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Attunement Runs!

Alright. Looks like starting around 5-6 server time seems to be the best for just about everyone involved. As such, I will be attempting to put together a run every day this week at around that time. Anyone is welcome to come, but I will not be leaving until we've got at least a workable 5-man group, if not more. I will ask that anyone who does not need to complete the quest please be ready to sub out for someone who does need it, just in case we get swamped on one night. Unless, of course, you'd like to organize a second, simultaneous run.

(Alright. We're hitting Molten Core on the 12th. Anyone who would like to be with us on that date or any date there after, or just anyone who really wants to get that obnoxious line out of their quest log, sign up here. I will be attempting to organize enough runs to get everyone what they need.

Also, please put your name down if you're willing to run BRD for any other reason as well. We may very well need fill-ins and such, especially if we get a lot of one class signing. It shouldn't be a huge problem, but things would be easier on me and take a lot less time if I didn't have to personally escort each run.

Note that the instance itself is not all that difficult or strenuous, and that it is possible for those who are not yet 60 to come safely along. Also, I believe this is technically a Raid-active quest, so groups of up to 10 are possible.

Thank you for reading this hastily scrawled, rambling message. Now start signing. Please post the best times for you in the coming week and I will try to patch together workable groups.)
(( I can do Mondays after 5, Wednesdays after 2, Thursdays after Moots, Fridays after 5, and most times on weekends, as well as any number of random, unplanned moments. Times are server time. Best times for this upcoming week: any time on the weekend, or Wednesday afternoon.

-SWC Cora))

It is a raid-active quest, so a group of 10 can easily blast through BRD with almost no effort to get attuned.

I only make one request. Any group that goes has to kill the Emperor, since that's the one thing I never managed to accomplish. =P
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
Krell would really love to get this quest out of his Quest Journal. Plus, I'd love to be able to join the Tribe on their first excursion into Molten Core.

I am available most evenings from 5:30 server time on. This upcoming weekend I won't be available until 5:50/6:00.

Is it feasibly possible to have a raid group bust in there, and set up shop at the spawn area (not sure what to call it, since I've never seen it) and have a Warlock summon people in who need attunement?

If this is possible, I would volunteer to be a part of the break-in crew, and would be willing to hang out for a bit while we get as many Tribemates attuned as possible.

Orc Hunter

I would be more than pleased to help out, though I am already attuned.

At this point, even Zarrae (52 Warlock) would be available to help .. and she is not attuned <cackles> Smile

Either way, Zema or Zarrae, I would be most pleased to go and help...and, that gives me a chance to turn in the 30 dark iron ore and 1 blood of the mountain that the tribe has so generously given to get -that- much closer to revered with the thoriums. <cheers the tribe>
I need to get attuned and will be glad to help others as well.
I am on most nights after 5:00 (st) and some Sunday afternoons.

Sing True Ironsong!
I also need attunement. Mon, Tues, Weds., or Sun evenings best for me.

THanks for organizing,
I am already attuned but would be willing to help folks with runs if I have the time when I am online.
Waltimus/Nightdemon/Empey will all help. Empey is not Attuned so he is more than willing to help. If a priest or Mage is needed, I"ll go with whatever the group needs.

count me in.


p.s. Um, that's a mage/priest/warlock btw (all lvl 60)
(( Vil is Attuned, as I recall, but still has a zillion quests for BRD, so I'd be more than happy to go along with anyone needing Attunement. I work second shift, so I'm generally not around until after 9:30 p.m. server time, but am off Mondays and Tuesdays (usually), so I'm pretty open then.
Khrale needs it as well. Can't predict when i'll be available, but generally look for me after 3pm server time most days.
Khrale needs it as well. Can't predict when i'll be available, but generally look for me after 3pm server time most days.
I need to be attuned. Count me in!
I need to be attuned
I'm already attuned, but I'd be happy to help out. And I've never even seen this "Emperor."

I'm availble all day on Saturday and on Friday nights after 6pm (server time)... and those are about the only times I'm availbe to raid.

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