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Avandra entered the portal to Orgrimmar, her hood shadowing her eyes. She looked to the gates, then summoned her mount, and started into Orgrimmar. She ignored the stares from the citizens, heading to where Thrall was. She handed him the letter, then walked out. She stopped before the door, seeing a blood elf, apparently waiting for her. He seemed familiar. He held out his hand. "I'd like to ask you a few questions." he said, in a familiar voice. Hesitantly, she nodded, taking his hand. He created a portal, to what looked like to be Silvermoon. He went into it, Avandra following him. He led her to a bench outside in the Royal Exchange. He sat down, then she did. He looked to her, and said "Alright. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions."

Do you know what you were before you became a Death Knight?
No. Not at all.
Hmm... Have you been in any guilds before this?
I don't know...
Okay... Can you say any personal information about yourself?
Do you know anything about your past?
No. I can't remember anything...
Do you remember any family members?
No...None that I can remember.
Hmm... Interesting...
Do you mind if I ask a question?
Not at all
Why haven't you asked me my name?
Because I already know your name, Avandra.

Before she could say anything else, He opened up another portal. She stood up to follow, but it closing right behind him. She looked to where the portal used to be, then murmured "Who was that..." She sat back down, looking up at the sky, confused.

I have read the code of coduct. And I am a new roleplayer. You can call me Nae. ^-^. I like to do all kinds of roleplays. I get kind of nervous when its with only one person. Cause if I gotta go then the other person might get madd or sad. T^T Not Comedy or Romance. x.x Not good at those. Not good at those. I hope to make friends. ^-^ I really hope to join. I haven't had any guilds before. or titles.
<looks Avanddra up and down> Another Death Knight? Anca won't like this.... <he shrugs> The kid will learn to lik 'em in time....

<smirks> Avanddra is it? 6pm orgrimmar time( server time). Thursday evening. Find one of us and we'll tell you where to be. <walks off, vanishing into the shadows>
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