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I. Well met! My name is Avanya, and I'm a proud protection paladin. Watching out for my friends in battles has always been my first calling. When I was barely strong enough to hold a shield, and we had just been introduced to the Horde, all my peers told me I couldn't do it--that tanking was for "the big boys".

Let me tell you, nothing is sweeter than proving people wrong. It took everything I had in me to train, train, and train..and against all odds, I not only proved I could help my friends by standing in between them and every big, ugly demon we could find, but I even made them eat their words that "pallys couldn't tank". After I danced around Illidan's corpse, as the Horde celebrated our first real victory in the Black Temple, I knew my journey of proving myself was finally done.

So yeah, I'm a tough girl, but well...I have a soft side too. And you'll see it if you get to know me. Yes, I'm a bit stubborn and maybe occasionally over-zealous, but not just about protecting my friends. I always need to be prepared, and I craft and gather as much as I can to make sure supplies are always ready. I hope to prove helpful to the Tribe, too-- please, just ask, and if I can help in anyway, I will. (Though, if you are looking for help battling the icky Alliance, I prefer to keep you safe while you do the slaughtering. I hate to let their icky blood stain my lovely armor and sword.) Also, if you haven't yet, get used to plate armored hugs. I mean it. That's mandatory.

I've read the Tribe's Code of Conduct, and I think it only makes good sense. Respecting others is an important part of being a Blood Knight, and so I assure you, I'll abide by the Code faithfully.

*hugs shyly and dashes off*

II. Hi there.
I've been playing WoW since vanilla, though I've had a few extensive breaks, and am only recently returning from a two year leave from the game.

I was a "hard-core" raider throughout the Burning Crusade expansion, as a tank for the guild Eternity. The challenge of the Sunwell raid, plus guild drama saw the guild break, and I took my first leave from the game. It took me halfway through Wraith to come back to WoW, and it was then I was introduced to some wonderful friends in Ironsong, through raiding and casual play. After Cataclysm came out, I was in a small guild called Optimism, and we raided more casually. I left the game again, and am only recently returning. I really love the challenge of raiding, of figuring out new encounters and (even after many days of trying) finally whipping some boss bottom. But I also know its not as much fun unless you are with great people. I play WoW for fun, not for a job. And I believe that we shouldn't get stressed or upset over a game, but we should just try to have fun together.

My main is my prot pally Avanya, though I'm trying to learn to do this "retribution" thing...I'll have to see how that works out. Like many people, I have a big wad of alts, and my second favorite character is my affliction warlock named Shalyndra. She was my first character in WoW, and has a special place in my heart, even if she is undead.

I love crafting, gathering, fishing, and now farming (yes, I came back for the farming!). I am usually more anxious to level crafting skills than I am adventuring skills, which is really why I have so many alts. I'm just learning about mini-pets, but I've always been a pet collector, so I'm very excited to learn more and collect every cute pet I can! A lot has changed in the last two years, and I'm trying to not be totally overwhelmed, but it is very exciting.

I hope I will be a good fit for Ironsong. Ultimately, I play MMO's not for the mechanics, but for the fun of spending time with great people. I'm not a super experienced RP'er, but I will try my best (and certainly be courteous of those that are). I really do love to help friends, so PLEASE ask or let me know how I can help.

For those that know me, I am happy to see old friends again. For those that do not, I look forward to getting to know you in game.

See you in Azeroth!

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