of Rinu's history for everyone. ))


Lucinther crouched behind a discarded barrel that sat along the edge of the Wastewanderer encampment. He had finally succeeded in scouting out the enitre camp. marking several locations, indicating where chests were, and mapping out the patrol routes of the supposed guards within the camp.

Moving caustiously through the throngs of Wastewanderers, picking several pockets clean as he passed, Lucinther made his way to a small tent that had been marked on his hand-drawn map.

He pulled the tent's flap open and quickly took in the surroundings. Only one guard stood alone between the rogue and his newfound treasure. Moving silently, Lucinther made his way behind his intended target. He quietly removed a dagger from his belt, using the hilt to render the Wastewanderer unconcious. He removed all the objects from the pockets of his now unconcious foe and placed them inside his own pack. Finally, he made his way over to the chest.

He quickly began working on the lock. Just as he had found the sweet spot inside the mechanism he heard light footfall behind him inside the tent. He turned around only to find nothing there so he returned to his lock. Again, just as he had found the sweet spot he heard the footfall again, only closer this time. He once again turned only to yield the same results as before; no one was there.
As his third attempt at the lock progressed he once more heard the footfall behind him. Instead of turning to see who as behind him he waited silently, continuing his work, seeming not to notice whoever was inside the tent. When he thought the time was right he stood up, drawing his dagger and spinning around, and grabbed his enemy by the wrists.
"Eh, not a Wastewanderer. Be gone troll the Wastewanderers will have you for dinner."

The troll loooked absolutely stunned and sat in silence and watched Lucinther return to his work. Lucinther finally opened the chest and emptied the contents into his pack without taking notice to anything in particular.
Lucinther turned around as he shoulder his pack and placed his tools on his belt. " What? Why are you still here, troll? I told you to get out of here. Now, go on. Get out."

But the troll persisted on sitting silently.

" Fine. Your loss. I warned ya." And with that Lucinther walked out of the tent, and checked to make sure his path was clear.

(( Will add more as soon as I get home tonight. Class period is over and I have succeeded in doing absolutely nothing! go me!))
(( Okay... at home and finishing up the story for now so here it goes... Rinu's story continued...))


Lucinther had crossed several miles of sand in the hot desert sun when he finally realized someone was following him. He spun around on his heels and to his suprise the young troll he had found inside the Wastewanderer's tent was practically on his heels. "What are you doing still following me? Is it food you want, cause if ya are after money you are out of luck. I wouldn't be dealing with the wastewanderers if I had money." He fished around inside his pack pulling out a square shaped object that was wrapped in a thin white paper and tied with a string. " Here take this and get outa here." he said as he handed the troll five slices of soft banana bread.
Rinu took the package caustiously. He wasn't quite sure what the skeleton was handing him or if he could trust something that looked like it had been chewed on by a dragon and spit back out. He was sure that the skeleton wouldn't hurt him unless provoked and he was probably better off around the skeleton than with the wastewanderers as the skeleton had called them. He glanced once more at the package and back at the face of the skeleton, which looked more like a wolf's head more than a skull, and accepted the package.
He heard the skeleton say, " Now go on and get out of here." as it turned its back and began walking away once more. Rinu thought of his options for a brief second and decided he should follow the skeleton further.
Lucinther had been walking for about an hour and had nearly reached Gadgetzan when he realized he was still being followed. He came to a halt and grunted in slight displeasure. Sighing deeply, he turned around to see the troll still right on his heels.
" Okay... I've given you food and I've let you follow me this far. What more could you possibly want?"

Lucinther stood in silence for some time waiting for an answer but none came.

"You don't talk much do you?"

The troll simply shook his head as he seemed to understand what was being said to him.

"Well... do you at least have a name?"

The troll nodded this time.

" Well, come on then, what is it?"

" Rrrr....innn..oooo"

" Heh, well now I see why you don't talk. Rinu is it?"

The troll frowned at the first few words Lucinther spoke and nodded in answer to his question.

" Well then, Rinu, here is how this is going to work out. You see that big stone wall over there? I will let you follow me that far. After that I'm going to walk one way and you are going to head the other. Understood?"

The small troll nodded his agreement.
Rinu watched as the skeleton turned around and asked him his name. All he could manage was a few sounds, hardly reconizable as speech, but at least the skeleton understood what he was trying to say. It wasn't that he didn't know how to talk, or that he didnt know the words to say, but it had been so long since he had had anyone to talk to that he had nearly forgotten how to form words alloud. He had been wandering the desert for almost a month with no one to talk to. The South Sea pirates had captured his family and he managed to escape. He would have worked to free them but they were all spread out around the camp and he was sure he would have been killed had he been seen.

