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Badges for Crusader Orbs
Dentik and I were discussing ways to help folks who want to join us in Icecrown with gear requirements. One thing we realized is that a lot of us have extra badges of triumph that we're likely not going to use. While the badges themselves are not tradeable, the crusader orbs you can buy with them are. These can very easily be crafted into gear for people who are behind the curve in specific slots.

If anyone would like to donate crusader orbs to the pool, please send them to myself or Dentik and we will store them in the officer tab. If you are interested in pulling from this pool, please also contact myself or Dentik and we can discuss it. We would like to avoid filling every slot for people, so those with mostly appropriate gear who have 2 or 3 blue slots left will get priority.

Also, and this is important, this is not for gearing alts. This is for the person who has a main that they have been working hard on to catch up with the rest of us.
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