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Attention: Anyone Looking for Elemental Essences
Two things.

First, I have a moderate stockpile of the four basic elemental essences (Fire, Air, Water, Earth). So if you really, really need it we can probably work something out. I might be looking to get my hands on a few more Living Essences, but I have no use for Essence of Undeath.

Second, if you're looking to find your own, say something to me. I know where the easiest places are to get pretty much every essence there is. I'll leave a short list of some of my usually spots here.

Air: Silithus. That's it. No where else. Crystal Vale, in the northwest corner of the desert is where they usually are. (These are by far the hardest to get. Very low drop rate and the elementals are obnoxious to kill)
Water: Felwood, in Irontree Woods (Almost constantly camped by Alliance farmers and myself). Plaguelands, in Lake Mereldar (Lower drop rate, a little too out-of-the-way for my tastes).
Earth: I prefer to go to Felwood, at the Shatter Scar Vale. (low-mid 50's elite Infernals drop them occasionally and also have a pretty good drop rate on world drop items)
Fire: Also Felwood, the Entropic critters in Shatter Scar Vale. (Low drop rate but almost never camped and with enough of a spawn to eliminate wait time)
if you dont mind i would like to post my finding on the drops.

air; after that 1.9 update the elementals is silithus drop them much more often. i got three in about as many hours.

earth; again back to silithus there are earth elementals running around the north west corner that drop essences.

fire; the elementals in Un Goro on fire plume ridge drop them. Might not be as often a drop as some places but i get them pretty well.

living; back to Un Goro the tar elementals drop living essences. and for those of you that are alchemists they drop a hole slew of goodies you can use.

water; the elementals in felwood, or the water elementals in EPL drop water fairly regularly.

undeath; best place is in UD strath but you need a group to go in there. after that the best place is the AH. they usually sell between one and five gold per, and at one time there was a stack or them up for five gold. so instead of wasting you time farming them. just go buy them.

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