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Arrysta's Monologue
Arrysta Dupont sat stroking the leather bound cover of her book absently. The book might as well have been a cat, or a pillow or ...a rock for that matter. She wasn't even really paying attention to what she held. She was thinking about her life thus far and wondering where she'd go next. Her apprenticeship was ended and she was now a free agent. Would the Horde accept her? She thought about the alternative and her pale skin blanched even farther until she closely mirrored the color of bleached linen. No. Not an option.
She thought about her step sister and how she'd recently discovered she had a blood sister. Arrysta didn't hold any ill will towards Eonia, but the fact remained that she'd been the reason Ama had, shall we say, cooled towards her. They'd grown up together. Shared a spiritual bond that goes beyond blood ties and familial bonds. When the two were casting together, it was as if they could share thoughts. Power. Souls. Yeah, Arrysta knew that she and Ama shared the bond of sisterhood that Ama and Eonia would never share.
So why was it that HER sister wouldn't have anything to do with her? She'd joined this tribe fo theirs thinking that it would bring the two sisters back together again but it seemed to be driving the wedge farther into their already cracking bond. Bright side? The tribe was great. She was already starting to make friends within their ranks and the Ironsongs, she could see right off the bat, were a loyal family. Even when they disagreed with each other they stood together when the going got tough.
Ok, so maybe she just couldn't count on the sisterly bond anymore. But man, how could the priestess walk away from all that power? When they were together, casting in what they'd nick named 'tandem mind', they were virtually unstoppable. Now the magus was getting in the way. Trouble was, she couldn't even get angry with Eonia. Much. Truth was, Eonia was thick headed, stubborn and brutal, but she was cool. She was loyal and powerful in her own right. Na'ah. Damn it, she liked the other sister. The one she was not bonded to.
Irony. The sister she'd known since infancy, she was losing, and the one she'd never known she was growing closer to. Why couldn't she and Ama come to terms with each other and continue on the road they'd once began to travel together? She'd love to blame Eonia for the separation, but in her mind...in her heart, she knew the truth. The chasm had been created many years ago. When she'd left the priesthood and begun to study demonic runes. Ama could live within the shadows. She'd been raised within their arms after all. She couldn't live with demons though. The fact that her own bond with demonic power was what had torn her and her sister apart was more than she could bear, so she'd blamed Eo for it. Now it was time to face the facts.
Reality was, she'd pushed her sister away herself. Now it was up to her to prove to Amatula that demonic power could be used for the greater good. Prove to the priestess that she wasn't evil. Was it irony that Melikar, the troll she'd met just today could believe her when she said she wasn't evil, but her own sister could not?
"Well," she thought. "None of that matters right now. I'm a part of the tribe too now and I'll bust my rump to make sure she understands my demons can be used to help." She just couldn't see any other way. Using the tribe to reconnect with her step sister wasn't evil, but it still felt bad. They were good people and she just hoped they wouldn't see it as a betrayal. She wanted to help them too. Not just herself. Reality set in though. "Good chance they'll think they're being used eventually."
Arrysta sighed heavily and opened her tome. "Time to get your head in the game, girl."

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