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Aya'Tor's Petition
Aya'Tor's petitioning of the Tribe for membership at a moot:

"I am Aya’Tor", she said. "I was raised in an interment camp." She shrugged. "I do not know which one. My mother died when I was very young, and my father raised me as best he could under the circumstances. Once, he was a warlock of great power. Over the years, he told me much of his calling, but could not show me." Aya’Tor clasped her hands together in front of her.

"One day, the great and mighty Thrall freed our camp. We were grateful for our freedom, but we did not stay with the War Chief. My father intended to teach me my . . . heritage, and did not feel it was right to stay. We settled in an abandoned house in the Alterac Mountains." Aya’Tor smiled thinly at Warlord Sreng. "My father was eager to finally start my formal training. In his eagerness to show me the glory of the power we possessed, he summoned the greatest being he could. ." Aya’Tor paused. "He summoned a Doom Guard. I was most impressed."

Aya’Tor looked down at her hands. "I do not know if the demon possession weakened it, or if it was so many years of disuse, but my father no longer had the strength of will to control what he summoned. He was able to banish it, at the cost of his own life." Aya’Tor straightened her shoulders and looked up. "I do not know how long I stayed in the mountains, but finally decided I had to try to learn the things my father spoke of. Because of prejudices, I hid what I was. I have spent countless days searching for knowledge. I have learned a bit, but nothing compared to what I need to learn.

Over campfires I shared with other travelers, I began to hear tales of Warlocks working openly with War Chief Thrall. I heard of the Forsaken mostly." She nodded her head at Eveline. "Finally I heard of an Orc Warlock. His name was mentioned with respect . . . and fear. I learned what I could of this man, and discovered he was a part of this tribe. I decided to seek him out," Aya’Tor looked at Damoxian, and then back at Warlord Sreng, "to see if he is willing to share his knowledge with me."

Aya’Tor took a deep breath. "If The Ironsong Tribe will accept me, and," she bowed to Damoxian, "Master Damoxian will consent to train me, I will strive to bring honor to both The Tribe, and the teacher."

Damoxian looked at her, and thought it over. "If you show yourself worthy, I will train you," was all he said. Warlord Sreng told Aya’Tor of the conditions of induction into the Tribe. She agreed to all. He offered her a place, and she solomnly accepted.

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