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Azhidaka Orenda
I am called Azhidaka Orenda. I have not earned any official titles from the Horde or Tauren. I am a Hunter, despite the choices and attitudes of my family. My father, uncles & aunts, and father’s father all chose other, more contemplative, paths. But I was drawn by what I saw as the necessity of our world’s situation to strike out against threats to my people in my own way.

I was raised by my village. Instilled with a deep appreciation for the land and for my people, I developed my own love for all living things. The connection that we all share was felt deeply at an early age, such that it pained me greatly to later see such hatred between Alliance and Horde races whose energies would best be spent united against the menace which threatens to destroy us all.

Not the oldest son in my immediate family, I was free to learn all I could from those around me without the hard pressure to follow directly in my father’s footsteps. My father spent much time away, but was a strong example for me. As my surname suggests, mine is a family of healers, and he taught me much of what he knew of this (though my skill in healing is now useful largely with my animal companion or in preparing remedies). I learned much from my grandparents. My mother was … not there. My grandfather taught me much about communion with the wild and led me to understand how to contact and converse with animals -– it turns out that many are of like spirit, though they may at first display a violent reaction to one’s presence. My grandmother was a powerful force in my growing understanding of the flora of our land and of the making of many remedies and aids from the offerings of Azeroth. She helped me see the importance of giving thanks for what I receive from the land, and this practice has helped me in practical ways in making the most of my skill as well as actually increasing my own peace. The elders in the village, through their lessons and examples, kept on instilling within my heart a deep sense of honor and of respect for those who came before me. (I still keep my home in Thunder Bluff and return to my home village to visit my grandmother and seek out the wisdom of the aged elders there.)

Eventually I came to the point in my young life when I needed some direction. It was time to place my focus on some path and leave behind the seemingly endless days of soaking in the sun and napping in the field in the afternoon soothed by the smell of the golden grass of the rolling hills of home and imaginative adventures in Red Cloud Mesa (writing this in hard, dry Orgrimmar, I miss it all the more…). The call came in the most unfortunate of ways. I knew that there were places I was not to go near. I knew there were things a young Tauren was to avoid. But I was not aware of the ferocity and cruelty that enmity between neighbors could bring forth. A raid on my home village by Bristlebacks brought violence I had been unaware of until that point. Sure, I had heard the legends of mighty battles far away, but to see flesh torn open and the bones of foe and friend alike strewn about a peaceful setting… Chief Hawkwind gathered me up along with several other hastily trained sturdy young Tauren, and we raided Brambleblade Ravine in defense of our land and our people. Such a desolate ruin of a place! This was my first direct experience with a people who prefer to use up the land rather than work with it. My own rage incited, I felt nearly as glad as the others to join in the fight. With my own hands and a stone tomahawk, I killed Sharptusk’s shaman while the fight raged around his tent – my first killing blow. The deed done, the broken robed body lying before me, I plummeted into deep reflection. Many of my own family had chosen the path of shaman, including my own father. I knew not whether to feel shame or pride or nothing (duty done, nothing more). I did not feel regret. I knew that my path would be different from my father’s. It was after this that I sought the guidance of the stoic hunters of the Tauren. In my travels, I have come to appreciate some of the methods of other races of the Horde, especially that of the Orc. I have learned further hunting skills in Stranglethorn, though I continue to consult with trusted Tauren trainers in Mulgore.

Much time and many of my resources have been devoted to furthering my skills at Herbalism and Alchemy. The land offers much to me, and I am mindful of returning whatever I can back to it. I have learned that everything is useful, even if it is simply to be used as mulch for new herbs. I learned much from the Undead, who have helped me hone my skills in alchemy. Their experiments, though sometimes quite horrific and cruel, have yielded beneficial results and this cannot be denied. My unquenchable search for more uses for the herbs that show themselves to me took me to the Swamp of Sorrows where I learned more from an orc with a sense of humor. In a pinch I have been able to sell a few herbs or a remedy here and there for a few silver, but for the most part these skills have been beneficial for my own pursuits. Overall, I am glad that I chose professions that I enjoy. In addition, I am learning much in the ways of First Aid and fishing from the Trolls although it takes patience to learn from them due to differences in, well, communication style.

Since leaving the relative shelter of my home village, I have been alone, save the companionship of what beast has joined me along the way or a brief alliance against a particularly vehement foe. Until recently, that is. I came upon a like-minded individual in the Hinterlands who was forming a group which needed my help. I had already been considering seeking a group that may have similar goals – the challenges I face grow without letup, sometimes beyond my abilities on my own. And the stories I heard when in Stonard…concerted efforts will be required if that menace is to be answered. So I joined the Blades of Vengeance. But alas, the group is sparse and scattered and I never see them. I am as yet a lone ranger of the Horde.

The Ironsong Tribe carries an appeal to me that I cannot ignore. The quality of character of the members is undeniable, their accomplishments and strength of honor legendary. In my travels, I have been privileged to meet Kae’tze, a lovely young troll wise beyond her years. Truth be told, it was the glow of her gorgeous red braids which first drew my attention (long before I, towering accomplished Hunter, could work up the nerve to speak to her). Trolls, despite their aptitude for having a great time and their generous natures, strike me as quite the opposite of attractive! Kaetze is quite the exception. But it was through her eyes, and in her very soul, that I saw more than I could have imagined. She had found through experience what I had long felt regarding our link with our supposed rivals in the Alliance. It was she who inspired me to look more deeply into myself and to see more clearly our connection with others and with the living things of our land. She introduced me to the Ironsong Tribe and has recommended their company.

I spoke recently with Dispaya, Farseer of the Ironsong Tribe. Her warmth and her understanding of my desire to join were touching. I already felt I had found my tribe away from home. She encouraged me to make contact with the Tribal leaders when I am ready, though I cannot expect to hear from them for about half a moon, or until they are finished with their deliberations. I know I can add to the color and strength of the Tribe while benefiting from the experience of those already there. For the Horde!

The greatest trials for me have been in persevering in important endeavors no matter what the odds. My animal companion is a trusted friend and a great help, but there are times when going it alone has been a trial that seems too much to bear. While I could now handle it with ease, one of the trials I do not remember with fondness was battling the inhabitants of Bael Modan. When so many pile up on one at once, survival is questionable! It’s at times like these my temper can arise (I’m told it comes from my mother’s side). It’s there; I can’t deny it. But a cool head is crucial in critical times.

My immediate goal, now that I have come so far, is to be helpful to those younger than me or to my peers who may need guidance or just a helping hand. I do not wish, however, to neglect my own progress as there is still much work to be done. I will learn all there is to know of Herbalism and Alchemy and will keep stretching my skills as a Hunter and beast trainer in order to serve the Horde to the extent of which I am capable – and with the help of a good Tribe, even further. Accomplishing this may even be enough to make my own father proud! To make a difference despite making different choices…

I have enjoyed the great variety in Azeroth, of places, people, things to see and stories to hear. Huge bustling cities full of all types for company as well as quiet desolate mountaintops for reflection. I enjoy helping those that cannot do what they need done on their own (whether this means being sent on an errand or joining a fellow agent of the Horde on an endeavor). There is much to do, but in the end it is the interaction that makes it all worthwhile.

I have read the Code of Conduct and I agree to the rules.

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