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Scout Azoz, Shaman, former Ascendant of Moon Ascendant

During my time in Azeroth, I have come to know many of the Ironsong Tribe. I count Brannora and Merrina among my closest friends, guilded or no.

As for my personal history: the full details can be revealed later, but suffice to say that I am a very old orc. I studied the way of the shaman under Ner'zhul, before the Burning Legion first came to Draenor. I was too young to fully understand the events that led to the opening of the Portal. I was, however, old enough to fight alongside the rest of the Horde.

That was not the last time Ner'zhul and I met, but the rest can be told at a later time.

I have always been fascinated by gadgets, so I became a gnomish engineer. I am skilled in all easily findable schematics and some that are not so easy to find. I also can do my part to bind battle wounds with bandages, although I prefer to heal rather than patch.

As you may know, I have been part of Moon Ascendant for most of the time since the weakening of the Lich King.

Many of you know me as the mate of Brannora and friend ((alt)) of Triska. I have spent many hours scouring Blackrock Spire and slaying dragons, giants, and other abominations I have been to several moots and always felt very welcome. The last great stand of Moon Ascendant occured in Zul'Gurub. I led 15 of my guildmates and a few other friends into the jungle and defeated Venoxis. Sadly, shortly after that, I lost touch with many who came with me, so further adventures into Zul'Gurub were not possible. This was before Zul'Gurub had been explored as thoroughly as it is today. My proudest moment was seeing Venoxis fall and knowing that I had been part of it. I have unfinished business with others in Azeroth, as I'm sure many of the Tribe do. I wish to add my strength to yours.

I have seen your Code of Conduct and I agree to be bound by its rules.

((The more time I spend in Ironsong as Triska, the more it reminds me of the Moon Ascendant I joined many, many seasons ago. Ironsong is gearing up for some end-game content that I would like to participate in. Moon Ascendant doesn't have the manpower to field more than a pick-up group and I've not been impressed with the social aspects of some of the other raids I've been on. I've never had a bad group or raid with Ironsong, and that's something I'd like to be a part of.))
((Azoz is more than welcome anytime, anywhere, with Ironsong. You've been one of us for a good long while, even if you weren't in the Tribe then and even if you haven't been as Azoz yet. Let me or any of the officers know when Azoz wants the invite, but feel free to bring him to a moot if you are able and can do so, a little circumstance never hurt anyone. Big Grin))

Ah, thought yah might be comin' 'round sometime sooner 'r later, mah friend! While ah'm sorry t'say dat de 'Scendant bunch mebbe los' some folk missin' from de older days, we'd be glad t'carry an ol' orc like yerself here an' dere wit us, leastwise f'r sentimental value if not f'r some practical use y'might got 's well. ::grins::

Big thanks f'r makin' yer mark on dese Totems here, mebbe be seein' yah soon, eh?

((Azoz! Welcome!))
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby

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