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Aug, 17
I won't be able to make it due to my little brother graduating from boot camp.

Good luck, and enjoy all the warrior drops that can only happen if I am not there.
That is great! Hope you guys have fun at the graduation, and congratulations to your brother.
Well congrats to your bro!

And don't worry, no plate ever drops when you're not there. :roll:
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Just a quick reminder...I will not be there till just after 7ish but Nico is there already!

I'm still at work!!!!

Pt's who come an hour late for their treatments should be shot!!!

In other words...am stuck and hoping to get out soon
I'm really sorry guys- we completely flaked tonight. We were going flat out all day with wedding stuff for a friend, and the babe decided to boycott naps ALL day. When we finally got him down at 9:00 Sreng crashed with him and I fled the house, and somehow we both managed to completely forget that it was Friday. I feel like an @%$. Sorry!
Hmmm, any day we could potentially make this up? I don't know Sreng's schedule, but we're nearing the point of needing to discuss a second day anyway. Plus, my night was lame and I'd really like to go.
Kosath Whitehorn
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Any for me is good, just let me know
Oryx and I would love to get into Karazhan this week. We could do tonight (Saturday) or Monday night. Sunday is a possibility but we would have to be late as we are having company over that evening, so would probably not be able to log on until 7:30 or 8.

For a second night on a regular basis, we're pretty open. Just about any night would do. Same restriction as always: our toddler goes to bed between 6:30 or 7, so we can't both log on before that.
I'll have to be on exclusive baby-duty, but I'm game for trying any night this week.
If we schedule a make-up night or a second night, make sure to note it on the forums... Oryx and I don't always log on even when we're available, but we do check the forums several times a day.

My first available night will be Friday, but don't hesitate to go without me if you can.
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