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BC Release Date pushed back to January, 2007
Amazon shows that Blizz pushed the date back to sometime in January . . . . *stopms off muttering*
Pushed back again? When I preordered at EB they said December 15th. I'll be surprised if they let it slip past Christmas - mind you, this was a couple weeks ago now.

Edit: Yep, EBGames says January 2007 now too. =/
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
Here's the news item from Yahoo!

Meh, better for me at least. =P I have so much schoolwork to do from now until finals that it's not even funny.

Having BC come out in the middle of all that would have doomed my grades for sure. :lol:
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
I'm with you, Zuipol.
I'm taking my last class right now and it ends Dec 22.

It'll be good not to have the extra distraction.......
*cries* But my classes will start in January!
conveient - this all allows my game card to expire a week or so before I head off to Egypt for 2 weeks without a computer. By the time I come back, BC will have already been out for a few days and hopefully major bugs have been fixed and thee will be a little less, shall we say, mahem around the game.

And, I will have bought my college books and spent all my souvineer money so I will know if I can acutally afford it! Huzzah!
Remember how long it took WC3 to go gold? I mean, seriously. I'm not surprised. Blizzard doesn't exactly have a reputation for timeliness.
As much as I'm absolutely aching to see something new and stretch Khefi's legs a bit, the longer it takes the better, in my eyes. From the rumblings I've been hearing from acquaintences and friends in the Beta, it needs the time badly.

That said, I'm still twitching in anticipation, here.
Blizzard is rather notorious for pushing back release dates. They've done it with... Every game I can recall knowing about before it was released. They'd much rather put out a relatively finished product than toss out a lump of crap and fix it later.

Though they do usually end up 'fixing' things later anyway.
Amato Wrote:Blizzard is rather notorious for pushing back release dates.

Starcraft, anyone? Tongue
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]

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