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Awesome Night
Thank you to everyone who participated in the duel tourney last night. Congratulations to Morgoloth. The dance party afterword was awesome as well. We should march into Orgrimmar more often.
Thanks a lot Ayble. Now I feel bad for deleting that pic of you
fighting.... Just kidding. You're in there kicking some butt. Though of
course it was the mages that took the prize. Heh. That's okay though, we
had fun, and now we can remember it down the road. Feel free to stick some
captions onto them when posting on the forums too. Let me know if you have any problems.

- Rawne
And now! The Pictures!

[Image: engarde.jpg]
Stunned by his good opponent's good looks.

[Image: frozentauren.jpg]
What's cooler than cool?

[Image: goodkitty.jpg]
A perfectly good game of lawn darts ... until kitty arrived.

[Image: hammerandspell.jpg]
I have no idea.

[Image: ironsongdance.jpg]
Ironsong, looking good as usual.

[Image: ironsonggather.jpg]
Paddington bear gives orders to his army.

[Image: killerparty.jpg]
Ironsong sets the Auction House on fire.

[Image: kosath.jpg]
Kosath tries to remove a BBQ stain from Eveline's collar before it's too late.

[Image: mageduel.jpg]
Brokenbone feels so pretty.

[Image: mercy.jpg]
Morgoloth can't remember where he left his keys.

[Image: showdown.jpg]
The spirit of Rasputin watches over me.

[Image: themarch.jpg]
Trudging home after a long night of writing captions.
::applauds:: Bravo! Bravo! Some awesome captioning for an awesome night. Do we know how to rock the house or what? Thanks a lot Ayble for posting the pics and sharing your gift for writing funny words under pictures.


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