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Assault on the Frozen Throne
It is almost time to bring down the Lich King, once and for all. During the moot on June 24, the fall of Arthas will be incorporated into our Tribal History.

Details will be forthcoming as we approach the time, but for story purposes, the time of the Choosing of the Champions is fast approaching. It is up to YOU to decide how you will be involved with the final battle. We understand this can be a very personal decision, and we want you all to think carefully about how you will incorporate your own personal stories into this important event.

Some ideas on how you might be involved, in no way a complete list:

Part of the support teams and supply lines
Rear guard action, keeping the Champions from being attacked as they storm the Citadel
Champion in the attack
Home defense, guarding the Horde territories
Skirmishers, harassing the Scourge to keep them busy during the attack
Scouts, monitoring the Alliance to make sure they don't see this as an opportunity against us
Healers ready to receive the wounded

Not everyone needs to strike the "final blow," as it were. For example, Wakamito, the young tauren warrior, will not be chosen as a Champion. Instead, he will be at the base of the citadel to keep the Scourge at bay while the others make their attack. Be true to your character, be respectful of the stories of others.

More information will be forthcoming both here and at the upcoming moots. And if you want more information or would like help in furthering your story, please contact an Ironsinger. We're here to further RP!
I would like to mention here that Deeke will not be in the main assault, but will be doing something rather valuable to the attack itself. I would like to keep his assigned mission secret until I actually post the story by the end of Thursday, June 24th (barring any unforseen delays).

Tis is being noted here because two things will be happening in Deeke's story that will be "felt" in the main area of the assault itself. Thus, I am giving the opportunity for people to mention this in his or her own story... in passing or not.

These are:
- Partway into the main assault, something akin to a 6.0 (give or take a couple of points) earthquake will be briefly felt... lasting roughly one minute with no aftershocks.
- During the main battle, one of Arthas's generals will attempt to call forth a mass of reinforcements... none of them will arrive.

I understand that this does give some ideas as to what Deeke will be doing, but that can't be helped if I am to give people the option of including something from another story and work on blending things together into a bigger whole story of multiple viewpoints.

~ Deeke
I've figured out a role for Aracna, she'll be making bandages for the infirmary tents. Jetta would be inside the tents healing.

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