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Attunement to The Eye: Sign ups
Hail, Ironsongers. ...Or was it Ironsingers? I always get that part mixed up...but that is besides the point!

Many of you have travelled far and wide in the Outlands and have gained experience along the way, including myself, Vardoth. Now, I say it is time to gather together and defeat one of the evils that plagues us: Kael'thalas the Blood Elf Prince. He currently resides in the Eye of Tempest Keep, a stronghold located in the southeastern Netherstorm lands. So far, access to this fortress has been all for naught for either side between the Horde and Alliance. But now, with the help of the Naaru, we have a chance.

The being called A'dal, located in the center of Shattrath City may have 3 quests for you depending on your reputation with the Sha'tar, for only the experienced in the Tempest Keep floating nodes, that being the Mechanar, Botanica and Arcatraz. These quests are called the Trial of Naaru. In order to complete these quests, you must be able to face the Steamvaults, Shadow Labyrinth, Shattered Halls and Arcatraz as heroes, and defeat their most powerful foes to the end. By collecting the proof of defeating these foes, only then you may enter the Eye of Tempest Keep.

(OOC: So, here's the deal. To get attuned to the Eye, you need to be revered with Sha'tar, Cenarion Expedition, Lower City, and Thrallmar. If you need help to get to this reputation, or are already revered with any of these, post your information here, and we can get started by organizing groups. Vardoth, my main rogue, can do all of the Heroics and I am confident in doing the hardest areas, so I am available at any time. For the Horde!)
Vardoth ~

I would be delighted to join any groups that form for the purpose of building faction. I am currently honored with all four and could certainly use the help. Once I'm key-able, I'd also be up for a group effort to get ready for Kael'thas.

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