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Atalshi (Rising from the Shadows)
Ya tink dat ya can face da greatest threats in life. Ya tink...dat noting will e'er happen ta ya. Ya tink ya know yo' god...until ya worst nightmare comes true.

Ah be Atalshi. A Shadow Hunta o' da old Atal'ai.

Fo' many years, ah followed da twisted teachin's o' Hakkar. Ah learned how ta make many different kind o' potions ta help me capture da sacrifices for da priests an' priestess' o' Hakkar. But mah will was not mah own. Ah was one o' many Shadow Hunta's. Mah companions...a Soul Flaya...what ya might call a wind serpent. An' a shadow rapta. Dey be mah choices o' pets o'er any udder. We did what Hakkar willed. We had no choice. An' struggles...*sighs sadly*...no udder struggle be greata den tryin' ta fight da control o' ya god. Especially when he forces ya ta kill yer own papa.

Ah was able ta break Hakkar's control. Only when ah saw what ah did. Mah papa's blood on mah own hands. Ah havena felt such hatred in mah life. Ah forged two swords. Twin Warblades. Forged in the fires o' mah own seethin' hatred fo' Hakkar. Ah used my swords ta escape da Temple o' Atal'Hakkar. Dey...were precious ta meh. But...ah wasna goin' ta leave before insultin' da Soulflayer one last time. Ah freed a family o' Taurens bafore mah escape from da Temple. We didna get far from da Temple before Hakkar arose. Ah still willna forget da words he said on dat day: "FOOLISH MORTALS! YOUR ARROGANCE WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF YOUR WORLD! PREPARE TO FACE THE WRATH OF THE SOULFLAYER! PREPARE TO FACE THE WRATH OF HAKKAR!"

Ah told da family o' Taurens ta run. Dey did. But....Ah didna get far before ah turned on Hakkar. Ah wanted him dead. But ah wasna strong enough. Mah swords cut him...burnin' with mah hatred for him. But he rendered meh unconscious...sendin' meh inta da trees o' da Swamp o' Sorrow. Dat day...ah lost mah warblades. Ah lost e'erythin'.

All ah want...is revenge against Hakkar. Ah want mah Twin Warblades back. Dey are day which remind meh what I fight fo'. Ah hold no allegiance ta anyone. Ah willna be controlled again. Ah will help. But it be on mah terms.

Ah offer ya mah swords...mah knowlege o' da Atal'ai.

OOC: Sorry, I couldn't help it Smile But Atalshi is a Troll Hunter, level 27 at the moment. Herb/Alchemy. My only wish, Is to get the Beastmasters set (T 0.5), my epic PvP armor, my black war raptor, and obviously Twin Warblades of the Hakkari and Mandikor's Sting. I really don't want much. I'm not a raider. I would like to, but my work schedule doesn't allow me to do so. I work the night shift (Server time: 12pm-9:30pm) So, I don't have the ability to raid. My work days vary from week to week. (rotating schedule ftl) . But getting me for RP when I'm on...is never ever an issue. I love to RP. I have Saturday and Sunday off this week and next. So, grab me for RP when ever you like. Atalshi is a Level 27 Beast Mastery specced hunter. ANd I know my spec in and out. I have a levle 60 NE hunter that's retired now. So....I know my class well. I spoke to a member of yours earlier today. His alts name was Tuze. I think his main's name is Luki <or> I hope to see and talk to you in game. And no, my char has never belonged to a guild.

(( Tuze = Lurie

Seems I keep running into great people and role-players. Call me lucky. ~wink~ ))

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