The skeleton told him that he would take him to Gadgetzan but after that he was on his own. He couldn't decide if he should agree or not, but in the end he figured he could make up his mind on the walk there.
Lucinther set off once more. They were still a good half hour away from Gadgetzan. In all truth he wasn't sure if he could get the troll to stay there and he wasn't sure if he wanted the troll to stay with the goblins either. " shouldn't have given him the bread..." he mumbled under his breath as he walked on. Occasionally he checked back to make sure the troll was staying out of trouble and still behind him. He really wasn't that bad to have along. He didn't talk much, which didn't bother Lucinther in the least, and he kept up. He was also rather fit despite his size. Lucinther thought he might even be quick... quick enough to be a rogue.
They had finally reached Gadgetzan and Rinu still had yet to make his decision on whether he would try and stay with the skeleton or if he would stay in Gadgetzan and hope someone might help him.

" Well this is it. Welcome to Gadgetzan. End of the line for the two of us Rinu. Was a nice little trip. Now, If ya are lookin for a place to stay, I'm sure the goblins will let you stay in the inn. Best be on your way, you don't want to run into any Alliance on the way."

Rinu glanced up at the sound of the skeleton's voice and made a mental note of where he pointed. He finally had made up his mind. The skeleton didn't seem to want him around so he began walking towards the inn.
"...I'm sure the goblins will let you stay in the inn. Best be on your way, you don't want to run into any Alliance on the way."

The troll looked up at him almost as if he had just snapped out of a daze or was in some deep thought. Rinu nodded and began walking in the direction he had pointed out for the young troll.

After the troll was several feet away and Lucinther was sure he was out of earshot he mumbled, " and thats the end of that." under his breath and began to turn and walk the other way.

" Ugh, what am I doing? If he stays here the Alliance will provoke him to attack and he will get into trouble with the guards."

He stopped and turned around to face the direction Rinu had stalked off in. The streets seemed to be completely clear. As he was just about to turn and walk in the other direction once more he caught something out of the corner of his eye and turned to face it. It was Rinu running wildly with a merchant right on his heels.

Lucinther waited until Rinu had run past him and stuck his foot out so as to trip the merchant. As planned, the merchant tumbled to the ground and Rinu stopped running and turned to see what had happened.

Lucinther helped the merchant back on his feet and drew his dagger. He held it a skant inch away from the merchant's throat.

" Now... before I put the dagger away, you must agree to not take off after the troll and the troll will stay put."

The merchant nodded his agreement and Lucinther looked back at Rinu to make sure the troll was nodding as well.

Lucinther let down his blade and resheathed it. " Now how about someone tells me what is going on. As the troll hardly speaks, I believe you should be telling me, merchant."

" You know this little wretch?"

" You could say that... now get on with whats goin' on."

" I was in my shop and this little thief came in and stole my silver right out of my pocket! He took of just as quick as he came in and I have been chasin' him around since!"

" Rinu... is that true?" Lucinther turned to watch the troll nod. " Give him back his money."
Rinu wasn't exactly sure what he should do. the skeleton had just stood up for him and now he was ordering him to give the merchant money.

"Rinu... give the merchant his money back... Now."

The last word the skeleton said was said with finality and it made Rinu flinch. He thought he may be pushing the line with the skeleton so he quickly fished out the coins he had taken and handed them back. The merchant was none to nice and snatched them out of Rinu's hand before he had enough time to even blink.

" There. It is settled. You have your money back. Now be on your way."

" But what of the troll? Surely he needs to be taken to the guards!."

" Oh don't worry about him. I will make sure his punishment is fit. Now get gone before I decide to change my mind and take those coins for myself."

Rinu watched the merchant hurry off after the skeleton had finished talking. The skeleton now turned and looked down on him. His wolf head seemed almost imposing, and it would have been extremely imposing if he had not been able to make out the faint smile that spread across the skeleton's face under the wolf's head.

" Well well. So the troll is trying to be a Rogue. I can't possibly let you go off on your own after that display. You are sure to end up in some prison by the end of the day if things keep on like that."

Rinu stared at the skeleton, not quite sure how he should take the words.

" Since you obviously show some interest in the art of thievery I 'spose I'll let you tag along for a time so you can receive some training. The name's Lucinther."

Rinu smiled and nodded at Lucinther's words, eager to learn all he could. For now the Rogue's name would be all until they reached the Undercity.
(( there you have it... the history of Rinu and how he became a rogue... now no more getting bored at school and coming up with these hehe. ))
(( I rather liked it, t'was well written. Explains why you made another rogue, confused me for a little while. ))
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